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CHICAGO (CBS) – If you’re a Chicago sports fan, you’ve probably seen the work of All Star Press – even if you don’t know it.

As CBS 2’s Matt Zahn reported Saturday night, All Star Press has teamed up with our pro teams to create some beautiful and beautiful things – bringing together the world of sports and the arts.

“I’ve always been a great sports person. Art and sports don’t always come together,” said Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff throughout Star Press.

But Tasseff-Elenkoff and the All Star Press are working hard to change that – everything from Bulls hats to a dusty series for the Bears including a big-hat bear trampling through town, and shirts for the White Sox.

They seem to be doing a mix of work.

“The whole point of doing it was to change that look – and instead of, you know, the same things you would see – men playing ball, or some kind of general type like hotel art, to a certain extent. – a change that makes it culturally relevant, “said Tasseff-Elenkoff. When brands trust us to do something with their logos and colors and create something completely new, that’s really the fun side. “

All Star Press’ World Cup coverage began with a relationship with the Bulls. They are now in their sixth year of collaboration, and have made 30 hat designs. One has the branded bull blowing smoke out of his nose, and the other gives the bull some Picassoesque eyes.

“I see hats almost every day – as you go out. And we did the math – there are about a quarter of a million hats in the city now,” Tasseff-Elenkoff said. “It’s very exciting to see them, and people enjoy it, and they wear it with pride.”

Although Tasseff-Elenkoff does some of the work himself, he also chooses local artists for projects. One such artist is Liz Flores.

“My work is pictorial, and it has something intangible – and so how can you do it so that sports fans still know what it is?” Flores said.

Flores created one of six designs for the White Sox summer T-shirt series, given to fans of select sports. Her design of the “Los White Sox” is tied to the Latino Legacy Month.

“I wanted the colors to be a little brighter and more fun, fun, because it’s Latino Legacy Month, and I wanted it to be very festive,” she said. “Back style – I wanted to have some kind of old style to love the 90s Sox shirt, and I think we came up with a very nice design.”

You can easily see Flores’ interest in the project. Part of that is because the White Sox means a lot to her and her family.

“I’m a big Sox fan, my family is a big Sox fan. So I really felt the pressure. Like I am, ‘I’m very happy.’ Then I was like, ‘I’m also very worried about this – wait!’ Flores said. “You know that team means a lot to a lot of people. I think that’s when you just remember to be true to yourself and your style, and your style, and how you want to convey it – everything else happens. Somewhere. entered. “

This is where sports and art meet.

“Sports have a strong community Flores said.” Working with a sports team as well – makes the art more accessible to people. The gallery may be scary for people to come in, but it can’t be a sports game, right? work differently ”.

All Star Press is located at 2775 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Matt Zahn joined CBS2 Chicago in October 2016 as a sports reporter and filmmaker, and what time is it to come to Chicago. Matt arrived when the Cubs won the World Series.

Veteran of work, society and home, 46-year-old Izaguirre lives with her husband Grapevine, whom she affectionately calls “Captain Awesome,” and has three children, a 9-year-old twin (boy and girl) and a 4-year-old boy. .

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Brad Edwards, who held the position of chief executive at CBS 2 through 2019, will move to the first division of CBS News Chicago, the radio’s 24/7 news service, and will continue as an investigative reporter.

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