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FIFA 23, which will be released at the end of September, will be the last installment in the EA Sports FIFA franchise, but it certainly does not mean the end of the video game.

In May, EA Sports and FIFA announced that their 20-year partnership will end in the summer of 2023.

After months of negotiations on an extension of their current partnership, the two sides could not come to an agreement on future terms. While the current contract expires after the 2022 World Cup, EA Sports and FIFA have agreed to extend the current deal through the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July and August 2023 to include one final edition.

The EA Sports video game has grown into one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, with over $20 billion in game sales alone, along with the worth of FIFA Ultimate Team games which is estimated at around $1.2 billion per year.

After the expiration of the agreement, the game will become EA Sports FC. While the name will be different and the aesthetics of the game may change, there is little about the structure of the game or gameplay that will fundamentally change after the separation.

Meanwhile, FIFA is now free to build its own stable of video game products and expand its offering of “FIFA” branded game products to include other developers and non-FIFA games. an outstanding simulation from EA Sports FC.

Why did FIFA and EA Sports split?

According to a report by Tariq Panja of the New York Times, there are a few reasons why an agreement could not be reached between the two sides. To see also : The Slasher Genre Endowment Quarry works for Video Games.

The report says FIFA was seeking double the current license fee ($150 million a year) in addition to placing parameters on the license to allow it to pursue partnerships with other video game developers. that use the same brand “FIFA”. EA Sports was not on board.

“We literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars building this and you’re telling me that Epic Games can come in and take a license for the name that we built and that we put at the forefront and that has become synonymous with gaming. ?'” said Peter Moore, former head of EA’s sports division, to The New York Times.

EA Sports, meanwhile, wanted to explore further expanding the game under the “FIFA” brand, including the use of current game highlights and new digital products such as NFT’s, according to a separate New York Times report.

Obviously, the two sides had different visions for the future of the game, and the video game company believes that it can live without the partnership although it is not excluded that the two sides can still find a way to work with ‘ each other for less.

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FIFA video game’s new name: EA Sports FC

The next installment of FIFA 23 will be the last under the partnership between the two entities. On the same subject : Taylor Tannebaum, Tricia Whitaker on life as a female sports announcer. The new game, usually released in the September-October time period, does not yet have a cover athlete.

After that release, all future games will no longer use the FIFA name or brand, and the World Cup will also cease to be part of it as an official FIFA event. Instead, the game will be called EA Sports FC.

“EA SPORTS FC will enable us to realize this future and much more…but not before we deliver our most expansive game ever with our current naming rights partner, FIFA, for another year ,” EA Sports said in the company’s official statement. “We are committed to ensuring that the next FIFA is our best ever, with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions, and players than any FIFA title of before.”

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What will be different about EA Sports FC?

As of now, not much is expected to be different about the new iteration, apart from the name. Read also : WATCH: UVA Football Players Recap First Fall Camp Scrimmage.

While the game has lost the FIFA brand, EA Sports has separate agreements with 300 clubs and leagues around the world, allowing the names of players, clubs and competitions to live on in the game after the change.

“Everything you love about our games will be part of EA SPORTS FC – the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes will be there,” EA Sports said in its release. “Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football will all be there. Our unique licensing portfolio of over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30 leagues that we’ve continued to invest in for decades years will still remain. be there, uniquely at EA SPORTS FC. This includes exclusive partnerships with the Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS — and more to come.”

Many of those leagues have already made it clear that they are sticking with EA Sports. The Premier League is one of the leagues with an individual licensing agreement and its chief executive Richard Masters has left no doubt about what the future looks like: “EA Sports is a long-term and valued partner of the Premier League , and we look forward to continuing to work together in the new era”.

There is also a licensing agreement with European governing body UEFA, which means the UEFA Champions League brand will also be part of EA Sports FC.

The only license that will disappear with the departure of FIFA is that of the national teams and the World Cup. However, there is still a significant possibility that EA Sports can reach a licensing agreement with FIFA despite the separation of the full game brand.

“We would like to continue to represent the World Cup through the game,” EA Sports chief executive Andrew Wilson said upon announcing the split, suggesting the two sides could still reach a smaller deal for future branding.

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New faces.

Clubs & brands around the world back EA Sports FC

new stadiums.

MLS is better than ever in #FIFA23.

Following the announcement, clubs around the world also took to social media to support EA Sports in the new venture.

Clubs, leagues, and brands, from the biggest to the smallest, all simultaneously published posts with similar language announcing their participation in the new video game. It’s clear that any future competitors to the EA Sports behemoth will have their work cut out for them.

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FIFA to create its own video games?

We are in the club.

More info in July 2023. #EASPORTSFC

We Are In The Club

Learn More July 2023#EASPORTSFC@EFL | #Ad

In a statement also released on Tuesday, FIFA president Gianni Infantino announced that football’s governing body is already in the development stages for new video games with developers and other partners, expanding into other areas of virtual reality and the gaming space, and creates competitive products. to rival the new EA Sports FC.

“A number of new non-simulation games are already in production and will launch during the third quarter of this year,” the statement read. “The first is a tailor-made gaming experience featuring the biggest event in the world, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which will bring new and interactive experiences to fans around the world.

“Following this initial unveiling, FIFA will launch more games and virtual experiences around this year’s FIFA World Cup. Additional projects are also being discussed with publishers ahead of the FIFA World Cup. next year’s FIFA Women’s World.”

FIFA president Gianni Infantino, in a scathing remark clearly directed at EA Sports’ new venture, also suggested that the governing body would now be using the brand name that the -video game fans have recognized over the decades.

How to get FIFA 23 closed beta?

“I can assure you that the only authentic and real game that bears the name of FIFA will be the best one available for gamers and football fans,” Infantino said in the statement. “The FIFA name is the only global and original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, etc — the constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain L -Better.”

  • Infantino clarified that the new agreement with EA Sports through the 2023 Women’s World Cup is for the “simulation football category only, which frees up wider playing rights for FIFA and different game publishers to launch new games and more deeply immersive experiences for football fans and stakeholders.”
  • FIFA stated that it will work with “a range of partners” following the requests that EA Sports made about FIFA’s desire to end exclusivity in the negotiation process.
  • Kazuyoshi Miura was already 24 years old, the day EA Sports, the society behind the games FIFA was created, in 1991! In 1967 there was Roberto Baggio, David Ginola or again Basile Boli, de grands noms du football des années 90.
  • How to get FIFA 23 closed beta code

Open your EA account.

Is FIFA 23 the last FIFA?

Change the region to either UK or US.

Is FIFA 23 gonna be free to play?

Proceed to email preferences.

Will FIFA 23 have pro clubs?

Check the box, Yes, email me about products, news…

Is the FIFA 23 beta out? The beta starts August 11 at 10:00am PDT, that is 17:00 GMT. This will continue until September 1st. During the closed betas of previous FIFA games, there were two waves of invitations.

Is FIFA 23 going to be the last FIFA?

FIFA 23, which will be released at the end of September, will be the last installment in the EA Sports FIFA franchise, but it certainly does not mean the end of the video game. In May, EA Sports and FIFA announced that their 20-year partnership will end in the summer of 2023.

Will there be crossplay in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs?

Will FIFA 23 be Free to Play? FIFA 23 is NOT free to play – despite some speculation suggesting otherwise. This was confirmed by EA following the release of the trailer on July 20, 2022.

Why can’t I sell players on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 combines Pro Clubs and Volta progression, EA Sports has confirmed. The Pro Clubs mode, a competitive 11v11 mode in which players control a single player as part of a club, has always been separate from Volta, a mode considered a spiritual successor of sorts to the FIFA Street series focused on tricks and customization.

Will EA Sports make FIFA 23? EA Sports will be bringing many official licenses to the table with the release of FIFA 23, including a new and improved partnership with Major League Soccer.

How do you sell players on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 will be the last game in the series bearing the FIFA name. In May 2022, EA Sports confirmed in an official blog post (opens in a new tab) that after 30 years it will be ending its partnership with FIFA. From 2023 onwards, the series will be known as EA Sports FC.

Why can’t I sell my players FIFA 22 Mobile?

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: No Cross-Play Feature We want to ensure that our product innovation is delivered with quality, and given the technical intricacies of implementing cross-play, ways to connect players together like Pro Clubs will not have cross-play this time.

Can you trade players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

In this Article you must decide on which players to sell that will fit your squad best. Players with a trade status of “Non-tradable” in their player bio, cannot be sold.

When did FIFA 23 come out?

Is there a way to sell FIFA 22 untradeable players? Non-tradable refers to an item in FIFA Ultimate Team that cannot be traded on the Transfer Market. A non-tradeable item can only be used by the owner in-game and can be sold using the Quick Sell option for zero coins.

Is FIFA 23 going to be on PS4?

Player sales can be achieved through the game’s Transfer Hub. There, you will see an overview of all the offers you have received so far. Again, you have a series of actions offered: accept the offer, negotiate for better pay, delegate to your assistant manager, or completely block any offers that come your way.

Will FIFA 23 come out?

You simply have to remove the player from the lineup and you should be able to sell him.

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