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If you’re looking for an escape with captivating natural splendour, Viking history, rugged landscapes and stunning fjords, Norway will tick all the boxes on your travel wish list.

Although travel insurance is not mandatory to visit Norway, purchasing a solid travel insurance policy can protect you financially before and during your trip abroad.

Travel Insurance Recommendations for a Trip to Norway

In order to plan a trip to Norway, advance reservations with non-refundable deposits and deposits may be required. When you buy tickets for a long-haul flight, book expensive tours and arrange accommodation in advance, a travel insurance plan protects your trip investment should unexpected issues arise.

A Forbes Advisor analysis of recently purchased policies for travel to Norway found an average insured trip value of $4,726 and an average travel insurance cost of $412, based on data from Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison website. See the article : The innovative insurance plan targets the high-tech industry in Lingang. That means travel insurance can be an economical way to protect the hard-earned money you’ve shelled out for your adventure.

The best travel insurance plans include cover for:

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Trip Cancellation Insurance: No Norway for Now

Trip cancellation insurance can be a lifesaver if you need to cancel your trip at the last minute for a reason listed in your policy. Read also : Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values: Next Steps for the United States. Generally acceptable reasons include:

“Norway is not exactly a budget destination,” said Lisa Cheng, spokeswoman for World Nomads, a travel insurance company. “Once you factor in the flights to Europe, hotels and any trips to the fjords to see the Northern Lights, the costs of your trip could add up.”

You would not want to lose your investment if you need to cancel the trip due to an emergency.

“Trip cancellation coverage could reimburse you for any deposits or other non-refundable prepayments if you cancel for a reason covered by your plan,” says Cheng. “That way you can use that money towards another trip when you get a chance to rebook.”

Your policy will not cover all reasons if you decide to cancel. For example, if you realize that the date of your grandson’s chorus concert has changed and you want to cancel your trip, you won’t be able to rely on your travel insurance policy to cover any losses.

“Cancel for any reason” travel insurance

If you want the most latitude to cancel your trip, consider adding “cancellation for any reason” cover to your standard travel insurance plan. To see also : How To Travel With Just One Bag This Summer And Lessons From The Internet. This upgrade will give you the option to cancel for any reason, as long as you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.

“Cancellation for any reason” coverage will add an average of 50% to the cost of your travel insurance but generally allows you to recover 75% of your non-refundable pre-paid trip costs. Please note that you must normally add this cover to your basic travel insurance plan within 14 days of making your first trip deposit.

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Trip Delay Insurance: So Slow to Get to Oslo

When you travel internationally, there is always the chance that your flight could be delayed due to weather or airline issues. Flight delay insurance can help if a connecting flight is delayed for several hours, or overnight.

If your itinerary is Denver to Chicago to Helsinki to Oslo, and your flight is canceled in Helsinki due to an ice storm, your trip delay insurance benefits can help cover some of your expenses. These can include hotel accommodation, transport and some personal care items if you get stuck in Helsinki for the night.

Make sure you keep track of your expenses and keep your receipts so you can present them when you file a claim.

Most travel insurers have a waiting period before your benefits start. This could be three, 6 or 12 hours. Be sure to read your policy carefully.

If your covered delay causes you to lose any prepaid and non-refundable expenses from your trip, your trip delay benefits help here as well. So if you pre-paid for a walking tour of Oslo that you miss due to a delay, you can also file a claim for that financial loss.

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Trip Interruption Travel Insurance: Bye-bye Bergen

It would be heartbreaking to receive a call while you are away to hear about an emergency back home, for example a family member has died. If unexpected events covered by your policy cause you to cut your trip short and return home, trip interruption insurance can ease financial worries during what can be an emotional time.

Trip disruption benefits can cover costs you incur by having to go home earlier than expected, such as:

So if you had booked a non-refundable Northern Lights Tour from Tromsø for later in your trip, you could file a claim for a refund.

Not all reasons for cutting your trip short are covered. If you feel that the weather is too cold and you are not enjoying your time in Norway, you cannot rely on your travel insurance benefits to cover the cost of returning home sooner than expected.

“Interruption for any reason” travel insurance

Some travel insurance companies offer an “disruption for any reason” upgrade that you can add to a standard travel insurance policy. With this coverage, you can end your trip early for any reason and you’ll usually get a refund of up to 75% of your trip costs. You usually have to be at least 48 hours into your trip for benefits to apply.

“Interruption for any reason” coverage generally adds 3% to 10% to the cost of your travel insurance plan. Typically, you can only purchase “disruption for any reason” upgrades within 15 to 20 days of booking your trip.

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Attention Travel Insurance Partners

Medical & evacuation limits per person

Medical & evacuation limits per person

Medical & evacuation limits per person

Travel Medical Insurance for Scandinavian Mountain Mishaps

When traveling internationally, a travel insurance plan with travel medical insurance is highly recommended. Outside the US, your domestic health insurance will probably not be accepted. Check with your health insurance company before you travel abroad to see if it offers global health benefits. Senior travelers should know that Medicare is not accepted outside the United States

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can happen, so having a travel insurance plan with travel medical insurance can protect you financially if you get injured or fall ill while traveling.

For example, if you are walking with your tour group in Oslo, trip and fall on broken pavements and hurt your knee, you can request medical attention and receive compensation for care from your travel medical insurance.

Travel medical insurance generally covers doctor and hospital bills, medication, lab work, examinations, ambulance service and X-rays, up to your policy limits.

Cruise considerations for Norway Trips

As well as land tours, Norway is world famous for its beautiful fjords and waterfalls. A popular way to see these magnificent sights is to go on a cruise.

Cruising in Norway has a number of unique travel insurance considerations, said Scott Adamski, a spokesman for global insurance company AIG, which sells travel insurance.

“As with any cruise, medical issues can arise where having travel medical expenses may be beneficial if you require emergency medical care or evacuation,” he said.

Adamski explains that many travel insurance plans can provide travel medical cover for medical expenses should you become ill or injured while traveling on a cruise. Such expenses may include:

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Emergency Medical Evacuation During a Norway Trip

Another common benefit in travel insurance plans is emergency medical evacuation service.

According to Cheng with Nomads of the World, the Land of the Midnight Sun is known for its amazing natural landscapes, from mountains to glaciers. “This makes Norway a great place for adventure activities, including hiking, skiing, fishing and snowshoeing,” he said.

“The emergency medical attention could help cover the costs of a doctor’s or hospital visit if, say, you break your wrist or get into a snowmobile accident,” Cheng notes. “And because there are some remote areas in Norway, where it may be difficult to access a healthcare facility, emergency evacuation is another important consideration for travelers to Norway.”

Expenses covered under this benefit may include:

“These types of expenses can be very costly, so making sure you have a travel insurance product can be very important,” said Adamski with AIG.

Baggage Insurance for Norway Getaways

If your checked baggage ends up being misdirected, lost or stolen, your baggage insurance can provide cover. Make sure you get a report from the airline outlining the incident. You will be asked to submit this documentation when filing a claim with your travel insurance carrier.

Remember that baggage delay benefits start after a certain waiting period which will be outlined in your travel insurance policy, for example six or 12 hours.

A travel insurance plan that includes luggage also covers theft or loss of your belongings while you are traveling in Norway.

If you’ve taken the cable car in Bergen and your camera is stolen while you’re admiring the view of Mount Fløyen, you can file a claim. Or, if your winter jacket is stolen from the ski lodge while you’re having a coffee, you can recover this loss too.

Be sure to file a report with the hotel manager, tour operator, venue manager or local police. You will be asked for this documentation when filing a claim.

It is particularly important to read your policy carefully when packing as there will be restrictions and exclusions to your baggage coverage. Refunds for losses could be as low as $100 per item and stolen cash will not be refunded.

Also remember that you will be compensated for the depreciated value of your items, not the amount it would cost to replace them.

Baggage insurance may also be secondary on some travel insurance plans, meaning you must first file a claim with your airline or homeowners insurance or renters insurance. The best advice is to leave valuable, unique or sentimental possessions at home.

Travel Insurance Add-Ons

Medical upgrade

If you have concerns about potential medical needs while traveling, sometimes upgrades are available, such as the Medical Bundle offered with AIG Travel Guard. These premium add-ons can be added to some standard policies to increase the travel medical expenses and emergency evacuation limits.

Adventure sports upgrade

If you choose to take part in any of Norway’s adventure offerings – from ice climbing to zip lining to paragliding – you’ll want to be sure your travel insurance plan covers sports and activities.

Many travel insurance plans exclude mountain activities from coverage, as well as other adventure sports, so look for companies that specialize in thrill-seeking fun or those that offer add-ons for adrenaline junkies .

World Nomads Standard and Explorer travel insurance plans cover around 200 adventure and sports activities, and AIG offers an optional Adventure Sports bundle that can be added to a standard policy.

By purchasing an Adventure Sports bundle, Adamski says you will be covered for losses incurred while participating in certain adventure and extreme sports, such as mountain climbing, which may otherwise be excluded from your policy.

Severe Weather Considerations: Tromsø Under Snow

Due to its northern latitude, Norway can experience extreme winter weather.

“For those traveling on a ski trip or pilgrimage to see the Northern Lights, the winter months can also cause significant travel disruption. Snow and ice storms have been known to affect travel for days or even weeks,” Adamski said.

If you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy – with adequate trip delay, trip interruption and trip cancellation service – the blow of not being able to reach your destination due to weather can be softened by not losing the cost of your flight ticket and indoor accommodation. , he said.

AIG has further addressed the possibility of bad weather stopping your trip by including “Extend Coverage” in its three basic plans.

“With our Coverage Extension, should the airline move your travel dates to avoid bad weather, your policy can automatically adjust to start up to three days earlier,” Adamski said, “All coverage, and exclude trip cancellations, starting with this extension, allowing passengers to reserve coverage for their trip to Norway.”

When buying a travel insurance plan, make sure you look at expanding the coverage options.

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