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Art can capture a myriad of unique emotions and, at times, we are trying to abandon ourselves to the melancholy that these works have to offer. Games can all be fun, but the flexibility of any medium allows us to explore feelings with more dimensions than mere joy.

Sadness is one of them, and each game on this list has evoked a sense of pain in one way or another, due to a veiled underlying theme, a specific scene that stands out, or a script full of tragic narrative. For the sake of diversity, I will not include more than one item in a series on this list.


Undertale always feels alone. Even when the player is surrounded by the game’s vibrant cast of characters, its grim aesthetic and mysterious soundtrack create a sense of detachment from the environment and its inhabitants. Read also : Brewers games at Bally Sports Wisconsin will be available through an in-app purchase, without the need for a cable, starting Thursday. Narratively, the player is exploring a “monstrous” underworld devoid of humanity. At the end of the day, you are just a kid who has found his way to this strange place with tons of creatures that often try to harm you.

Beyond the lore of how monsters and humans got separated and really disliked each other, there are a lot of little things that make this game sad. The creatures of the underworld, an oppressed group forced to hide from humanity, are so weak that a child with a cane can easily defeat them. At that point, it is up to the player’s sense of mercy to decide whether to live or die.

And if you, as a player, decide to take this to the maximum, you will find yourself in a world robbed of its inhabitants. Through the path of genocide, the monsters have been shot down so heavily that entering a fight match will begin the intro before some eerie, somber music plays over the lyrics “But no one came …”

This method of experiencing the game involves the player killing a selection of their most loved characters. Sans is one of the toughest bosses I’ve ever beaten during my video game career, but I’ll never forget the fight against Undyne in particular, where he clearly played the great hero of this journey. Its theme is heroic, valiant and hopeful, yet the player slaughters it.

Being a villain and seeing the friends you’ve made in previous games die horribly is obviously sad, but it’s more heartbreaking than that. Yet due to the difficulty of both fights, the player feels nothing but relief at their death. Making these battles so tough adds a metanarrative angle to it, wondering why the sweet feeling of victory overwhelmed the cruelty of the player’s acts.

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Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus’ sense of adventure is unmatched. This may interest you : What would it take to bring an indoor sports complex to Fort Smith?. Unlike other third-person games that involve a lot of parkour and mobility, Shadow of the Colossus is nowhere near the script and often expects the player to make ridiculous leaps and climb challenging peaks without guided assistance.

But beyond galloping across vast plains to hilarious music as you scale massive creatures, Shadow of the Colossus’s underlying theme is anything but joyful. This is the story of a man who has lost someone he loves and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring her back. His selfishness leads him to make a pact with a powerful entity and, at his behest, he sets out to kill a number of gigantic creatures residing in the desert.

Over and over again, the player slaughters wonderful creatures in the hopes of reviving a loved one. And ultimately, the main character’s body is taken over by the entity he made a pact with as a group of knights seem to break the ritual once and for all. Yet it is too late, as the creature goes on a rampage, fighting to escape its prison. The game ends with the return of the main character’s loved one, but the damage has already been done and only one child remains in the wake of the player’s presence.

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch looks like a cheerful game on the surface, but beneath its adorable Studio Ghibli-inspired shell is a narrative revolving around childhood trauma. The main character, a young boy named Oliver, watches his mother die of heart problems shortly after saving him from near-drowning. This may interest you : High-tech employees make up more than 15% of Allen’s workforce. He loses his joy, grieving this immense loss before his tears give sensitivity to a doll his mother gave him when he was younger. This little guy’s name is Drippy and together they embark on a journey to stop a dark evil from taking over the world.

One of the key elements of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is that it is never clear if what is happening is real or if it is just the result of a coping mechanism for the many characters to escape their trauma. This is because each character has a doppelganger from the normal world called a “soul mate” who often suffers from some major problem that the protagonist has to overcome. For example, at the beginning of the journey, Oliver will meet a character named Esther, whose soulmate is a protected girl named Myrtle who never manages to leave her home. As Oliver continues to investigate Myrtle, we learn that she is suffering from an illness and that her father has trapped her inside the house. We have some scenes that indicate that his father is abusive and Oliver has to fight the darkness in his mind to free him from those behaviors.

It is presented in a way that justifies terrible deeds such as people possessed by a demonic force, but the implications in the real world are more frightening. It almost feels like a childhood fantasy, as this child just can’t understand how a person would behave in a certain way and has to imagine that it is the result of dark magic. Especially if we assume that the events of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch aren’t real, and instead Oliver is using his imagination as a way to cope with his mother’s death, this turns into a rather depressing journey.

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy 7 is the most vivid franchise. Midgar is brilliantly crafted, boasting a dirty, rusty feel with a compelling contrast between dieselpunk-inspired technology and the omission of natural living. Hours and hours of machinery make the transition to Midgar’s eventual escape memorable, when the player finds himself in the suburbs, free from its oppressive atmosphere, greeted by fresh air.

This is a modern version of Final Fantasy, which puts the player in the shoes of poor villagers who are believed to be terrorists who fight against a corrupt government that is undermining the Earth of its life force. A constant battle against a tyrannical power and exploration of the different parts of this city make for the most iconic setting in the series so far.

But the gloomy atmosphere of Final Fantasy 7 offers desperation. The cast of the game battles an almost unstoppable force, and even after all the efforts of the group to make things right in the world, the multiple rhythms of the story along the way are agonizing. Aerith’s death broke my heart, as she is easily my favorite character in the game. And at the end of the story, Meteor crashes into the world and turns much of it into rubble. Final Fantasy VII is not a game about people saving the world from oppression as much as it is the violent post mortem that results from the gross negligence of a negligent government.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest’s main theme is clear when its story draws to a close. And it should have been obvious from the start. The titular forest of the game, like any forest, is blind. Ignore the struggles of its inhabitants. Disaster can strike at any moment and take the child of a creature away. Nature is unaware of the destruction it often leaves behind and that theme is what lies at the heart of the game’s story.

The anger of Kuro, his antagonist, is strengthened after the Ceremony of the Forest Light (which aims to call Ori home to the Tree of Spirit) causes the death of his children. Along with the main character’s struggles, Kuro’s actions and senseless destruction can be traced back to that fundamental truth about the wilds; nature acts without understanding and, however hard we try, it cannot be fought. In the finale, Kuro sees a reflection of the Spirit Tree’s destruction in herself, realizing that she is now just as much a monster.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is sensationally depressing. It follows the stories of an alleged cursed family through the lens of Edith Finch. At the age of 17, she returns to her massive family home as the last survivor after her parents and siblings have died in mysterious ways at different times in their lives. As the player explores this home, they experience flashbacks from the life of each family member.

We get a glimpse of the love they’ve experienced, the struggles they’ve been through, some of the things they’ve thought about and their multiple perspectives on life, before we get an intense snippet of how they died. These deaths are also not covered in sugar; they are often linked to issues that have permeated the life of every person and are really sad to face. This curse is inevitable and we see it through all the bizarre ways that every person dies, but the family has been aware of it for a long time. This results in Dawn, who is Edith’s mother, locking up the deceased’s rooms and locking the place up, hoping to avoid the curse by preventing the other children from learning about it.

It is the story of a family who cannot escape death no matter how hard they try, and how that perception of the curse has caused some of the remaining members to take drastic actions that they otherwise would not have done. It’s one of the most painful video game stories around, but it’s definitely worth living.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is not outspoken with its melancholy. A darkness permeates every moment of the journey, whether through the subtle use of music, the understated sound design or the feeling that the musician is exploring a world that is coming to an end. It’s a journey wrapped in sad little stories scattered around his world, and while it’s mostly centered around dark fantasy elements, these are intrinsically linked. It could be argued that every Soulsborne game is similar, but Demon’s Souls is the most effective on this front.

I will never forget to enter the arena of the final boss of Leechmonger Archstone, who immediately starts playing an unforgettable harpsichord melody unlike anything else in the series. As soon as it started, I felt something was wrong. And as I approached a cliff overlooking a ravine of vile mud and dejected shells, the maiden Astraea began her speech.

He did not threaten me, nor did he attempt to attack. He simply begs me to turn around and leave his home, a sanctuary for those who have been thrown out of society. He created a place for them to exist in a world that does nothing but hate them for their looks. All of his dialogue portrays the player as nothing more than a looter, willing to destroy anything and anyone on the “right” path to acquire the Archdemon’s souls. And once the player reaches the bottom after defeating his valiant knight, he doesn’t fight. He surrenders and offers his soul, unable to resist our will any longer.

It puts the player in this jarring position, where they realize that their quest for power (both narrative and mechanical) prevents them from recognizing the consequences of their actions. At this moment, you realize that every step through the Valley of Contamination and the Swamp of Sorrows, killing disgusting zombies and monstrous creatures, were actually the acts of an invader who slaughtered the native inhabitants of the earth in a crusade for the power and progress. It’s a twist that has been with me for years and it’s one of my favorite moments in games.

The Last of Us

I’ve spent some time thinking about which entry from Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed series The Last of Us to include on this list. While both are undeniably grieved, they approach and present this emotion through a different lens. The original tells a sad story from the perspective of someone who believes he has lost everything, and now finds himself bonding with a child as they battle through a horde of malformed monsters and must survive the worst remnants of humanity. The Last of Us Part II is similar at first, as it also revolves around a character who believes he has lost everything, but is not built to be confident. Instead, it’s a journey full of anger, showing how senselessly violent a person can become when blinded by it. So while both are sad, the sequel seems more appropriate for a list focused on the most disturbing and disturbing games around.

The Last of Us is a journey that continually pushes a sense of dread down the player’s throat, but the ambition of its ultimate goal of saving humanity gives the experience a bittersweet flavor. But even then, Joel and Ellie’s journey together is overwhelmed by tragedy. The opening is unforgettable, in which Joel’s young daughter is killed senselessly by military personnel trying to quarantine the area.

And throughout every phase of this game’s history, equally daunting events continue to happen to our two protagonists. In this nightmare world is the relationship between Joel and Ellie, which slowly simmers to the point where he can’t help but see the girl as his daughter. And of course, that’s what translates into the devastating ending, where Joel rushes to the hospital intending to use Ellie’s virus immunity in hopes of finding a cure and killing the doctors only to save a child who refuses to. lose.

A self-described and blatantly pretentious art critic, Momo finds delight in passionate ramblings about his closeness to video games. He has a BA in Journalism & amp; Media studies from Brooklyn College and five years of entertainment journalism experience. Momo is a staunch advocate of the importance found in subjectivity and spends most days overwhelmed with excitement about the past, present and future of games. When not writing or playing Dark Souls, she can be found eating chicken Alfredo noodles and watching anime.

A self-described and blatantly pretentious art critic, Momo finds delight in passionate ramblings about his closeness to video games. He has a BA in Journalism & amp; Media studies from Brooklyn College and five years of entertainment journalism experience. Momo is a staunch advocate of the importance found in subjectivity and spends most days overwhelmed with excitement about the past, present and future of games. When not writing or playing Dark Souls, she can be found eating chicken Alfredo noodles and watching anime.

But today, a more common interpretation among researchers I compare notes with is that many depressed gamers are actually attempting to self-medicate with games. They experience a dramatic sense of relief from their symptoms while they play, and therefore, the more depressed they feel, the more they play.

Who is Wertpol?

Wertpol, real name Robert Brock, was an Austrian video game developer who had developed several independent games, most famous works including the Menagerie series. He joined Gamejolt on January 20, 2014. He also has a YouTube channel and a Twitter account and occasionally streamed games.

Is Wertpol dead? Robert Brock â € (born: September 16, 1996 – June 6, 2018 [21 years]), better known by his online name Wertpol, was an Austrian independent game developer, YouTuber and Streamer. He was the creator of popular games such as “Presentable Liberty” and “Exoptable Money”.

Is presentable Liberty a horror game?

Presentable Liberty is an independent horror game. You play as an unnamed prisoner in an almost empty cell with nothing to do but read the letters that a myriad of enigmatic characters slip under your door.

Who is the developer of presentable liberty?

Seraglio II: Presentable Freedom
Developer / I.Robert “Wertpol” Brock
MotorGameMaker: Studio
Platform / I.Microsoft Windows

What is the game presentable Liberty about?

Presentable Liberty is a game about a prisoner who is unable to leave his cell. You, the prisoner, collect the letters and each time you open them, you advance in the game. In the story, a man named Doctor Money wanted to become the richest man in the world.

Is RDR2 a sad game?

RDR2 features a lot of sad stories, and while it’s a very long game with a lot of replay value, it’s actually one of the hardest Rockstar games to play a second time around. Knowing the story means that many of the previous segments of the game will also be harder to watch the second time around.

Is RDR2 the most realistic game? The sequel to the smash hit RDR1 and one of the best-selling games of all time, RDR2 is a gaming masterpiece with the most realistic graphics. This is probably the most realistic video game due to the sheer size of it all.

Does RDR2 have a sad ending?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sad story about the death of the frontier. Even if you win, the characters involved lose, especially as many of them end up dying in Red Dead Redemption, which takes place chronologically after the sequel. However, let’s see who won’t make it out of this game alive.

Is Arthur depressed RDR2?

If recent events are the smoking gun, a shock to Arthur’s system – literally – acts like a proverbial bullet that propels him into a bout of depression. A sudden diagnosis of tuberculosis, after he collapses following a violent coughing fit, leaves Arthur to question every aspect of his life.

Which game has the best ending?

The 12 best video game endings

  • 5 Portal 2.
  • 6 The shadow of the colossus. …
  • 7 Batman: Arkham City. …
  • 8 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. …
  • 9 Braid. …
  • 10 God of war. …
  • 11 Infinite BioShock. …
  • 12 Red Dead Redemption. …

Which game has the most endings? The game with the most endings of all is Star Ocean: Second Evolution. It is a remake of the Second Story game mentioned above.

Which AC has the best ending?

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has the best ending in the series.

What makes a good video game ending?

Poet and video game critic Natalie Zina Walschots argues that a good ending to a video game is “Something that fits the tone of the game emotionally and narratively. Something with the heart. Something that means the world has changed afterwards. that all these events have taken place.

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