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Underutilized child care in the United States Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola at a joint press conference – United States Department of State United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland Prosecutes Three Men on Violent Felony Charges of Domestic Abuse Secretary Antony J. Blinken in conversation with YLAI alumni – United States Department of State On the departure of Baquer Namazi from Iran – US Department of State South Dakota is part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s broad efforts to protect the elderly Alleged major Bolivian drug trafficker extradited from Argentina to United States Opinion: The United States’ War Against Russian Disinformation: Is the GEC a Worthy Target? | Global Risk Insights Gun Violence in the United States | NEJM US-Saudi relations take a hit as OPEC cuts oil production

Underutilized child care in the United States

Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola at a joint press conference – United States Department of State

United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland Prosecutes Three Men on Violent Felony Charges of Domestic Abuse

Secretary Antony J. Blinken in conversation with YLAI alumni – United States Department of State

On the departure of Baquer Namazi from Iran – US Department of State

South Dakota is part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s broad efforts to protect the elderly

Alleged major Bolivian drug trafficker extradited from Argentina to United States

Opinion: The United States’ War Against Russian Disinformation: Is the GEC a Worthy Target? | Global Risk Insights

Gun Violence in the United States | NEJM

US-Saudi relations take a hit as OPEC cuts oil production

Report to Congress on U.S.-Baltic Relations

Immigration has recovered, but the United States still needs more foreign workers

International Arrivals to United States Increase 160% in July 2022

US Announces $55 Million in Emergency Aid to Help Ukraine Prepare for Winter | Press Release | United States Agency for International Development

US-Peru Relations – US Department of State

Asia Pacific loses title as the world’s largest travel region

The community steps up to help the owners of Disco Sports after a house fire

After $440 million, both measures of sports betting are underwater

Academy Sports + Outdoors announces continued commitment to Historically Black Colleges

What assets did FAU send to the EA Sports College Football Video Game?

Use these tips to take amazing science fiction photos

The use of good images can be a boon to a researcher’s career: a compelling image can end up on the cover of a magazine, illustrate a presentation, or liven up a lab meeting. But many scientists are not trained in what makes a “good” photograph – or the best techniques for taking one. Enter the scientist at work competition Enter the scientist at work competition With the opening of Nature’s 2022 annual photo contest, two professional photographers who regularly contribute to the magazine’s weekly workplace photoshoot Where I Work offer their advice on how to take a stunning photographRead News

Judge Cathy Bissoon Never Let Circumstances Limit Her

2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight video United States District Judge Cathy Bissoon grew up in a poor neighborhood of New York City in the 1970s, believing in the American dream. His parents, immigrants of Hispanic and East Indian descent, instilled in him the value of hard work and perseverance. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, a new video profile explores Bissoon’s determination to pursue a career in law. She reflects on the challenges and pressures that come with being the first Hispanic Article III judge in Pennsylvania, the first Asian American Article III judge in Pennsylvania, and the first judgeRead News

The United States ranks #13 behind the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Germany and Canada in its response to child sexual exploitation and abuse.

World Childhood USA launched the US Out of The Shadows Index in Partnership with Economist Impact Live Webinar and Roundtable Discussion Featuring Survivors and Advocates , /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, World Childhood USA launched the pilot USA Out of the Shadows Index (US OOSI) with a live webinar and roundtable discussion featuring sex trafficking survivors, activists and policymakers at Shearman & Sterling LLP in Washington, DC. The report developed in partnership with Economist Impact is designed to help reveal how individual states are tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA), both in person and online. The twelveRead News

How Satoshi Nakamoto And Bitcoin Mirror The Founding Principles Of The United States

This is an op-ed by Buck O Perley, a software engineer at Unchained Capital who helps build bitcoin-native financial services. This is the second part of a two-part set of articles describing crypto government and the dangers of factions. The first part can be found here. What Does All Of This Have To Do With Cryptocurrency? Most of this discussion so far has been theoretical. Much of this has been about the nature of humanity and how it should be considered when designing governance schemes. However, what I would like to do is try to link this to cryptocurrency asRead News

The United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina appoints an Environmental Justice Coordinator

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – United States Attorney Adair F. Boroughs has announced the appointment of Assistant United States Attorney Johanna Valenzuela as the District’s first Environmental Law Coordinator. Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful inclusion of all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Ms. Valenzuela is the Deputy Head of the Civil Division where she handles civil and other enforcement disputes. “Our office is especially committed to protecting South Carolinians who are disproportionately burdened by environmental and health threats,” said the U.S. attorney.Read News

Mexico to extend talks with the United States on energy, hails the “productive” dialogue.

MEXICO CITY, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Talks between the United States and Mexico to resolve a dispute over energy policy will extend beyond an initial consultation period as the two sides narrow their differences, officials said on Monday. The United States Trade Representative (USTR) demanded dispute resolution talks in July, arguing that the energy policies of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador discriminated against US companies and violated a pact North American trade. At the center of the US lawsuit, joined by Canada, are permitting delays, a Mexican electricity law that prioritizes state-owned companies and other rules that investors feelRead News

Appointment of New Member of the US APEC Business Advisory Council – US Department of State

The United States welcomes the appointment of Ginger Lew, CEO of Three Oaks Investments LLC, to the Business Advisory Council (ABAC) of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Ms. Lew and her ABAC counterparts from other APEC economies will advise APEC leaders on issues affecting the continued growth of the region’s economy. In this role, Ms. Lew will provide recommendations that reflect the perspective of US stakeholders. ABAC, created in 1995, is comprised of up to three business representatives from each APEC economy and is a key component of APEC’s multi-stakeholder approach to trade and economic policies. ABAC meets throughout theRead News

UN Ceasefire Expires in Yemen – United States Department of State

The United States is deeply concerned that a UN-brokered ceasefire in Yemen expired on October 2 without the parties reaching an agreement to extend it. Yemeni men, women and children have experienced the tangible benefits the ceasefire has provided: the longest period of calm since the war began, a dramatic drop in civilian casualties, four times more fuel flowing to Yemen’s northern ports, and commercial flights allowing more than 25,000 Yemenis to seek medical care and be reunited with loved ones abroad. Much more is certainly needed, and the expanded ceasefire proposal put forward by the UN would deliver justRead News

US Department of State Launches Partnership with Google in Indonesia and Vietnam, Pilots Media Literacy and Google Startup Academy Program in American Spaces – US Department of State

The US Department of State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs Office (ECA) and Google today announced a new partnership to support education, training and skills development in Southeast Asia. Pilot projects will start in Indonesia and Vietnam in the coming days. This public-private partnership, originally announced by the White House at the recent US-ASEAN Special Meeting, underscores the continued emphasis on the valuable role of the US private sector in international diplomacy and media literacy, as well as the continued commitment of the United States to the countries of Southeast Asia. 3.-7. In October 2022, the Google Startup Academy Americas CenterRead News

US-UK Data Access Agreement Enters into Force

The Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Access to Electronic Data for the Purpose of Fighting Serious Crime (“Data Access Agreement” or the “Agreement”) entered into force today. The agreement is authorized by the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act, a law passed by Congress in 2018, and will be the first of its kind to allow each country’s investigators to better access vital data to combat serious crime in a manner consistent with standards of privacy and civil liberties.Read News

America must welcome our Afghan allies | Opinion

What child doesn’t look up to their grandfather with admiration when he tells stories as a veteran of the US Army? My grandfather, Hector, swore an oath as a citizen of the United States to protect and defend our Constitution. I am proud of his service to our nation. He served during a season of American history when we read headlines about indigenous soldiers in Southeast Asia helping American soldiers in their efforts to bring peace. Today, those headlines are not that different except that those helping the US these days are the brave people of Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghan evacueesRead News

Iraq National Day – United States Department of State

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I congratulate Prime Minister Kadhimi and the Iraqi people on their National Day, October 3. Today is a day to reflect on and be proud of Iraq’s achievements and the perseverance of its people. For 90 years, Iraq has struggled through adversity to foster a more inclusive and equitable society for its citizens and for future generations of Iraqis. The United States remains strongly committed to its strategic partnership with Iraq and to deepening and strengthening our relations under the US-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement. I look forward to continuingRead News

CDC Finalizes Country-by-Country Covid-19 Travel Health Advisories

The CDC’s move reflects a continued shift toward normalcy. In another sign that the world is getting over the Covid-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) no longer maintains a country-by-country list of health advisories. travel related to Covid. From now on, the CDC will only issue a travel health advisory for a country if there is a variant of Covid-19 or another situation that affects the risk of travel to that country. This change comes because “fewer countries are testing or reporting cases of Covid-19,” which has limited the agency’s ability to accurately assess the levelRead News

Travel advisors take on their craziest customer wishes

Train or bus tickets to Hawaii. Ocean view rooms in landlocked locations. Tours to exotic destinations for less than $1,000. Reservations for spouse and lover? Travel advisors have to deal with a lot of ridiculous requests. But some requirements leave even the most seasoned travel advisors scratching their heads. Travel Market Report reached out to our readers to find out the craziest customer requests you’ve ever received. Here are some of the prominent requirements. Catering by McDonald’s “I worked with a gentleman many years ago. He wanted to tour China and wanted McDonald’s to organize a group meal in Shiyan,Read News

High school sports results on October 3 in District 10

Girls soccer Targets: WI – Sarah Dieter 2, Annalee Gardner 2, Sabrina Devite, Emily Arblaster, Analiese Hendrickson, Makayla Fink Assists: W – Devite, Gardner, Paige Buckwalter, Hendrickson, Genevieve Glavach, Brianna Jenkins Goals: MP – Marisa Schnars, Naomi Warshaw, Kathleen Reddinger Assists: MP – Sarah Herman 2, Reddinger Goals: G – Abby Erion 2, Madison Soudan 2; E – Elley Eastman, Clara Steinberg, Emily Grosch Assists: G – Soudan, Erion, Elisiah Flowers; E – Katie Bunk, Eastman Goals: S – Abby Wiśniewski 2, Mallory Hammill 2, Taylor Bunce, Serena Spencer, Angel Troutman, Alyssa Robinson Closure Keepers: Hammill, Emma Trippi Goals: CPRead News

Academy Sports + Outdoors Opens New Store in Jeffersonville, Ind.

The new location marks the Academy’s third store in Indiana , /PRNewswire/ — Academy Sports + Outdoors (“Academy”) (Nasdaq: ASO) a leading outdoor sporting goods and recreation retailer, is excited to open its Jeffersonville, Ind., store. Located at 1600 Veterans Parkway, in Downtown Jeffersonville, the approximately 63,000 square foot store brings a large selection of sports and outdoor goods to the area. The Academy will host grand opening festivities from Friday, October 7 to Sunday, October 9. Throughout the weekend, customers can look forward to exclusive deals, giveaways, meet and greet appearances, activations from brands sold at the Academy, food truckRead News

Olympic sports roundup: Vincent Mauri takes first in cross country meet at UA – The Arizona State Press

Swim The Sun Devils opened the season at Georgia in Gabrielsen Natatorium on September 30. The men split their contest with the Georgia Bulldogs and defeated the Missouri Tigers, while the women battled hard but ultimately came up short. The final scores for the men’s team were 46-44 and 155.5-145.5 against Georgia and 191-109 against Missouri. Léon Marchand stood out early in his sophomore season, winning all three individual events and setting state records with each of his times. Marchand swam the 200 breaststroke in 1:43.21, the 200 breaststroke in 1:57.67 and the 200 individual medley in 1:44.32. On theRead News

AP Sports Summary at 11:20. EDT | Sports |

49ers use defense, Deebo Samuel to beat Rams 24-9 SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) – Deebo Samuel turned a short fumble into an electric 57-yard touchdown, Talanoa Hufanga returned a fumble and the San Francisco 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-9. Jeff Wilson Jr. he also scored on a 32-yard run that gave the Niners their seventh consecutive season-winning victory over their rivals. The Rams won the most important game in last season’s NFC Championship Game en route to the Super Bowl, but this meeting looked like their meeting last season. San Francisco used a relentless defense to limit coachRead News

Why pickleball is the hottest sport right now

Catherine Parenteau was so beautiful she was born with a tennis racket in her hands. Starting at the age of 4, the Canadian was a natural, working his way up the circuit until he achieved the highest ranking in the world. Recruited by the University of Arkansas to play Division I tennis, he finished his collegiate career playing at Michigan State University. It was during his senior year at Michigan State, however, that Parenteau discovered a new sport, one that captured his heart and passion: pickleball. Today, the 27-year-old is the No. 2 singles and No. Although pickleball enjoys aRead News

Danny Kelly on Spurs, music and media: “I became a sports broadcaster by accident”

Danny Kelly is a British journalist. After first writing for New Musical Express (NME) in the early 1980s, by the end of the decade he was editor of the iconic music magazine. He later edited the music video for contestant Q before turning to sports broadcasting. Making up the much-loved duo with Danny Baker, he has appeared on the BBC, BT Sport, and TalkSport. He currently hosts The Athletic’s Tottenham Hotspur podcast, The View From The Track, and Monday marked his 100th edition at the helm. He sat down with The Athletic’s Jacob Whitehead to discuss falling into broadcasting, theRead News

Abusive parents cause youth sports crisis, as referees, participation plunges

This story was reported and published in partnership with MindSite News, a nonprofit news site dedicated to mental health reporting Ronny Roby has seen more than his share of abusive parents interfering in youth sports. Roby was the park director and substitute youth football and cheerleading coach at Garfield Park in Grand Rapids for 26 years. But an incident at a football camp he and his coaches hosted in late June of this year was particularly chilling. A mother with two sons at a football camp overheard the coach yelling instructions at her son. After he cursed and threatened peopleRead News

ADs explore options with goal of creating influence in future restructuring of college football, basketball

Last month, the professional organization representing FBS athletic directors issued a veiled ultimatum. An “overwhelming majority” at a Lead1 Association meeting in Washington favored the NCAA continuing to organize major college football if the association “can be streamlined and less bureaucratic.” The answer has opened the door, perhaps not to the breakup of major college football and basketball, but at least to a formative picture of what the new structure would look like. A growing number of these promoters believe they have a unique and powerful hammer if the NCAA doesn’t get its act together. “If not,” said Lead1’s manager.Read News

What to watch in WPIAL sports on October 4, 2022: First place on the line in volleyball sections | Trib HSSN

By: Monday, October 3, 2022 | 7:12 p.m North Allegheny’s Maddie Fickess hits against Freeport on August 29 at North Allegheny. With three weeks left in the WPIAL girls volleyball section of play, five matches are set for Tuesday with at least a share of first place up for grabs. • Section 1-4A: Pine-Richland (3-1) visits North Allegheny (4-0) in a game you can hear on HSSN. The Tigers defeated the Rams in the first meeting, 3-0. • Section 1-3A: Plum (6-1) at Hampton (7-0) in the second meeting of the season between the two. The Talbots won last month,Read News

Playing to Win: How Automotive Dealers Can Leverage Sports Marketing

Seven years ago, Tomes Auto Group changed its approach to advertising. “We decided we only wanted TV commercials with sporting events, because people are being called in; their eyeballs are glued to the screen,” said Brandon Tomes, president of Tomes Auto Group and its Texas dealers. Today, sports marketing remains an important way to reach consumers. Live sports are the crown jewel of television: the most watched, most valuable programming and the most powerful place to advertise. According to Nielsen, sports accounted for 98% of the 50 most-watched programs on U.S. television in 2021.1 About 99% of viewers who watchRead News

Launch of the Sport for Health Conference at the Global Health Innovation Summit

In the run-up to the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022TM, World Innovation Committee for Health (WISH) partners in Qatar are hosting a Sports for Health Conference to highlight how football and other sports they can stimulate physical activity and address serious global public health concerns. . The Sport for Health Conference aims to strengthen global efforts to reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and promote mental health and positive well-being. NCDs and mental health conditions cause considerable suffering and are major burdens on health systems and communities worldwide, with a person under the age of 70 dying every two seconds from anRead News

The UK government appoints the Minister of Science after a three-month vacancy

Nusrat Ghani is the UK’s 10th science minister since 2010. Credit: David Cliff/Anadolu Agency/Getty The UK government has finally announced the name of its next science minister. Nusrat Ghani, a member of parliament in south-east England, will take the job, which had been vacant for the last three months. The delay in appointing a minister to oversee research and innovation has worried many UK scientists, who fear that the new prime minister, Liz Truss, may not see science as a priority. It’s a relief that someone has finally been appointed to the job, says James Wilsdon, who studies science policyRead News

CERN publiceert uitgebreid open wetenschapsbeleid

CERN’s core values ​​include making research open and accessible to all. A new policy now brings together existing open science initiatives to ensure a bright future based on transparency and collaboration at CERN. During its 209th Session in September, the CERN Council approved a new policy for open science in the Organization, with immediate effect. The policy aims to make all CERN research fully accessible, inclusive, democratic and transparent, both to other researchers and to wider society. It was developed by the Open Science Strategy Working Group (OSSWG), which includes members from every department of CERN. Building on existing bottom-upRead News

Atlassian Announces Completion of Relocation to the United States

TEAM, Anywhere/SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atlassian Corporation (NASDAQ: TEAM), a leading provider of team productivity and collaboration software, today announces the completion of the company’s redomiciliation from the United Kingdom to the United States. Joined. The High Court of Justice in England and Wales sanctioned the scheme of arrangement under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 (the “Scheme”) under which Atlassian Corporation has become the newly incorporated holding company in Delaware of Atlassian Corporation Plc and its subsidiaries. Following delivery on September 30, 2022 of the court order to the UK Registrar of Companies, the Scheme became effective. The last dayRead News