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Gaming companies can use music to enhance their games if they plan accordingly.

Music and video games are one of the last couples in life, with peanut butter and jelly. When its full potential is used, it can become an icon of a music game. Think of a Super Mario Brothers or Zelda theme song. As soon as you start playing, you are transported to all the happy memories of playing. This positive emotional relationship can be exploited by the gaming industry, and is often used. However, Ben Sumner, a music professional in the video game and media world, shared seven tips on how game companies can improve the way they use music in their games.

“Music becomes a key part of any game’s identity, it shapes the environment and often promotes a high level of long-term recognition.”

Well, according to Feel For Music’s managing director, it’s not enough to throw a bit of music at the last minute in the development process and expect success. Rather than beginning the musical process, he proposes to consider it at the end. In the process of creating music that can be a dynamic choice, having an idea from the beginning of what the company wants to evoke and what brand it wants to associate with the game greatly increases your chances of becoming a successful couple.

He cautioned, however, that it is not a good idea to let personal preferences in music interfere with choosing the right sound. For the best results, the company must be objective in its creative choices. This sounds like the opposite of what you need to do, but it makes sense. Imagine if the creators of GTA weren’t rap fans. Objectivity is also useful when trying to find common ground between music fans and game fans. Both need to lift each other up and adjust naturally.

Testing is a great way to measure the audience’s reception of music and games, but only if it’s done well. Tests need to be done early enough in the development process to be truly relevant. If it is too late to make changes to the results, then it is too late to run a test. In addition, viable options must be provided.

The music budget is another aspect to consider at first. Running out of money before considering music is not worth the project. Consider hiring a professional music consultant as well. It means making a lot of money, but music is one of the best ways to maintain objectivity and quality.

Finally, consider how music can go beyond the score. Creating original soundtracks for sale separately, adding well-known artists as characters to the game, and live performances using music are great ways to enhance a passion for a game. Grand Theft Auto is a prime example of this in the gaming industry.

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