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Ahead of Italy’s snap election on 25 September, EURACTIV Italy takes a closer look at Più Europa’s programme, which is characterized by strong support for European integration and the call for the creation of ‘ United States of Europe.

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Unlike other parties, the 35-page program of Più Europa does not leave out divisive topics, and is not ambiguous in its positions.

The name Più Europa already hints that European federalism is at the heart of the identity of this political party. Indeed, the program dedicates one chapter to European and foreign policy and one explicitly to “European Federalism: towards the United States of Europe”.

European policy cannot be considered foreign policy, according to Emma Bonino, and her proposals cover both what Italy can do internationally and what can be done in Europe to make the EU an international actor with united foreign policy.

Regarding the Russian invasion, Più Europa affirms that support for Ukraine should also have a military character and encourage the country’s entry into the EU.

Regarding the reform of the EU, Più Europa calls for the generalization of qualified majority voting instead of unanimity, the strengthening of European competences and the powers of the Parliament.

It also calls for a greater democratic link between the citizens, the Parliament and the Commission through a uniform electoral law and the strengthening of the Spitzenkandidat system to elect the presidency of the Commission.

Regarding the single Euro currency, the party calls for the completion of the economic and monetary union with a European Treasury, with common taxation and debt, external representation of the euro, and a banking union. It also wants to make permanent the instruments created with the Next Generation EU, as well as the investments in the ecological and digital transition.

The program also addresses the issue of citizens’ rights and the rule of law, as it proposes that the EU accede to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Essentially, the program describes the reforms needed to achieve the so-called “United States of Europe” so that the EU has weight in its interactions with great powers such as the United States, Russia, China and India.

On the one hand, it describes the content of a reform of the Treaties that is considered necessary, not least to follow the citizens’ proposals at the Conference on the Future of Europe. On the other hand, a series of steps and instruments are indicated – such as enhanced cooperation – that can be implemented with the treaties in force, so that they can move quickly towards greater integration.

Throughout the rest of the program, the EU is mentioned as a point of reference and as a framework for addressing major challenges and describing key policies, such as energy and the environment, the defense of the rule of law, and more.

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