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The US military is ready to secure new access to key bases in the Philippines New report finds US spends the most on health care but has the worst health outcomes among high-income countries The U.S. will end its COVID-19 emergency declaration on May 11 What the end of COVID-19 emergencies means in the United States Former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, requests a six-month tourist visa to the United States Bolsonaro, Brazil’s former president, has applied for a tourist visa to the US Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro applied for a US visa Europe Doesn’t Need The United States Anymore The US has said that Russia is violating the nuclear arms control agreement Oil rises as US recession fears ease and dollar falls

The United States is working with our partners in condemning the repeated rocket and mortar attacks on the Iraqi Kurdistan region, including three attacks on Sulaimaniya and the last four days on oil and gas infrastructure. These attacks are designed to undermine economic stability as they seek to challenge, sow division and intimidate Iraqi sovereignty. They must be investigated and those responsible must be prosecuted. We continue to stand with the Iraqi people, including our partners in the Kurdistan region, against this kind of unacceptable violence, and we will continue to seek every opportunity to support the security and prosperity of Iraq.

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