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Since the US Congress passed historic climate legislation in August, both the US government and the private sector have built on that progress with further clean energy commitments and actions.

“No one can doubt anymore that the climate crisis is real and we are beginning to respond to it,” President Biden said on September 13. “This bill will create good-paying union jobs, increase energy security.”

U.S. private sector steps up

Last month, US companies announced plans to open new clean energy facilities and expand existing facilities.

First Solar, one of America’s largest solar panel manufacturers, is allocating $1 billion to build a new facility in the Southeast. The company expects to directly and indirectly support over 18,000 jobs nationwide by 2025. This may interest you : Instrumental AI Manufacturing Optimization Platform for High Tech Industry Now available on SAP® Store as part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Portfolio. First Solar is also earmarking funds to expand its Ohio solar manufacturing plant to meet growing demand nationwide.

“Congress and the Biden-Harris administration have entrusted our industry with the responsibility to enable America’s clean energy future, and we must face the moment in a way that is both timely and sustainable,” said First Solar CEO Mark Widmar.

American battery company Piedmont Lithium is building a plant in Tennessee to increase production of rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). Their goal is to create 30,000 metric tons per year of the lithium hydroxide used in those batteries.

On August 31, Toyota announced a $2.5 billion investment to increase production at its battery manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The company says the investment will accelerate production of batteries for electric vehicles and create 350 new jobs.

While Toyota had already planned to announce the facility before the climate bill was passed, the company says the bill will help them increase production of electric vehicles.

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Government clean energy initiatives

In addition to climate laws:

“We’re going to make sure the ocean is open for the clean energy of our future,” Biden said. Read also : NFL Kickoff 2022: CBS Sports Debuts C360 Wired Pylon Cams, Enhances Emmy Award-Winning RomoVision. “Let’s clear the way for clean energy and connect these projects to the grid.”

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