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On this World Refugee Day, we acknowledge the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the world, resulting in the largest number of refugees in history. In the past month, we have reached the tragic date of more than 100 million people being forcibly displaced worldwide. Through humanitarian assistance, diplomacy, and the resettlement of refugees, the United States is leading the way in helping brave and resilient people who have been forced to flee persecution to find safety and rebuild their lives.

The theme for this year’s United Nations Refugee Day is, “Everyone. Everywhere. Every time. Everyone has the right to protection. ” We value and respect the strength and resilience of refugees. Our commitment to the most vulnerable in the world is unwavering. The United States is the largest donor to humanitarian assistance, providing more than $ 13 billion in humanitarian assistance during fiscal year 2021. The needs of refugees and other vulnerable people around the world. We will continue to represent the best of American values ​​by saving lives and reducing suffering, working with our partners both internally and externally to help those who have been severely displaced in times of need – regardless of who or where they are, Day World Refugees and everyone on a daily basis.

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