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Today, at the G7 Leaders Summit at Schloss Elmau, President Biden outlined the entire government administration effort to execute the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) to reduce infrastructure gaps around the world, strengthen l global economy and supply chains; and promote international security through strategic investments. As a key demonstration of this commitment, President Biden announced another milestone in US support for clean energy innovation as part of global efforts to combat climate change. The United States is pledging $ 14 million for a front-end engineering and design (FEED) study to provide the foundation for the implementation of a small modular reactor (SMR) power plant in Romania. This action is the next step in fulfilling the promise made by Presidential Special Climate Envoy John Kerry and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), where they announced their intention. to deploy an SMR in Romania in partnership with the US company NuScale Power LLC (“NuScale”).

This 8-month effort, which is expected to cost $ 28 million in total and include contributions from Romania’s SN Nuclearelectrica and NuScale, will provide Romania with the key site-specific data – costs, construction, schedule and licensing details – needed for the implementation of a NuScale VOYGRTM-6 SMR Nuclear Power Plant.

Presidential Special Climate Envoy John Kerry said: “Nuclear power, including small modular reactors, is a vital tool in the fight against climate change and can also improve energy security and increase economic prosperity. This is a strong step forward in support of Romania’s desire to deploy innovative, safe and zero-emission nuclear power in partnership with the United States ”.

“This latest commitment demonstrates the strength and importance of transatlantic relations in the pursuit of regional security and energy independence,” said Eliot Kang, Deputy Undersecretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation. “It also underlines the critical need for nuclear energy, carried out to the highest standards of safety, security and non-proliferation, as a key component of the transition to clean energy.”

When fully implemented, this multi-billion dollar effort will demonstrate the ability of advanced nuclear reactors to replace coal production with clean and innovative nuclear power, creating thousands of jobs and reaffirming the fact that initiatives on climate change and sustainable economic growth go hand in hand. By partnering with the United States, Romania also ensures that its nuclear energy investments meet the highest standards of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation, while contributing to the consolidation of energy security in the region.

Enoh T. Ebong, Director of the US Trade and Development Agency, said: “Our partners in Romania and throughout Eastern Europe require increased preparation efforts of existing projects to meet the needs of long-term energy security of the region. This FEED study would build on the FSDA’s existing commitments to implement state-of-the-art US SMR solutions in the region, including funding grants for a study that helped Romania identify and evaluate several locations in the region. which existing coal-fired power plants could be replaced with SMR plants. Our commitment is having the expected result of creating new business opportunities for US industry in an important market and promoting energy security throughout the region. “

“Romania is an exemplary partner in our mutual pursuit of transatlantic peace and security, as well as in global efforts to combat climate change,” said Robin Dunnigan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. “Through its promise to implement US small modular reactor technology, Romania is not only strengthening its strong relationship with the US through civil-nuclear cooperation, but is also setting an example for others to follow. capabilities of clean energy technologies and advanced nuclear reactors to facilitate our transition from fossil fuels ”.

SMRs offer lower costs, greater scalability and flexibility than traditional nuclear reactors, and the ability to integrate other sources of clean energy. SMRs have a small environmental footprint and can be implemented to meet the specific needs of a country’s electricity grid. Investing in SMR creates high-paying jobs in host countries and offers the ability to grow rapidly based on demand.

What is the 333 day of 2021?

29, the 333rd day of 2021. On the same subject : Nine NFL players entering winning or breaking season 2022: Steelers ‘Devin Bush, Lions’ Jeff Okudah and more.

What is the day 256 of 2021? Programmer’s Day is an international professional day that is celebrated on the 256th (100th hexadecimal or 28th) day of each year (September 13 in common years and September 12 in leap years).

What is the 322 day of 2021?

November 18 is the 322th day of the year (323rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; There are 43 days to go until the end of the year.

What is the 321 day of the year 2021?

DateNumber of the dayRemaining days
February 12, 2021 (Fri)Day 43322
13 February 2021 (Sat)Day 44321
14 February 2021 (Sunday)Day 45320
February 15, 2021 (Mon)Day 46319

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What holiday is March 28 2022?

The 2022 daily holidays that fall on March 28 include: National Black Forest Cake Day. National hot tub day. This may interest you : Sports, while Streaming Drive volume is anticipated by Fox. National Triglyceride Day. Respect your cat’s day.

Is Pentecost a holiday in France? Whit Monday is a public holiday in France. Its name derives from the Greek word Pentekoste, which means fiftieth. It is known as Pentecôte in French. Whit Monday has been a French public holiday since 1801. Most French public offices, many shops and businesses are therefore closed that day.

What is the French name for Good Friday?

EnglishGood Friday
FrenchSanto Vendredi

Is May 27 2022 a holiday?

The 2022 daily holidays that fall on May 27 include: Cellophane Ribbon Day. On the same subject : F1 upgrades with ESPN US media rights until 2025. Non-Frying Day – May 27, 2022 (Friday before Memorial Day) European Neighbors Day – May 27, 2022 (Last Friday in May) Thermal Safety Awareness Day – May 27, 2022 (Fourth Friday in May)

What day is March 28th on in 2022?

Monday 28 March 2022 Calendar of Events.

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What means international news?

World news or international news or even foreign coverage is the media jargon for news from abroad, about a country or a global topic.

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What are some current events 2020?

Events of 2020: Yes, these things all happened in the hell year

  • Australian bushfires. …
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal family. …
  • Covid19 pandemic. …
  • The death of Kobe Bryant. …
  • Impeachment of President Donald Trump. …
  • & quot; parasite & quot; sweeps the Oscars. …
  • Harvey Weinstein verdict. …
  • 2020 stock market crash.

Why is 2021 an important year? The United Nations has declared 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables and the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor.

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