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Roe v Wade’s defeat would be an economic, social and human rights tragedy, writes Sharon Lau

The unprecedented leakage of a draft US Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v Wade’s 1973 decision to legalize abortion in the United States caused shockwaves around the world as women and human rights activists wrestled with the possible consequences.

The content of the draft opinion was not a surprise to those who have dedicated their lives to maintaining and extending abortion rights, especially those working in countries that are hostile to abortion.

As part of the Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA), we have lived in the post-Roe v Wade world since September 2021, when the state of Texas enacted a Senate bill 8 banning abortion in six weeks. pregnancy. We began to see a letter on the wall when the Supreme Court refused to block the law and gave the other countries the green light to pass copying legislation. The inaction of the court sent a strong message: reproductive rights are not guaranteed.

For years, WWH and WWHA have had to adapt to increasing restrictions on abortion care in the five states we operate in (especially Texas and Indiana). These restrictions range from strict rules on abortion clinic building standards, 1 meaningless licensing conditions for abortion doctors to require a close hospital, mandatory waiting periods before an abortion, insurance that does not cover abortion (such as the long-standing Hyde Amendment, which prohibits people from using As part of the informed consent process, we have even been forced to read patients with counseling scripts that contain inaccuracies and blatant misrepresentations, such as claims that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer or breast cancer. .2 These rules are designed to make it more difficult to offer and perform abortions.

People seeking abortion are pushed into later stages of pregnancy to overcome such barriers and are forced to travel outside their communities or states to which they call for necessary care. All of these ongoing interventions in abortion care have culminated in Texas-style bans in other states and the expected overthrow of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court, which will increase these barriers and burdens exponentially if they materialize.

Tens of thousands of patients seeking abortion are forced to travel thousands of miles to an estimated 24 states where abortion remains legal.3 Providers in those states are doing their best to prepare for the influx of patients by providing extra space. and hire more staff. WWH, WWHA, and other abortion service providers and abortion funds also work within their organizations and across the country to coordinate referral programs and financial and logistical support for patients from states where abortion is illegal, essentially creating concierge abortion travel agencies. No matter how much help is available, some patients simply cannot travel and will have an abortion on their own or endure it against the will.

Unlike in 1973, our fear of those unable to travel for help is less dangerous than illegal abortion, as there is medical abortion that is safe even if it is performed outside of official health care.4 Much greater concern is in the United States. is a depressing maternal mortality rate5 that is one of the worst in high-income countries.6 In the US, childbirth is many times more dangerous than abortion, 7 so if patients are unable to have the desired abortion, they will have to shoulder. risk of death due to pregnancy or childbirth. This risk is particularly high for black women, who are almost three times more likely to die of maternal complications than white women.5 We know that unwanted pregnancies are more likely to cause obstetric complications8, and some studies have shown that pregnancy can be a risk factor for intimate partner violence.9 One study found that homicide is the leading cause of death for pregnant and postpartum women (figures that do not include maternal mortality rates in the United States), with a 16% higher prevalence of homicide than for women of childbearing potential who were not pregnant or after childbirth.10

Roe v Wade has been the reason why separate abortion clinics, such as WWH and WWHA, have been able to serve patients in states that are hostile to abortion rights. It protected abortion rights at the federal level, ensuring that abortion was legal in all 50 states, even if they added restrictions and provisions. Prior to the 1973 legislation, abortion was completely prohibited in Texas and other states. Roe v Wade was far from a perfect legal framework, but its abolition is an economic, social and human rights tragedy for women and people who could become pregnant. Without it, rebuilding the abortion care landscape, especially in the Midwest and South, can take years, perhaps even decades.

Abortion providers are not going anywhere. We offer as many patients as possible the help we can. But we cannot do it alone. Given the structure of the Supreme Court and many courts of appeal, the judiciary is not a credible remedy. Change comes only through the action of Congress or the state. A poll after the poll shows that most US citizens support the right to abortion11 – they have to vote accordingly.


Competing Interests: SL is the promotion director for Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

Origin and expert opinion: commissioned, not expert opinion. See the article : Civilians Killed in Ethiopia – United States Department of State.

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Aiken A, Romanova EP, Morber JR, Gomperts R. In the United States, the safety and efficacy of self-administered abortion via Internet telemedicine: a population-based study. Lancet Regional Health – America, 2022; 10: 100200. doi: 10.1016 / j.lana.2022.100200

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Comment faire une fausse couche tardive ?

Les causes des fausses couches tardives On the same subject : 100 million people in America are burdened with health debts.

  • decollement and placental abnormality implant;
  • uterine anomaly (malformation of the uterus, fusion of the fibroids, color of the uterus);
  • pathology maternal chronique mal équilibrée;
  • contraction d’une infection not traitée;
  • chute grave or accident.

What is the purpose of provoking the mortality? Les causes fetal in utero sont souvent maternelles, soit randomelles (traumatismed, infections, poisonings volontaires ou non) soit prévisibles, exposant alors à la récidive lors d’une grossesse (syndrome vasculo-déréphiséen, incompatibilité rhus)

Comment faire une fausse couche avec médicament ?

The medical device consists of the preparation of misoprostol, which can be used for contraction and quenching of the embryo. On the same subject : ICYMI: State Commissioner of Health Dr. Mary T. Bassett’s Op-Ed in Elle Magazine: If I Were Not Pregnant, I Would Not Be New York Health Commissioner. Les saignements parfois dfur quelques jours après.

Comment si on a fait une fausse couche ?

Do you want to sign up to the couch? Signs of vaginal clair à rouge foncé. Disparity is clearly affected by gross symptoms, which are not accompanied by an increase in the number of cases and by an increase. Jusqu’à 12 semaines de grossesse, menstruation douloureuse et abondante.

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Quels sont les effets de l’ananas ?

• It is possible to use the equipment for digestion and the production of balloons, problems with digestion and braking. These fibers are rich in eau et potassium (a mineral diuretic) and bromelain font de l’ananas and fruit depurative and detoxifying.

Is it the case that you have the right to spend money? Et bonne nouvelle: ses vitamins et minéraux sont bien préservés dans le jus. Ainsi le jus d’orange is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B9 and a source of potassium. The fruit and the fruit have the same content as polyphenols, which are specific to flavonoids.

Est-il bon de boire du jus d’orange tous les jours ?

Sa chair contains aussi de nombreux autres nutriments, en plus du calcium, elle est riche en potassium, phosphorus, magnesium et meme en fibers. This is the case and the third party is in the process of reorganization.

Pourquoi il ne faut pas boire de jus d’orange le matin ?

Fatigue et maux de ventre Le fructose le matin ne peut pas être digéré et assimilé. In the case of a microbiote which is the subject of a transit operation, the modification of which is a modification of the energy supply, the common market, the energy supply and the demand for energy that le tired.

Quels sont les effets du jus d’orange ?

This is the case for fiber intestinal transit: Ameliore et facilite has been used for the production of citrus fruits. Regulation of stable lesions of the organs (intestines): Contre la diarrhea and constipation. Biliary solutions are not available.

Comment être sûr de ne pas faire de fausse couche ?

Cet avortement spontané peut être causé par de mauvaises habitudes comme le surmenage, l’alcool, le tabac… Ripats la grossesse, il faut donc privilégier les temps de relaxation avec ou sans son conjoint.

Comments on this issue? Do you want to sign up to the couch? Signs of vaginal clair à rouge foncé. Disparity is clearly affected by gross symptoms, which are not accompanied by an increase in the number of cases and by an increase. Jusqu’à 12 semaines de grossesse, menstruation douloureuse et abondante.

Quels sont les produits qui peuvent provoquer une fausse couche ?

Limiter sa consommation de boissons contenant de la caféine: café (pas plus de trois tasses par jour), koola, thé, maté, šokolaad etc. It is not possible to use drugs, including cocaine and milk products.

Quand arrive le plus souvent une fausse couche ?

La grande majorité des fausses sofas (80-90%), preserved for the first trimester of gross and et liée à des problems with the embryo. On arrival there is a gross margin of 12 months in the case of a flat-rate bed, which has been the subject of a refund.

Quelles sont les conséquences de la grossesse ?

In the case of health problems: the risk of death from the maternal body is mainly due to the presence of sexually transmitted diseases in the sexually transmitted diseases and the effects of stress-related diseases (stress effects).

Is it fair to see how much money is needed in the future? The strategies for the development of gross environments in the group are essential elements of the elements: the role of education and information in the field of reproductive sex, the role of society sex services adapt aux besoins des jeunes, mais aussi la …

Quelles sont les conséquences du grossesse ?

The risk is limited to the risk of maternal mortality due to the risk of injury, which may be due to the fact that the susceptibility of the environment is reduced, the sex element is stressed and the stress is depressed (stress effects).

Quelles sont les conséquences de la grossesse non désirée ?

The measure is also visible in the context of the psychosocial domain, which contributes to the protection of the family, the education of the family, the destruction of the project and the environment cercle de la pauvreté.

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