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Rick and Morty is a show that has become one of the most memorable cartoons of recent memory. First aired in 2013, the show has developed an important fan base and global appeal, and is expected to evolve and expand to other media outlets.

One of the most notable media outlets that Rick and Morty have given themselves to is video games. That said, the relationship between the franchise and video games has been relatively incoherent, with no clear overall structure across platforms and genres.

Pocket Mortys

The first official large-scale licensing title to arrive under the name Rick and Morty was the 2016 Pocket Mortys mobile game. The game is an ordinary parody of the Pokemon franchise, where the player explores the open world from top to bottom like bored scientist Rick Sanchez, capturing different variants of his grandson Morty to train and fight other Morty.

Like Pokemon, the fight is alternate, capturing and fighting more than 200 Morty types. To see also : Video games don’t always need live-action adaptations. Considering that the plot of the game is concerned with exploring the dimensions of discovering new variants of Morty, it relates to the overall themes of the show in a fairly clever and engaging way.

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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Without a doubt, Rick and Morty’s most famous game to date came with Virtual Rick-ality, which was released in 2017. As the name suggests, the game was made for VR headsets, which was an interactive home experience for Sanchez, which showed plenty of references. To see also : 10 Non-Horror Games That Are Really Scary | Screen Rat. numerous arguments and gags from the show itself.

The game was released by Adult Swim, and was well received by fans at the time of its release, which prompted the company to eventually release an edition of the Virtual Rick-ality collection. Although the franchise has not re-immersed itself in VR support since its release, it is sure to have left its mark.

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Rick and Morty Crossovers With Other Games

Outside of officially licensed games, Rick and Morty have had plenty of cross-content with many other top-level versions. On the same subject : Games in the Metaverse: Key Ideas | ArentFox Schiff – JDSupra. Perhaps most notable, they collaborated with Rick and Morty Fortnite to release the inside covers of the game for the two main characters, making it one of the many franchises collaborating with the popular battle royale shooter.

Rick and Morty have had advertiser packages for DOTA 2, as well as a segment that the couple explores the world of Minecraft within the show. Rick and Morty have also been the subject of many Easter eggs, such as Borderlands 3 NPCs “Wick and Warty”. The show has firmly established itself within the zeitgeist of contemporary pop culture, which has made the transition to video games increasingly seamless.

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High On Life

The latest entry from the creators of Rick and Morty into the gaming world will come with the newly announced High on Life first-person shooter. Released in October, the title is being developed by Squanch Games, created in 2016 by Rick and Morty founder Justin Roiland.

The studio released Accounting, which was well received in 2016, as well as Trover Saves the Universe in 2019, and High on Life will still be his most ambitious project. Taking Rick and Morty’s humor, art style and iconic voices alike, the game itself is tied to the franchise despite not being a spin-off of the show.

High on Life is inspired by the madness of Rick and Morty in their story, as players take control of a bounty hunter who is rescuing humans who use extraterrestrial posters as drugs. The relationship between Rick and Morty and video games is certainly rare as it has taken on a variety of identities, but as the size of Squanch Games grows, fans should expect to see several more officially licensed games in the future.

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