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It’s August, and 2022 has already been a really, really weird year for video game releases, because even though the pandemic has been waning for a while around the world, we’re now seeing the long-term effects in action.

The disruptions of 2020 and 2021 have come home to rest, and that has led to some high-profile delays from this year, and long stretches without major releases. This allowed some smaller games to shine (Stray! Cult of the Lamb!) But game spending is very low and publishers hope that this fall can turn things around. For some of them, at least.

From August to December, here are the release dates for the biggest games yet to come in 2022 that may end up turning this game upside down, giving us more to work with besides Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and a handful of others.

One game featured frequently this fall, to end this list, is Hogwarts Legacy, the magnificent Harry Potter RPG. But for now, it’s still only listed as December 2022. A recent leak put it at December 6th, but it remains one of the only big games coming out this fall/holiday without a specific date. I don’t think a delay is impossible, but we’ll have to see.

As for everything else, you can see that the most stacked month of the next five is October, which has the most general “big” games, including what will undoubtedly be a huge success, Modern Warfare II, the only thing that can hope. to challenge Elden Ring’s sales numbers. This calendar is missing both of the big Xbox exclusive releases that were supposed to be in this window, Redfall and Starfield, both of which have been pushed to early 2023.

So, which of these will you absolutely take?

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