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Updated 2359 GMT (0759 HKT) June 25, 2022

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) China has made great strides in its naval ambitions as it begins to launch its third and most advanced aircraft carrier.

Fujian – China’s largest, most modern and most powerful airliner to date – is a gem of 80,000 tons for military expansion that has seen Beijing expand its military base. its water to become the largest in the world.

Its new military capabilities – such as the state-of-the-art nuclear power plant – show China’s rapid capture of the United States, experts say, and will give it the ability to launch new aircraft. a lot, quickly and with a lot of bullets.

That should be enough to give an opinion to any potential opponent, especially in view of China’s growing violence against its territorial counterparts with Japan at the East China Sea, many Asian countries Southeast of the South China Sea, and its frequent abuses. Taiwan’s autonomous island – where it has clearly refused to block the attack.

However, although the launch of Fujian among many celebrities was clearly stated as a message to Beijing’s opponents, critics are cautioning against swallowing too many emotions now.

In the first case, Fujian may not be operational for another three to four years, said Carl Schuster, a former US Navy commander and former operations commander at Ts. US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center Operations. And even if it does, a lot of it will make it a clear goal – any enemy will know very well that sinking such an iconic ship can be as catastrophic as military disaster for China.

There is also the simple fact that, as appealing as it may seem, pilots are not necessarily better qualified than what experts see as major conflicts in the future – including Maritime conflicts East and South China and conflict attacks. Taiwan.

Well, experts say, Fujian may be China’s largest ship, but it is probably not the biggest problem in the minds of US navy now.

The four types of ships used in China are the ones that undoubtedly pose the greatest threat to US naval control.

Type 055 destroyer

Launched in 2017, these 13,000-ton stealth-missile launchers are considered by many to be the most powerful fighters in the world. Read also : China launches high-tech aircraft carrier at a naval milestone.

Type 055, large enough to be considered a NATO pilot, has 112 straight tubes that can be used to burn anything from missile missiles to tall missiles.

“This ship in particular has a sophisticated design, stealth components, radars, and large missile equipment. It is larger and more powerful than most of the US, Japanese and South Korean attackers,” RAND Corp. chief inspector Timothy Heath told CNN in 2018, when Beijing was launching two warships in one day – proof of China’s impressive shipbuilding capabilities.

A report by the U.S. Congressional Research Service in March stated that at least 10 types of type 055 are thought to have started or are under construction.

The export of Lhasa, the second of Beijing’s five-year version of 055, to the Sea of ​​Japan for exercise during the growing conflict over Taiwan, was recommended by the Chinese media of the Global Times last week.

“The ship has achieved full operational capability and has demonstrated its ability to prevent potential military disruption in the Taiwan Strait at a time when the US and Japan have repeatedly challenged China on the Taiwan question,” The Global Times reports.

The power of Type 055 was highlighted in images that appeared on social media in April. It showed another start what naval expert H I Sutton described as the hypersonic YJ-21 anti-ship ballistic missile – a weapon often referred to as a “cargo killer.”

The Global Times played the game, describing arrows as part of a national security policy.

“If the US does not raise an army against China, including the Taiwanese question, it should not worry about arrows,” it said.

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Type 039 submarine

These Yuan submarines are relatively quiet diesel-powered vehicles with capabilities that can prove difficult for US military manufacturers to deal with.

Beijing has built 17 subscriptions of Type 39A / B, with plans to increase that total to 25 over the next three years, according to a 2021 U. On the same subject : Because the United States and China are not decoupling so fast.S. Department of Defense report to Congress on military power China.

“The 039-type SS provides” deep protection “in the waters around China,” and appears to be improving some of the ability to engage “US troops up to sea, Schuster said.

The subs have a stand-alone propulsion (AIP), which means they do not have to go down frequently to get the air needed for diesel combustion, which can boost their batteries.

“When running on batteries, submarines with AIP are relatively quiet, with only one noise from the shaft bearings, propeller, and flow to around the ship, “U.S. Navy officers Michael Walker and Austin Krusz wrote in a 2018 report for the U.S. Navy. Institutional Management Magazine.

China is still pushing for the introduction of more quiet, armed missiles, the Ministry of Defense said.

Another powerful attack method used by Type 039 is to shoot a “wake-homing” torpedo on the back or rear of a targeted vessel. The torpedo then follows behind the pre-exploded ship exploding near its system and its system.

Because submarines detect submarines and torpedo waves at sound waves, wake-homing torpedoes are extremely difficult to defend themselves against.

The development of Chinese submarines comes as the US Navy continues to struggle with its ability to block submarines.

Army Operations Commander Adm. Michael Gilday told Congress last month that the service seeks to destroy nine of its warships, some of the newest US naval vessels, because their anti-naval systems ” they did not work professionally. “

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Merchant ferries

Merchant ships may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider the dangers of a navy – but that is where their power lies. See the article : In China, science-based approaches to the virus are being sidelined.

In an attack on Taiwan, China may need to deploy an army of hundreds of thousands of men – some analysts have suggested that more than a million will be needed.

Various analysts – and U.S. government records – have concluded that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warships do not achieve that goal.

But what China does have is a large number of public ships that can be quickly converted into military service – and according to some, it may have been designed for that purpose.

“China’s largest shipbuilder has announced in 2015 that one of its largest ships has been built for two military and civilian projects, and one of its largest naval operators. China is equally described as developing a national military philosophy. ” , wrote in the 2021 Stone War talk.

He also said that the shipping companies operating in the Yellow Sea of ​​South China have been organized into auxiliary components of the PLA.

The reduction in numbers, Shugart said, was astonishing. He estimated that using public ships could give China another 1.1 million tons. That is more than three times the number of Chinese invading ships combined. And if China deceives Hong Kong trucks it could get another 370,000 tons of warranty, according to Shugart.

Is that enough to take Taiwan by force?

It is difficult to know that. But Shugart said it answered one question.

“How many vehicles (ships) does the Chinese army have? Probably more, than you can imagine.”

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Maritime militia

Ships are not the only ones who are considered to be military makers with their own radars.

Experts also accuse China of setting up a navy, made up of more than a hundred ships suspected of commercial fishing, to fulfill its ambitions at sea of ​​conflict.

The military – which Beijing denies exist – is made up of at least 122 ships and possibly 174, according to the Institute for International Policy Studies.

But the actual number could be even greater. Various experts were skeptical of military involvement as more than 200 Chinese fishing vessels were stranded in the waters surrounding the Whitsun Reef in the South China Sea in early 2021. The quote is from China. and the Philippines, which describes the existence of boats as “obviously. a provocative act.”

“The People’s Maritime Maritime Militia is not fishing,” Schuster told CNN last year. “They have automatic weapons inside the ship and reinforce reinforced bags, which makes them very dangerous in the immediate area. Also, they have a high speed of around 18-22 knots, which makes it faster than 90% of the world’s fishing vessels. “

The military has two main components: professional naval vessels and actual fishing vessels chartered by the Chinese military under the aid program, according to a November report from the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at the Strategic Center. and International Studies (CSIS).

Experts are leading activities such as harassing foreign ships that are digging or blocking foreign fishing vessels, and subsidized fishermen are bringing a lot of pressure, a CSIS report said.

And with the world’s largest fishing fleet, China has a number of destinations to visit.

About that carrier again

However, none of this implies that the production of Fujian is not an important moment.

Like in the US, pilots will in time become a PLA naval base – a testament to what the modern Chinese military can do, Schuster said.

“The launch of Fujian should be considered in terms of its meaning as opposed to the current limited impact,” Schuster said.

“China has already developed three vehicles and brought two to full operational level at a time when the US Navy was struggling to bring one new component to full operational level,” he said. he said.

Schuster was referring to the USS Gerald Ford, a large ship that has been plagued by problems since its inception in 2017 (by which time it had been three years later).

The Supercarrier will still perform its first performance, although it is expected to collapse.

“They are building their navy faster than the US and all its allies,” Schuster said.

“Imperfect, but a good foundation.”

What if US lost Midway?

The defeat of Midway would have forced the division of industrial production and warships. This would have left important alliances, Australia and the Soviet Union, in an impossible situation. U.S. it would have produced the highest productivity in 1943 or 1944. But the Soviets could no longer exist.

Did any Japanese carriers escape Midway? Hiryu, the only surviving Japanese passenger, responded with two waves of attack – twice attacking the USS Yorktown, leaving it badly damaged but still floating.

What if the Japanese invaded Midway?

Certainly the victory of the Japanese Midway would have prevented the United States in August 1942 against Guadalcanal. The Japanese invasion would have been a great danger to Australia and New Guinea because the US would not have stopped them.

Could Japan have won at Midway?

It depends on what you say about the win. If you say “Japan does not lose many carriers and is able to take over the island” then it is probably an empty victory. Midway had a good policy outcome, but the real goal was to knock on the US Carrier Fleet.

Does China have more battleships than the US?

Comparing the capabilities of U.S. offensive missile missiles. and Chinese is a sign. Yes, the People’s Liberation Army has 355 submarines at least as big as a corvette – and more than 400 if you count the smaller missile submarines. U.S. Navy on the other hand, it has only 305 ships in front.

Which country has the most warships?

How much warships does China have?

According to Pentagon’s â € œ2020 China Military Power Reportâ €, China has the world’s largest navy with an army of about 350 ships and submarines, including warriors more than 130 are above ground. The US Navy’s fleet is 293 ships.

How many battleships does China have?

Comparing the capabilities of U.S. offensive missile missiles. and Chinese is a sign. Yes, the People’s Liberation Navy has at least 355 warships such as the corvetteâ € ”and more than 400 counters on small coastal missiles. U.S. Navy on the other hand, it has only 305 ships in front.

Can a torpedo sink an aircraft carrier?

It is impossible for a defensive air vehicle such as Taiho to be overwhelmed by a single torpedo hit. The main cause of Taiho’s drowning was a fire disaster. Taiho is built to be shallow; however, its special defense of the battlefield seemed utterly useless.

Can missiles deepen air traffic? The main threats to players are sailing missiles, wake-homing torpedoes, football missions and mines. But there is no possibility that the ship’s arrows would interfere with the combined air defense of the army, and few opponents would be able to use submarines or torpedoes correctly.

Can aircraft carriers shoot torpedoes?

A new batch of speeding torpedoes cannot be guided, but can shoot directly at US Navy carriers who have little chance of detecting them. Torpedoes do not directly collide with a ship, but instead use a blast to create an air bubble under the boat to bend or break the keel, deepening the boat.

Could a modern torpedo sink a battleship?

During World War II, submarines and wrecked ships sank hundreds of commercial vessels and warships. Unlike most air bombs or cannons needed to sink large warships, a single or two torpedo would strike and would sometimes suffice to sink ships. large airplanes and warships.

How many aircraft carriers are China Building?

China plans to have about five aircraft carriers, according to official media. The next airline that China plans to build is expected of those who use nuclear power.

Is China building a fourth aircraft carrier? There are reports of a fourth nuclear ship expected to use nuclear power, making China second in the United States, with 11 active carriers.

How many large aircraft carriers does China have?

China now has three aircraft carriers, in addition to the more than 100 warships built over the past decade, more than any naval base in the world.

Why is China building aircraft carriers?

China has announced a third aircraft, which is probably a way to improve security in general when facing powerful ships instead of focusing on the future battlefield, analysts believe.

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