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Mercyhealth offers a one -year ACGME sports fellowship program designed to train people in the diagnosis and management of traumatic injuries. aloga. You will receive specialized training and support from experts.

We are ACGME-accredited for one position each year and welcome applicants with a residency in family medicine.

Tailored education and experiences

We are committed to providing our fellow human beings with innovative, fun and exciting learning that is both challenging and rewarding. This may interest you : Magic Johnson invests in a Metaverse game mashup of sports, esports, games and Web3. You enjoy a flexible, supportive and welcoming learning environment within a professional model. .

We have many differences in our curriculum and experience and encourage people to adapt their changes to their interests and career goals.

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Hands-on experiences

We have three sports medicine clinics in Janesville, Wisconsin, which will be run by the community. This may interest you : Title IX and the Rise and Fall of Women’s Sport. In addition, the community receives exposure to a wide range of sports medicine opportunities, including the roles of physicians, sports medicine, trauma, and the development and implementation of medical therapies for lots to do, including the Ice Age Trail 50.

Our Sports Medicine team combines NCAA Division III sports broadcasting and experience to diagnose and treat patients with various musculoskeletal disorders. The brother participates in University of Wisconsin-Whitewater athletics, Beloit College, Janesville Jets and many high school sports throughout the year, including soccer, basketball, wrestling and more.

Unlike the university’s large programs that compete with other medical specialists, sports medicine and pain therapists for information and a wide range of patients, our sports clinics serve as the primary source of musculoskeletal medicine for all ages in the region.

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Salary and benefits

The Mercyhealth Sports Medicine Fellowship offers a competitive payroll and benefits package. On the same subject : MSU Sports Medicine keeps athletes and the public moving. Some of the benefits include:

The student will be rewarded with $ 550 for the first week (identification). Upon completion, the client will receive an annual salary of $ 66,000 to be paid every two weeks.

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Learn more

We hope you will explore our program and learn more about us by exploring our website.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Kelly Potter, Director of GME, at 608.758.7850.

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