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Portal: Companion Collection, a collection of two Valve FPS games, will be released for Nintendo Switch today, the company announced.

Founded in partnership with Nvidia Lightspeed Studios, the Companion Collection costs $ 19.99 / £ 13.49.

According to Valve, the Switch type works at 60 frames per second, “until full HD resolution”.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce Nintendo Switch players to the world of the Portal,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo’s vice president of the United States for media relations and producers. “By working with Valve, we believe the Companion Collection is suitable for the Nintendo Switch.”

“PC gamers have long been able to play a series that has won hundreds of awards for its amazing gameplay, dark humor and learning.” reads a press release from Valve. “Today, Valve is excited to start welcoming Nintendo Switch players into the amazing Aperture Science Laboratories”.

The description of the game runs as follows: “Solve strange differences and face a dangerous, crazy crazy A.I. named GLaDOS. Meet more people as you think of dangerous, non-dangerous places. never seen in laboratories and many types of portal puzzles.

“Moreover, Portal 2 includes a collaborative approach with a home screen, separated from most online players, so that you and a friend can take action and think about collaboration.”

Will there be a Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 is officially coming to Switch on September 9, 2022. On the same subject : Absolutely the worst ways to die in video games. Nintendo has unveiled the first season window in the top trailer, specifically focusing on the return of the Salmon Run (more on per second).

How long until Splatoon 3 comes out? 75 days, 6 hours, 59 minutes and 55 seconds.

What month will Splatoon 3 be released?

APPEARED 14 June 2022: The GAME website has revealed that the game will be released on Friday 9 September 2022.

Will there be a Splatoon 3 in 2021?

Game details Splatoon 3 was officially announced during January 2021 Nintendo Direct. See the article : July’s PlayStation Plus Essential game has been revealed. Nintendo closed the presentation by showing the game’s revealing trailer, which gave us some idea of ​​a big change for the series.

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What core is Wheatley?

Smart look, Wheatley looks like a variant of GLaDOS ‘Intelligence Core (which tells the recipe for the cake), with a blue-eyed “eye”; with three spots, though Wheatley has spots on his right side only and has a white light like his iris. This may interest you : The 10 best video games to die in really matters.

Why did Wheatley betray Chell? However, he appears in the secret areas of the Chell facility, and later helps him defeat GLaDOS by taking his program to the main management system with him. But just when Wheatley was about to release Chell, he was defiled and betrayed, accusing her of using him for selfishness.

Is Wheatley a moron?

He seems very insecure with his intelligence, responding angrily whenever GLaDOS calls him moron. However, in contrast to his general ignorance, however, Wheatley is sometimes able to come up with clever ideas.

Is Wheatley the cake core?

I’m sure Wheatley is a “Cake Recipe” Core. I swear they have the same weird words and they both have blue eyes!

What type of robot is Wheatley?

Posted byStephen Merchant Richard Lord (pre-release actor)
Universal issues
TypesPersonality Core
WorkIntelligence dampening sphere (first)

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Why Portal is the best game ever?

In addition to the amazing engine of physics, the pure beauty and the beautiful sounds, Portal has captivated players with its background. Many FPS include explosions among many attackers with bullets / lasers / any other imaginary weapons that completely destroy enemies. In Portal, there are no real enemies.

Is Portal 2 one of the best games ever made? And that game is Portal 2. It may not be the longest, re-released, or the most consistent in the list we just provided. But its value is undeniable, and today it is a good opportunity to celebrate the times that secure its place in the upcoming Hall of Fame. As GLaDOS would have predicted, this is a victory.

Is Portal one of the best games?

Since its release Portal has been considered one of the best video games of all time, as it has been included in the “Top Games of All Time” list until 2018.

Are the Portal games good?

Listed as one of the best if not a first-person gameplay ever (in Portal 1 minute or so, in your opinion) Portal is one of the best games to date. So if you haven’t played it yet, we strongly recommend that you download a copy now and play it, for this reason.

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