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Arguing the most impressive sports records is a difficult task: Does longevity matter? How about a one-game or one-season blast that has stood the test of time? Are older records just as good? How can we distribute the changes that significantly changed several games?

Imagine going back 30 years and watching NBA players pull up 3-pointers on two-and-one fast breaks on a regular basis. On the other hand, imagine sitting down for a game tonight and seeing a baseball player hit his 2,000th consecutive game or try to steal a base every time he goes up.

It just didn’t happen — or just didn’t happen — it didn’t happen.

There are many records that will never be broken because people don’t try to break them. From May 30, 1982 to September 19, 1998, Cal Ripken Jr. he played 2,632 consecutive games. It’s a silly record: more than 500 games longer than Lou Gehrig’s second-place hitting streak and about 2,400 games longer than Matt Olson’s longest active hitting streak. That’s simply the record players are no longer chasing. Similar to Rickey Henderson’s 1,406 stolen bases, almost 500 more than second place Lou Brock and more than 1,000 more than active leader Dee Strange-Gordon (336). Basketball has changed dramatically with smart practices regarding player health, the rise of advanced statistics and analytics and more.

It’s not limited to baseball, either.

This is not to say that Ripken Jr. They are very impressive. It is difficult to understand. In fact, it was unbreakable, even if people were still trying to break it. But the criteria for this list includes two things: amazing and still trying to break.

Let me repeat it to make it clear to everyone: Cal Ripken Jr. and Rickey Henderson have amazing records. They will not be on this list.


LaDainian Tomlinson’s touchdowns in one season See the article : Madden NFL is Iowa’s most searched video game on Google.

In his 2006 MVP campaign, Tomlinson rushed for 28 touchdowns (a record) and scored 31 total touchdowns (also a record).

28 rushing touchdowns is the record for only one: Both Pastor Holmes (2003) and Shaun Alexander (2005) had a season of 27. But since 2006, no one has topped 18 in comparison, DeAngelo Williams (2008) , Adrian Peterson (2009), LeGarrette Blount (2016) and Jonathan Taylor (2021).

The 31 touchdowns scored, on the other hand, are three more than Alexander’s 28 in 2005. But since then, no one has reached 23, which was accomplished by Randy Moss in 2007.

Consider this: In 2006, Tomlinson had 38 rushing touchdowns. In 2021, only 12 teams had at least 38 goals scored. Even true three-down running backs who get a lot of field goal work haven’t replicated Tomlinson’s effectiveness. In 2006, Tomlinson scored half (19 of 38) of his field goals. Last year, Taylor made 13 of 39, just 33%. There are amazing seasons — and then there are big differences — and then there’s 2006 LaDainian Tomlinson.

Jerry Rice’s career is gaining yards and receiving touchdowns

Rice’s career has no parallels, but two records stand out: 22,895 career receiving yards (most of 5,000 yards) and 197 receiving touchdowns (most 41).

Cooper Kupp should repeat his 2021 season — arguably his best season ever — nine more times to pass for Rice and 10 more times to pass for a touchdown.

What about a young player, you ask? Justin Jefferson’s 3,016 career receiving yards are the most ever by a player over two seasons. He only has to keep this pace up for 14 more seasons to pass Rice in yards. Rice also owns the record for career receptions (1,549) and 1,000-yard receiving seasons (14), but there are players who have come close to those two, so I won’t include them now.

Jim Brown’s eight quick wins

I will do this quickly. Brown played nine seasons in the NFL. He won eight championships in quick succession. No one else has more than four (accomplished by Steve Van Buren, O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders). The tenacity, the high level of consistency, the perfect judgment of his position… they are amazing.

Every running back wants to be the best in the league. No one has come close to owning that name for as long as Jim Brown.

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Like Rice, this is one where the sheer size is jaw-dropping. See the article : Amazon Prime Video partners with AMC Networks for content in India. Ryan’s 5,714 career strikeouts are nearly 900 more than second-place Randy Johnson and nearly 2,600 more than all-time leader Justin Verlander, 39.

Johnny Vander Meer’s no-hitter streak

This needs a little explanation. On June 11, 1938, he no-hit the Boston Bees. Four days later, he no-hit the Brooklyn Dodgers. No one gets three in a row.

Barry Bonds‘ single-season .609 OBP

In 2004, Bonds reached base safely 376 times (135 hits, 232 walks, nine strikeouts). He only recorded 373 at bats. The result? A mind-blowing .609 OBP, a record that will likely never be touched.

Bonds’ 688 career intentional walk

How much do opposing posters fear Bonds? His 688 intentional walks are more than double second place Albert Pujols’ 316. (Note: This statistic dates back to 1955.)

Seven players reached the 250-hit team in one season. Six of those periods occurred in the 1920s or 1930s. The other was Ichiro Suzuki’s record of 262 hits… in 2004. It’s a truly remarkable feat given the changes in the game, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Since 2004, the most hits in a season by a player not named Ichiro Suzuki is 225 by Jose Altuve in 2014.

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Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game On the same subject : Top 10 Video Games like Pac-Man Museum + | Screen irritability.

There was no one like Wilt Chamberlain. Let’s start with the list of the highest points of the game:

That’s a lot of Wilt Chamberlain, but what I’m concerned about is that top number. In the 60 years since that record was set, Kobe Bryant’s 81 points in 2006 against the Raptors is the closest anyone has come to breaking it.

And, with all due respect to Bryant’s performance, it’s not even close.

Chamberlain played every minute of his record. That was the norm: He averaged 48.5 minutes per game in 1961-62. He attempted 63 field goals — still an NBA record — and 32 free throws. By comparison, Bryant attempted 46 field goals and 20 free throws for 81 points.

There is one big caveat here: About halfway through the fourth quarter, the teams began to go in without interruption – the Knicks to prevent Chamberlain from reaching 100, the Warriors to return the ball and pass it to Chamberlain. A career 51% free throw shooter, Chamberlain went 28-for-32 from the stripe.

One might argue the popularity of the 3-point line makes this record unbreakable. I would argue the opposite. Jump shots generally aren’t as likely to score in other ways — especially free throws. When Klay Thompson set the NBA record with 14 triples in a game, he finished with “only” 52 points and shot only two free throws. There are 29 instances of a player making more than 10 triples in a game. The game’s leading scorer is Damian Lillard with 61.

John Stockton is the all-time leader in assists and steals

It’s hard to imagine holding the all-time record in two major statistical categories, but that’s what Stockton has: 15,806 career assists (almost 4,000 more than second place) and 3,265 career assists (almost ​​600 more than second place).

Stephen Curry’s 3,117 career 3-pointers

Curry passed Ray Allen for most 3-pointers in NBA history last season, and the NBA Finals reminded us Curry isn’t even close to doing it. At 34, Curry has plenty of time to add to his record.

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Pretty much the total of any Wayne Gretzky career

If Gretzky had never scored a goal, he would still have the most points in NHL history. That’s right: Gretzky’s 1,963 career assists are more than anyone else’s career goals plus assists (Jaromir Jagr had 1,921 career points, second all-time). Add 894 goals and Gretzky’s score of 2,857 is almost impossible. More details about The Great…

Speaking of Ovechkin, he represents the biggest threat to breaking one of Gretzky’s records: He has 780 goals, and Gretzky had 894.


This article was inspired in part by Nadal’s 14th career French Open in June. Bjorn Borg is next with six. In fact, the second most major singles titles for a man is Novak Djokovic with nine at the Australian Open. Nadal and clay at Roland Garros form another pair — and he’s not done yet.

Horse racing

Secretariat of the 1973 Kentucky Derby

In 1973, Secretariat covered 1.25 miles at Churchill Downs in 1:59.4, still the record nearly 50 years later. Only one horse since — Monarchos 2001 — has come in under 2 minutes. Every year, the secretariat’s record becomes more impressive.

1973 Secretariat Belmont Stakes

After winning the Derby and Preakness, Secretariat completed the Triple Crown in style, winning the Belmont Stakes by an astonishing 31 lengths in a record time that still stands in 2:24 which was not only the best Belmont run ever, but it is still the fastest time ever run in the United States over a dirt mile and a half.


Jack Nicklaus finished in the top two

Every golf fan knows that Nicklaus’ 18 major wins is the gold standard and that Tiger Woods is second with 15. What is not really well known is that Nicklaus finished second in the majors with 19. times. His 37 top-two finishes in the majors are by far the most by anyone. Woods is second with 22.

Tiger Woods weeks at the top of the official World Golf Ranking

Woods probably won’t catch Nicklaus without a miracle, but his dominance shows just how great the level of his ability is. Woods spent 683 weeks on the OWGR; next to Greg Norman at…331.


Petty’s 200 career NASCAR Cup Series wins are nearly double anyone else’s. There’s a reason he’s called “The King.” But his 1967 season was particularly impressive: 27 wins, including 10 in a row. No one will touch 27 wins – especially since NASCAR shortened its season in 1972 to usher in the “Modern Era.” But what about 10 straight wins, which is mathematically slightly more likely? Don’t worry, it won’t be refunded either.


Phelps has claimed 28 medals — including 23 gold — for his impressive career. Of course, the peak came in 2008, when he won eight golds in Beijing to break Mark Spitz’s record of 1972. But he also won six golds (and two bronzes) in 2004, four golds (and two silvers) 2012 and five gold (and silver) in 2016.

Sue Bird’s and Diana Taurasi’s five gold medals

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi are a testament to longevity and stardom, and the status of the only basketball player — male or female — to hold five Olympic gold medals. These two characters have long been the faces of sports in the international and WNBA competitions, and although this is one of the things they have done, it can be said that it is their best.

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