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It is common for a video game to have a fairly even tone throughout. A colorful and joyful game often has a colorful and joyful ending. The gloomy and distressing game ends in a gloomy way where the heroes suffer hard for every success.

However, this is by no means universal. Some of the most effective happy endings in video games work so well because they are the opposite of what they used to be. After a story of sadness, defeat, or struggle, the player can turn things around and end well. Some beloved video game stories use this technique to make the player cry first and then smile.

10 Hades Lets Players Knit A Family Back Together

At the heart of Hades is an intermittent family drama, with an intense play of hacking and slash-like scams that comes with a surprisingly deep and sharp story. All that Zagreus wants to do is flee from his father to the underworld and reunite with his mother Persephone, who left many years ago.

Zagreus’ pure misfortune and his cold relationship with Hades change the gloomy story despite the comedy that lasted the entire game. On the same subject : You can now play EmilyBlaster, a video game inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Eventually, however, Zagreus unites his parents, improves his relationship with Hades, learns the truth about the events, and ends things in a much, much happier place than he started.

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9 Dishonored Can End In A Golden Age

Games usually have multiple endings, and even in particularly dark games, at least one end is usually happier than the others. Dishonored is a particularly grim game where the player has to murder through a corrupt and cynical world where few are sympathetic and every faction is flawed.

Despite the relentless gloom and story, Dishonoredis can make a real difference if he plays right. On the same subject : The 10 best video games in all black and white. In both games of the series, the end of “Low Chaos” leads to the golden age of the island empire, whose empress is the wise and gentle Emily Kaldwin, who brings real light to the story.

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8 Heavy Rain Lets Players Get Some Measure Of Happiness

Many Heavy Rain endings are as dark and miserable as the game itself. On the same subject : 6 Ways to Save on Video Games. From this troubled father trying to save his son from the killer of Origam, the player has tremendous control over what happens to the four protagonists of the game as they revolve around the same incident.

It’s easy for a player to slip and at least one terrible thing happens in the end. However, by making all the right decisions carefully, the player can have Ethanil save Shaun, see Origami’s killer defeated, and let the other three characters avoid their worst fate.

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7 NieR: Automata Undoes Its Bleak Ending

NieR: Automatic’s third inning unlocks most of the real endings of the game, including two particularly gloomy endings where A2 sacrifices himself to save 9S or kills the two. Getting both of their ends opens a secret end E, which gives A2, 9S and 2B a second chance to live.

To open this end, a player must go through a monstrously difficult shooting section, probably needing the help of fellow players. However, success preserves the personalities of the three protagonists so that they can be reborn in another world, giving them the opportunity to do things better.

6 The Binding Of Isaac Gives Isaac A Loving Parent

Linking Isaac is an extremely gloomy story of parental abuse and neglect. Its different ends bring the story back into context many times, including what is real and what is not, with each iteration that is gloomier than the previous one.

At the end of the DLC of Repentance, however, there is a great shift in the story. Turns out it’s just a dream story Isaac is telling – with his father’s help. His father asks if Isaac really wants to tell such a gloomy and unhappy story, and suggests they tell a more beautiful story. Giving Isaac loving parents and canceling many gaming events is arguably the most beautiful thing a game can do for him.

5 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Gives A Chance For A Better World

Subscription duolology Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn are some of the darkest stories in the entire franchise. They describe race, oppression, corruption of religious principles, the militant nature of humanity, and more.

After defeating the goddess Ashera before she can destroy her whole life, the player reconnects her with another aspect, Yune. Together with Ashunera, they promise to act as a defender instead. Peace is won, at least temporarily, and each party member earns a happy ending.

4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Can Get Surprisingly Upbeat

The endings of FromSoftware games tend to be gloomy and dark, and the player is lucky to have a choice between lesser evil. This is true of Sekiro’s three endings: Shadows Die Twice, which end with the wolf or Kuro sacrificing themselves or the Wolf giving in to his inner darkness and becoming an unstoppable Shura demon.

However, if the player takes all the difficult steps required to complete the “Dragon’s Return”, he can avoid the darkest parts. The spirit of Kuro lives on in the divine child of rejuvenating waters, and Wolf accompanies the two on another fantastic adventure. He can keep his promise, Kuro can live, and the Divine Child can see the world.

3 Valkyria Chronicles Ends With Children And Peace

Despite its warm and alluring art style, Valkyria Chronicles is a surprisingly gloomy story of hopeless war, imperialism and racial discrimination. When Marmota is destroyed and the war ends, things get much better.

Peace returns to the mainland, albeit with persistent resentment. The Darcsens are beginning to make progress in ending the discrimination they face. Most of the companions will have a happy ending, including, of course, the gentle protagonist Welkin, who will end up as a soldier and start a family with Alicia instead.

2 The Walking Dead Lets Clementine Finally Find A Family

Few game series are as notoriously gloomy and disturbing as The Walking Dead, considered to be the most haunting moments of any video game. For much of the series, Clementine can never enjoy a peaceful life, constantly running and simply trying to survive in the world.

The end of the final season is not quite happy, as Clementine lost her leg and both she and AJ have to grow up in a postapocalyptic wasteland. However, Clementine, AJ and the other characters finally get peace with their beloved family. Compared to the rest of the game, it’s very heartwarming.

1 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lets Everyone Go To A New World

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the darkest in the franchise. The first two games have either bitter or even tragic endings, leaving things in a terrible place for the last part of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game takes place after a while, the world is moving towards the inevitable end, and Lightning is in trouble for emotional turmoil.

In the end, however, Lightning turns it around. He defeats Bhunivelze with the help of the souls of the people he cares for, ending his plans to create a new world in which only a select few can live. Instead, he creates a new world, taking everything with him and finally reuniting with his friends and family.

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