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Grab another award for Cowboys phenom Micah Parsons. The reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year is looking to build on his lights-out 2022 and will do so as the league’s top linebacker, according to CBS Sports.

To create the list, Jordan Dajani not only looked at each player’s compiled stats so far, but also their approximate Pro Football Reference/Stathead score, PFF ratings, as well as a guess at how the player will fare in the future.

Parsons tops the list for his position, finishing just ahead of last year’s leader, the Rams’ Bobby Wagner. Indianapolis’ Darius Leonard, San Francisco’s Fred Warner and the Saints’ Demario Davis round out the top five.

“Parsons is versatile, smart and instinctive. You’re not doing what he did in his rookie season if you’re not a star.”

“Penn State’s product ranked #6 in the NFL for Sacks and #8 for Total Pressures… Versatility is required at the linebacker position, and his versatility is why Parsons is #1 on our list.”

But wait, some eagle-eyed observers might be wondering. What about T.J. Watts, Defensive Player of the Year Last Season? What about von Miller? Joey Bosa?

These players, as well as others officially listed as linebackers, actually make a very different list. Today’s shape-shifting defenses are blurring the line between traditional linebacker and defensive edge-rusher more than ever, with many players – including Parsons last season – going back and forth with often bewildering fluidity.

For purposes of the CBS Sports rankings, “edge defenders include defensive ends and pass-rushing linebackers.” Players are sorted by where most of their snaps were played in 2021; 3-4 pass rushers went with edge-rushing linemen.

Parsons stayed with the linebackers, although Dajani admits:

“We thought about whether Parsons should even be included on this list since he’s played quite a bit of pass rushing this past season, but the bottom line is that Parsons is a great linebacker who can wear several different hats on defense.”

“Parsons actually ranked 12th among linebackers with a PFF coverage grade of 70 in 295 coverage snapshots in 2021. If you go back and see him play during his rookie season, you’ll see not only a talented pass rusher, but also a good linebacker who can read and react quickly. A defender who can blast screenplay and get takedowns in the open field.”

This ability to play both linebacker and edge rusher – and both at an exceptionally high level – was the biggest revelation of the Cowboys 2021 season.

And before the team even packed its lockers after the wildcard playoff loss to the 49ers, Dallas coaches knew they wanted to try to do more of the same in 2022 with Parsons.

“The biggest thing he has to get used to is the changes that people are making for him,” Mike McCarthy said in January. “He’s a well-aimed challenge to an offense. That ability to move him around. Any player in this league will attest to that. Once you succeed, people will study the film and come up with a plan for you.”

When you aim for a No. 1 finish on your jersey, it becomes even more difficult to repeat that achievement.

How Fast Is Cam Newton?

How fast is Tyreek Hill in Madden 22? Hill is a wide receiver with a 96 overall in-game rating and the only player with 99 Speed ​​and 99 Acceleration. The stats combine all the yards Hill caught in the game in Head-to-Head, Ranked Head-to-Head, and Play Now. Joining Hill as a Madden NFL 22 Award recipient is Chiefs Safety Tyrant Mathieu.

What is Josh Allen’s speed in Madden 22?

Madden 22′ QB speed ranking Josh Allen, 86 speed.

Who is the fastest TE in Madden 22?

Pitts has the fastest speed (91) and acceleration (92) ratings among the tight ends. This may interest you : CBS Sports: Bills ’Stefon Diggs is the fifth best WR in the NFL. The Falcons tight end already has extremely high marks for overall catches (89), catches in traffic (85), and making spectacular grabs (88).

What is Lamar Jackson speed in Madden 22?

Even though it feels like the whole world is celebrating Lamar Jackson, he’s not satisfied. To see also : Al Davis, John Madden named Class 2022 inductees for the California Sports Hall of Fame. Madden bumped Lamar’s speed to 96 yesterday.

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How fast has tyreek Hill ran?

Next Gen Stats recorded that Hill’s top speed on the game was 22.6 MPH, the fastest mark set in his career. On the same subject : Christian Bale has revealed that Kate Bush’s music video has been cut from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.. For reference, the viral play in which Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf chased Arizona Cardinals cornerback Budda Baker during an interception return recorded a top speed (by Metcalf) of 22.64 MPH.

Who is currently the fastest in the NFL?

What is the fastest tyreek Hill has ever ran?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the fastest time ever recorded by NFL next-gen stats, dating back to the start of the 2016 season, belongs to Hill. He returned a kickoff 27 yards and was clocked at 23.24 mph.

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Who is the fastest kid in the world?

It’s none other than Rudolph Ingram, an eight-year-old American boy who goes by the name of Blaze. Ingram’s speed and skill have caught the attention of many. Dubbed “the fastest kid alive,” Ingram might inspire awe in you, too.

Who is the fastest kid alive? Rudolph Ingram is no ordinary eight-year-old boy. Touted as the “fastest kid alive,” young Rudolph is a sprinter who completed the 100m in a record time of 13.48 seconds (for his age group) – barely four seconds behind the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Who’s the fastest 9 year old in the world?

A girl from Wichita runs into the record books. Juliah Bolden, 9, placed first in her age group’s 100 and 200-meter dash at the AAU National Championship-Jr Olympics in late July and early August. She ran a 100-meter finish time of 13.69 seconds and a 200-meter finish time of 28.08.

Who is the fastest kid 2022?

Last week, Goree ran 10.08 wind-assisted in the 100-meter heats at the Class 6A Region II meet, which is the fastest high school time in the country in 2022. In the two weeks prior to that, Goree ran 10.09 and 10.10 Seconds, what are the second and third fastest fully automatic times in the United States.

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