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(CNN) President Joe Biden will appoint Marilynn Malerba as U.S. Treasurer, making the Mohegan Tribe’s lifelong leader the first Indian to take office, the White House announced Tuesday.

The appointment means that for the first time in U.S. history an Indian woman’s signature will appear on the nation’s currency, the Treasury said in a press release.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is set to visit the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota later Tuesday, for the first time in history, that Treasury Secretary will visit a Tribal nation, according to the department. Malerba is scheduled to accompany Yellen on the trip.

Malerba will directly control the U.S. Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and Fort Knox and will serve as a liaison with the Federal Reserve. She will be a senior adviser to Yellen and will head the newly created Office of Tribal and Indigenous Affairs within the U.S. Treasury.

The new office will coordinate Tribal relations across the Treasury Department and will include staff focusing on communicating directly with Tribal nations, the department said. Yellen will announce the creation of the new office during remarks on Tuesday, according to excerpts from her speech shared with CNN.

“Chief Malerba will expand our unique relationship with Tribal Nations, continuing our joint efforts to support the development of Tribal economies and economic opportunities for Tribal citizens. Importantly, we look forward to working with Tribal Nations and Congress to make this office permanent – so. there for decades to come, “Yellen will say.

During Yellen’s trip to the Rosebud Indian Reservation on Tuesday, the secretary is expected to highlight how funds from the Covid-19 relief bill are being used to support the economic recovery of the Pandemic Tribe. Yellen will meet with residents who have received funding from the Emergency Rent Assistance program and talk to Tribal leaders about expanding affordable housing.

Malerba became the first woman to serve as head of the Mohegan Tribe in 2010, a lifelong appointment made by the tribe’s Council of Elders. Malerba previously served as the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee. Prior to becoming Chief, Malerba served as the director of the Tribal Council and also served in the Tribal Government as Managing Director of Health and Human Services. Malerba also worked as a registered nurse and was the director of cardiology and lung services at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital.

She currently serves as a member of the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee, which advises Yellen on “significant issues related to Native American taxation, the training of Internal Revenue Service campers, and the provision of training and technical assistance to Native American financial officers,” says the White House.

“I am honored and humiliated by Secretary Yellen and the commitment of the Biden Administration to ensure that all voices are heard by the Treasury as we work together to create a just and equitable society,” Malerba said in a press release from the Treasury. “It is especially important that our Native voices are respected. This appointment underscores the commitment of this Administration to do just that. I am excited to serve our communities as Treasurer and for the work ahead.”

This story has been updated with further reports and the Treasury’s explanation that this will mark the first time an Indian woman’s signature will be on the nation’s currency.

What religion did Cherokee follow?

Most of them are Christian, but traditional ideas can still be found in the use of traditional plants for healing, dances that reinforce the Cherokee identity, references to some of the old sacred Cherokee sites, and a festival that is held annually at Green Corn. time.

Who does the Cherokee tribe worship? The Deer God: The Cherokees worshiped the Deer God. They told him, “We only kill what is needed to feed our families, and we are sorry.” This was important to do. They did not want the Deer-God to be angry with them, or the Deer-God might make all the deer disappear.

What God did the Cherokee believe in?

The Cherokees honor the Great Spirit Unetlanvhi (“Creator”), who presides over all things and created the Earth. The Unetlanvhi is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, and is said to have made the earth provide for its children, and should be of equal power to Dâyuni’sï, the Water Beetle.

What does Cherokee mean?

The Cherokees are North American Indians of Iroquois lineage who were one of the largest politically integrated tribes during European colonization of the Americas. Their name is derived from a Creek word meaning “people of different speech”; many prefer to be known as Keetoowah or Tsalagi.

What is the real name for a Cherokee Indian? Names: The original tribal name of the Cherokees is Aniyunwiya (also spelled Aniyvwiya, Ahniyvwiya, Aniyuwiya, or Yunwiya.) Alternate spellings of “Cherokees” include Tsalagi, Tsa-la-gi, Jalagi, Chalaque, Cheroqui, Cheraqui, Tsa’lagi . ‘, Tsa’ragi’, and Tslagi. The Cherokee language is called Tsalagi Gawonihisdi.

What is the Cherokee symbol?

The Cherokee national symbol is a 7-pointed star. Each point represents one of the seven tribes that make up the Cherokee Nation. The use of a star is said to refer to the eternal fire and passion of the Cherokees. This symbolism is significant in the context of the Cherokee Flag.

What does the word Cherokee mean in the Cherokee language?

The term “Cherokee” is actually taken from a Creek Indian word meaning “people with another language.” White settlers learned this expression from their interactions with the creek and mistakenly attached it to the Aniyunwiya, or Tsalagi, people. The terms “Cherokee” and “Tsalagi” are used interchangeably today.

What does black mean in Cherokee?

The symbolic color system was as follows: East = red = success; triumph. North = blue = defeat; problem. West = black = death. South = white = peace; happiness.

What is the Cherokee symbol?

The Cherokee national symbol is a 7-pointed star. Each point represents one of the seven tribes that make up the Cherokee Nation. The use of a star is said to refer to the eternal fire and passion of the Cherokees. This symbolism is significant in the context of the Cherokee Flag.

What is the Cherokee symbol for protection? The Protection symbol is presented as two arrows inside a circle. The weapons were symbols of the most important form of defense for the American Indian and the circle was another powerful symbol. A circle around another Indian symbol signifies family ties, closeness, and protection.

What animals represent Cherokee?

There are seven clans in the Cherokee nation, and the number seven also symbolizes a level of purity that few can attain. According to the Cherokees, two animals – the owl and the puma – and five trees – pine, cedar, spruce, laurel and holly – have reached this level.

What is the Cherokee star?

The seal of the Cherokee Nation was created by an administrative act under Chief Lewis Downing in 1869. The Act requires that the seal contain a seven-pointed star inside a garland of oak leaves, symbolizing the eternal flame of the Cherokee people.

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