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After marking 2021 for the first time in franchise history that WWE 2K was not released during the calendar year, the popular wrestling series triumphantly returned in 2022. Of course, many passionate players believe the franchise has fallen since the late 2010s when it started showing too much repetitions, lack of innovation, and most infamously, has become burdened with too many technical errors and omissions.

With that in mind, WWE 2K22 has earned positive reviews, which may have marked a lasting return to the form of the once powerful sports franchise. In order to contextualize the success of the game in relation to the entire franchise, a multitude of hilarious memes tell quite a story.

Disappearing Equipment

As the WWE 2K series procrastinated, her reputation for dramatic horrific mistakes and omissions in the game increased dramatically. But even before it reached the lowest level of all time in WWE 2K20, the sudden disappearance of equipment within the ring during a wrestling match became commonplace.

Whether it’s stairs, folding chairs, ladders or other tools in the ring, the device in the ring simply picks up and disappears without a trace or warning. To see also : DC wants to significantly improve its video game production. As such, Marc Bravo scoffs at the classic sponge Bob’s “Ight Imma Head Out” meme, articulating how quickly fans were willing to flee the scene after such technical hiccups.

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Downgraded Graphics

After 2K put its name on the board via WWE 2K14, many fans believe the game has the best overall graphics to date. In a thousand-word comparison meme, the apparent difference between 2K14 and 2K18 sums up the franchise’s declining influence.

Indeed, 2K14 marked the absolute pinnacle of the detailed graphics presented in the franchise, which simply disappeared as the annual editions progressed. To see also : Mother of 4 makes a living teaching how to play video games: ‘I’m breaking this stigma’. When 2K18 was reprimanded for its irresistible visuals, the series recovered from 2K19, only to deliver its worst entry of all in 2K20, amplifying the obvious inconsistencies that the meme highlights.

All Downhill From Here

Remaining on the perception that WWE 2K14 marks the absolute top of the series to date, another hilarious meme suggests that the experience of every other entry will leave players in the cold. On the same subject : The Netflix Video Game You Want To Play. Indeed, everything is downhill after we experienced the high water mark set in 2K14.

Of course, the meme also refers to ski instructor Thumper South Park, who, despite improving the apartment’s performance on the slopes, made everyone’s life quite bitter. Until WWE 2K19 appeared and WWE 2K22 didn’t add exciting new wrestling, that’s also what most wrestlers felt about the franchise.

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No Love For The Divas

Today, women’s wrestling is even more meaningful and exciting than most men’s wrestling. However, when WWE 2K15 was touted as the most realistic game in the series ’history, it didn’t necessarily mean throwing women out the back seat like ordinary divas. The meme serves as a cunning prickly-focused game because they didn’t give the wrestlers a chance to shine.

Although Diva matches would usually last three to four minutes, they have since been replaced by much larger events such as Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell and Iron Woman matches that far more accurately reflect the role of women in the wrestling ring. .

The Pre-Order Bonus Angle

One thing WWE 2K players know to be true is that the series constantly gives fans what they want, only to let them down soon after. One of the best examples of this is the successive pre-order bonuses, which offer customers the opportunity to play some of the most handsome and strongest characters.

From 2015 to 2017, fans had to fight Sting, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator and Goldberg, three ultra fierce warriors worthy of recognition. But then, in 2018, Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle was added to the mix, which once again marked a big disappointment for fans who began to instill faith in the franchise again. Kurt Angle is a successful wrestler in his own right, but pales in comparison to others. Notice Angle’s friendly smile compared to the cutting smiles of the others.

Arbitrary Ratings

As any WWE 2K fan can attest, the inaccurate ratings of various wrestlers from game to game are arbitrary at best and pointless at worst. Take, for example, Roman Reigns, who despite going through a terrible year of real WWE wrestling, somehow managed to secure the best marks in 2K18.

Moreover, the hysterical meme of split images also alludes to the ridiculous fact that no matter how badly you punish an opponent in the ring, they will inevitably get their usual final move out of nowhere. The invaluable reaction of Pauly D is especially important.

You Can’t See Me

As most WWE 2K fans are aware, personal phrases continue to play a big role in highlighting the personalities of various wrestlers. No motto has become more famous in the history of the franchise than the legendary slogan “You Can’t See Me” by John Cena, which is countless times ribbed in the form of a meme.

Still, a few memes cleverly use wordplay as effectively as this one, which turns Cena’s classic rough-hearted phrase into an acronym for Intensive Care Unit, a place where Cena sends most of his wrestling opponents instead of staying inside.

Unhappy Family

After satisfying fans with 2K19, Visual Concepts took over and immediately scored a franchise with WWE 2K20, often hailed as the worst wrestling game to date. Leaving aside the unbearable number of omissions, it seemed that the initial list of characters had already accepted their miserable fate.

Celebrity WWE superstars Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes and Undertaker look particularly tearful, even the typically dazzling Kurt Angle looks sad and muted compared to his recent appearances in the franchise, alluding to the miserable game coming in 2K20.

Curious Camerawork

Staying on the 2K20 debacle, one Redditor earned 11,000 votes to create a list of game problems, including one ridiculous comparison between in-game graphics and its predecessor. With the fun blurb added by The Gamer, it obviously took a whole year for Visual Concepts to develop camera zoom. Or not.

At first glance, it seems like 2K20 has made big improvements using a larger camera to expand the screen and give players more range. Unfortunately, judging by the identically framed image of John Cena and his towel, it seems like the designers simply recycled the image with the zoom function, reiterating once again that the 2K20 experience is still bleak.


While the equipment disappearing inside the ring contains some of the most obvious breakdowns in the franchise’s history, 2K20 has raised the level of incompetence to a whole new hilarious level forever immortalized in the form of a meme. The picture above should look like professional wrestler Becky Lynch, but due to shocking graphic errors in the depiction of her character, the person looks more like Pennywise had a child with the Crypt Keeper. Alas!

Marking the absolute decline in the franchise, which forced players to recover greatly with the acclaimed WWE 2K22, the idea that 8th generation Intel Core processors led to such poor graphics summarizes how the franchise has evolved over time.

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2) John Cena is much more powerful than The Rock. He also beat the wrestlers and even beat Undertaker and Rikishi !!! which The Rock will not be able to do. John is also a powerlifter and bodybuilder and continuously pumps iron every day.

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