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The text of the following statement was published by the governments of the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

We, the Governments of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America welcome the IAEA Board of Governors’ adoption of a resolution on Iran’s insufficient cooperation with the IAEA on serious and extraordinary security concerns regarding Iran’s obligations under its NPT. – required security agreement. The overwhelming majority vote in the IAEA Board of Directors today sends a clear message to Iran that it must fulfill its security obligations and provide technically credible explanations for exceptional security issues. Today’s resolution reaffirms the support of the Board of Directors for the independent, professional and impartial efforts of the IAEA to maintain the international security system, which is essential for all our security.

We call on Iran to listen to the call of the international community to fulfill its legal obligations and to cooperate with the IAEA to fully clarify and resolve issues without further delay. If Iran does this and the Director-General is able to report that the unresolved security issues are no longer extraordinary, we would see no need for further board consideration and action on these issues.

Is the IAEA part of the United Nations?

The IAEA is an autonomous international organization in the United Nations system.

Who gave Israel nuclear weapons?

It was France in particular, angered by its failure in 1956, that began to build the Israeli bomb. By the end of the 1950s, there were hundreds of French scientists and technicians living in Dimona who were teaching Israel how to master the nuclear fuel cycle. Later, other western countries, including the United Kingdom, helped.

Where did Israel get its nuclear weapons from? The CIA believed that Israel made its first highly enriched uranium bombs, which were operated in the mid-1960s from the US Navy Nuclear Fuel Plant, operated by the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, where sloppy Material accounting would have masked the thief. On the same subject : After COVID, South Korean youth investors exchanged professional shares.

Has Israel got nuclear weapons?

Although Israel has possessed nuclear weapons since the 1960s, it pursues a policy of nuclear capability that never officially confirms the existence of its nuclear program. Accordingly, Israel never signed the NPT.

Does the IAEA inspect North Korea?

Since then, the IAEA has had no access to North Korea and now monitors North Korea from afar, largely through satellite imagery, to get an idea of ​​how many weapons the regime is capable of producing.

Is North Korea a member of the NPT? North Korea joined the NPT in 1985 as a Non-Nuclear Weapon State; however, it withdrew from the treaty in 2003 and began developing nuclear weapons. It is surprising why North Korea’s policy towards the NPT changed during this period of conformity to defense.

When did North Korea join the IAEA?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which joined the IAEA in 1974, withdrew its IAEA membership in 1994.

Is North Korea part of the IAEA?

DPRK withdraws IAEA membership. On 13 June 1994, the DPRK, which had been a member of the IAEA since 1974, withdrew from its membership in the agency.

How does the IAEA inspect?

Activities IAEA inspectors perform during and in connection with on-site inspections or visits to facilities may audit the facility’s accounting and operating system records and compare those records with the state’s accounting method reports to the Agency; Verification of Nuclear Material Inventory and Inventory …

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