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KT Maviglia-Morgan and her husband, Jordan Morgan, have been traveling the world for the past eight years, and when they first started touring in different places, they noticed that something was missing.

They did not have a list of suggestions when they reached their destination, and as a result they made mistakes along the way.

But they started getting better at creating solid plans, and they started making itineraries for their friends and family. The couple decided to launch a travel business, and with the help of TechTown Detroit, this year they launched a startup company called On Arrival, which is a platform through which travelers can get a list of personalized recommendations on arrival at any destination.

“We wanted to try and get something productive out of what we like most,” Morgan, 30, told Ann Arbor. “So how can we help people, but also of course make a living – because it’s a business – from the things we love to do.”

To date, they have proven directions in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

“We hope to relieve people of that terrible feeling,” said Maviglia-Morgan, 29, of Ann Arbor. “& Mldr; When you go online, you are planning a trip, you can spend hours. So we say, instead of spending five or 10 hours researching your trip, you can go to, and you can spend five or 10 minutes filling out our questionnaire and get your suggestions travel within days. ”

The couple could not go on without creating a local experience, so they launched a sample Detroit travel guide – which is free to all. The guide provides a list of breakfast and brunch spots, cafes and sweets, bars and nightlife, restaurants and attractions in Detroit.

“All Detroiters can access that guide and get a feel for what On Arrival is all about, so they can decide if that’s what they want for the next trip,” Morgan said. , “And we hope to have them as customers.”

On Arrival provides two options that travelers can purchase. Customers will complete a questionnaire asking about foot and car travel, as well as activities, attractions, food and drink, bars and nightlife. Customers can then pay $ 20 for a standard list of 10 recommendations or $ 40 for a deluxe list of 20 recommendations. The turnaround time for a guide is between one and five business days, which is determined by the size of the package of suggestions.

“Once you get those suggestions, you choose when you do them – if you do them,” Maviglia-Morgan said. “We give you great things like booking links or direct ticket links in the web app, so you can plan your schedule and travel as you please.”

Finding recommendations

The couple sometimes spend time in one destination, including a recent trip to Italy, where they stayed for six months. One of Morgan’s favorite vacations was a road trip through California, where they stopped in San Diego, San Francisco and Napa, staying in each city a few nights along the way.

Although they have seen much of the world, sometimes a customer asks for a guide to a place he has never visited. This may interest you : Innovation. Create. Business Building.. But the couple will still come through for the customer.

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“We have a lot of fun when someone chooses a destination or when we need a travel guide to somewhere we were in person,” she said. “At this point I think we have made at least five trips to Venice, which is always exciting. But we’ve probably done as many cities as we’ve ever been. ”

One thing they found along the way was that reviews are not always trusted. Jordan Morgan said a service like On Arrival can inform travelers of the favorable things to do in an area and may help avoid tourist traps.

“We did a direct guide yesterday, and three stars on Google was one of the best restaurants we recommended,” Jordan Morgan said. “One thing you do realize is that when you look at reviews, especially when they change from place to place, when people have different expectations, cultures differ and reviews do not always tell the whole story.”

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Support came from many

Jordan Morgan, a former University of Michigan basketball player, had a career that took him everywhere. all over the world. He currently plays basketball for Umana Reyer Venezia, based in Venice, Italy. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Michigan in engineering, which is how he, the company’s CEO, acquired the skills team to develop the website and app for Upcoming.

And Maviglia-Morgan, the company’s COO, works in the auto show circuit and travels as a narrator for Alfa Romeo. She was Miss Michigan 2014 and also a model. To see also : Organon hopes to maintain the status quo in women’s health. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s from Eastern Michigan University in integrated marketing communications, and works on customer experience and creativity for the company.

Together, Maviglia-Morgan said they are the perfect team. And they also work with TechTown Detroit on a regular basis. The nonprofit, which helps small businesses and start-ups with entrepreneurial support, has helped the On Arrival team from creating its idea to launching a fully functioning business.

David Webber, a resident entrepreneur at TechTown, said the couple started in TechTown’s Start Studio program, which is for entrepreneurs in the thinking phase. The program looks at valuable customer discovery and minimum productivity. Through this process, participants find out who their customer is and the problems they may face.

“They pointed out that their customers spend a lot of time digging through all the review sites when they travel, and digging through all the articles, and looking for the best places to eat and what to eat. funber to do, “said Webber. Customers were also spending time on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, he said.

Ar Arrival was awarded first place in the Start Studio program exhibition, where they measured things like business viability, evidence of work done, demonstration of problem solving and quality and understanding. Webber said the company received an “almost perfect score.”

“The dedication they are making to getting to know their customers and … what their customers want is incredible,” Webber said. “I hope they continue to do that as they grow and reach more people.”

As for the future of the company, the couple has set a few goals. They said they want the platform to provide a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience, but also want to make sure the cost allows it to be accessible.

“We envision a truly simple and stress-free travel process that is personalized to each customer,” said Jordan Morgan. “There is no reason why that should not be the case.”

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