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Video games are a medium well associated with violence. They often tell high-conflict stories that need to be physically resolved, and their mechanics often include specific and sometimes free ways for players to kill enemies.

Not all, though. In addition to the many non-violent video games, players can make their way in games known for fighting without blood on their hands. Some games can be completed using hidden, dodging, or non-lethal attacks without killing anyone at the player’s hand.

10 Undertale’s Golden Ending Requires Everyone To Live

Hailed for its unique story and subversive behavior, Undertale deconstructs and explores the tropes that are common in RPGs, and is like a good game in itself. It has three typical game modes: ‘Neutral’, where the player kills some but not all enemies; ‘Genocide’, where the player kills everything in his path; and the ‘Pacificist’, where not a single creature is killed.

The game is set up like a traditional RPG, including a prominent “Attack” button in every fight. Also, in the first game, the player must kill at least one enemy: Asgore. See the article : 2022 NBA Draft Ratings: A selection analysis of all 58 picks tonight where the surprises began on the 1st.. In a second game, however, the player can save them all by learning the puzzles behind them to protect all the enemies and getting the best ending to the game.

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9 Batman Retains His No-Killing Rule In The Arkham Games

Among many other things, Batman is famous in fiction for having a “Don’t Kill” rule, where he seeks to never take away a life throughout his care. On the same subject : ‘Fed Up’: Wife Gets Support for Husband’s Resignation After Video Game Marathon. This reaches out to most media outlets, including video games like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

The games are violent, with players taking advantage of Batman’s weapon tool and vicious hand-to-hand fights. However, Batman never kills anyone with his hand, throwing his opponent only in a hidden sequence and fight scenes.

Despite being a military game in which Snake can arm with all sorts of weapons, the Metal Gear series has never been a killer. Instead, the games have a strong anti-war message, usually painted as a failure for the player to successfully overcome obstacles.

Most franchise games have at least a few bosses that the player must kill, even if they save ordinary soldiers. However, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the player can avoid killing anyone (Liquid Ocelot dies as a result of the FOXDIE virus, not the fight with Snake), but Snake’s mental state suffers if the player kills too much. enemies.

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7 Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 2 Is Less Violent Than The Base Game

Bioshock: Infinite high-flying adventure is an incredibly violent adventure, where Booker DeWitt runs and shoots through the flying city of Columbia, killing hundreds of himself and in a mission to safely get away from the city of Elizabeth. This may interest you : Brewers games at Bally Sports Wisconsin will be available through an in-app purchase, without the need for a cable, starting Thursday. The first part of his DLC, Burial at Sea, is similar in that Rapture is full of people to kill another version of Booker.

Part 2 of Burial at Sea introduces the player as a suddenly abrogated Elizabeth. It places much more emphasis on survival in secret and careful use of Plasmids, with fewer guns. Also, playing in ‘1998 mode’ completely removes all available weapons, allowing the player to disable enemies without killing them.

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6 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gives The Player Options

Deus Ex games have always had the priority of giving the player different ways to play, not blocking them in one style more than anywhere else. This culminates in Mankind Divided, where, despite numerous enemies and shootouts, the player can play a completely undead game.

By sneaking, hacking and talking, players can overcome obstacles without shooting a single person. The final boss can also be deadly, assuming the player stops activating his armor Viktor Marchenko.

5 Mirror’s Edge Rewards The Player For Avoiding Fights

Although primarily a parkour simulator, Mirror’s Edge has plenty of opportunities for violence as the player escapes the pursuit of many oppressive and armed police in his quest. These cops can be avoided, but it is easier in many cases to deal with them; a common way is to disarm and kill weapons.

The player can get a large number of dead on his journey. Avoiding shooting anyone during the game achieves the player’s “Test of Faith” achievement, and players can take this even further by completely avoiding all violence.

4 Civilization Can Be Won Peacefully

As an archetypal game of the 4X genre, where one of the X stands for “eXterminate,” there are plenty of opportunities for violence in the Civilization series. By giving the player control of an entire country, they can choose to wage war on all other civilizations in the game, crushing them with a powerful army.

However, all the games in the franchise have included non-violent ways to win, including sending a space rocket to Alpha Centauri or being elected world leader. Players can take this even further, without winning a single fight, even if this requires enough army to invade enemies, and good luck with the Barbarians (or disable them before the game).

3 Postal 2 Gets Sarcastic If You Finish It Bloodlessly

The postal series is one of the most evil games, described as a “murder simulator,” in a mad murder that allows the player to shake through suburban environments. Despite this blood-soaked reputation, Postal 2 is deliberately designed to allow a player to complete without killing another person.

Having to follow a lot of specific steps and requires a lot of tactics to avoid it, the game rewards the player with a message that says “Thank you for playing, JESUS” if he manages to save everyone in his path.

2 Dishonored Lets The Player Get Crueler Than Mere Killing

Hidden games often discourage players from using violence for other reasons to attract attention to corpses. However, Dishonored goes one step further, as murder and violence cause the unfortunate and cruel ‘High Chaos’ to end the game. That way, no one in Dishonored should be killed, including Corvo’s targets.

Instead, Corvo can inflict cruel fate on his enemies. These include forcing two brothers who own slaves to work in their mines and using the same brand of the Chief to remove all political power. However, some of these fates have been criticized for being unnecessarily evil and uncomfortable in their “justice” brand.

1 Alpha Protocol Gives The Player A Host Of Nonlethal Techniques

Alpha Protocol is a stylish spy-drama, in RPG mode, in which the player controls the super-spy Mike Thorton. With a violent plot full of betrayal and revenge, the player has plenty of opportunities to get their hands on the blood, and the game fully supports the violent and violent style of play.

However, it emphasizes the choice of players above all else, which leads to its own solutions. Players can play throughout the game using hidden and deadly equipment, such as soothing darts. Some criminals die one way or another, but the player doesn’t have to be the one to pull the trigger.

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What games can you beat without killing anyone?


  • DOOM (1993) (1993) 2:40.

What is a pacifist race? This route will take you from Undertale on a peaceful run. This way of playing is recommended by many fans and means that the whole game goes without killing anyone.

Is it possible to beat Postal 2 without killing anyone?

You read that right: it’s entirely possible to end Postal 2, perhaps the most violent video game ever made, without actually killing anyone.

Can you stay with Toriel?

You can stay with Toriel without leaving his house in ruins. The secret ending is that you become a statue and that you never move or talk again and Toriel is surprised that he doesn’t do the same. … that’s dark ..

Is there a way to let Toriel live? At the end of the ruins, Toriel tells the protagonist that they are strong enough to survive and will fight in a test of strength. He can be killed or saved; if saved, Toriel lets them go, but advises them never to return and briefly embraces them.

Do you have to ask Toriel How do you leave?

Toriel’s House Once you’re ready, go left from your bedroom to the living room and talk to Toriel. It will ignore your requests, but you must continue to select the option by saying that you want to leave the waste. Eventually, this will cause them to leave.

What happens if you tell Toriel you have places to go?

If Toriel asks him if he chooses “I have a place to go,” the credits image shows all the faces of the characters drawn, and the protagonist is replaced by the sprite of the first man.

Is Postal 2 illegal?

Postal 2 dealt with most public outrage, increasing references to violence and drugs and terrorism, however, it proved that the game could end without killing anyone – the smart move Run with Scissors. Unfortunately for the developers, this strategy was seen and 13 countries moved to ban the game.

Is Postcard 2 banned on Twitch? No. There are no mail games in the list of prohibited games.

Is playing Postal 2 illegal?

Postal 2 has been banned by the New Zealand Film and Literature Classification Office (OFLC), where it is now illegal to own or sell a game with various fines as well as imprisonment for offenders.

Is Postal 2 legal in Australia?

Postal 2 is denied the classification, which means it is illegal to sell or import the game to Australia.

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