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Trinity Thomas heads to L.A. for 2022 Honda Sports Award ceremony

Trinity Thomas is in Los Angeles for the Collegiate Women Sports Award event. See the article : Games in the Metaverse: Key Ideas | ArentFox Schiff – JDSupra. The best university athlete in 12 different sports is celebrated at the award ceremony. & # xD;

Florida gymnast Trinity Thomas is in Los Angeles on the Collegiate Women Sports Award show. The event celebrates top students in 12 different sports.

& # xD; LOS ANGELES, California – A gymnast from the University of Florida Trinity Thomas is in Los Angeles, joining other sports winners for the Collegiate Women Sports Award given by the Honda show. The Honda Sports Award is given each year to the best female athletes in 12 NCAA-approved sports. & # XD; & # xD; In Monday’s show, 12 sports winners from 12 different schools were narrowed down to three finalists. One of them won the Honda Cup as fellow athlete of the year. & # XD; & # xD; One Gator was twice named the best student athlete of the year. The great Gator swimmer Tracy Caulkins shared the Broderick Cup 1983-84 (formerly the name of the award) with Cheryl Miller of Southern California and also won as a freshman 1981-82. In 2015, Lauren Haeger of Gator softball was among the final three for the honor. And Gator has been declared the winner of his sport 26 times since 1978. & # xD; Want to watch? Here’s how: & # xD; The Collegiate Women Sports Award given by Honda airs on Monday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network. & # XD; & # xD; Here’s how to set it up: & # xD; 269 ​​- Cox cable (Gainesville / Ocala) & # xD; 221 – DIRECTV & # xD; 158 – Dish NetworkCBS Sports Network app & # xD; How was Thomas selected? & # XD; Upon completion of each of the 12 recognized sports seasons, the Honda Sport Award sends a ballot with four sports finalists to administrators from over 1,000 NCAA member schools. Each NCAA member institution has its own vote. & # XD; & # xD; The Gator gymnast has won a Honda award six of the last 11 years. Gatora giants Bridget Sloan (2013, 2016), Kytra Hunter (2012, 2015) and Alex McMurtry (2017) also received Honda’s Gymnastics Award. The first Gator gymnast to receive this honor was Ann Woods in 1982. & # xD; Thomas Season 2022. & # XD; Winner of all-around in every post-season match in 2022, Thomas won the NCAA title by equaling the match record of 3 9.8125 set by the last UF Honda Award winner, Alex McMurtry, 2017 & # xD; & # xD; In the NCAA team finals, Thomas won a total of 39.8625, the second largest ever in the NCAA competition. 10.0 in the NCAA Team Finals was her fourth consecutive grade of perfect exercise on the floor – all in the NCAA Regional or NCAA Final Competition. & # XD; & # xD; Here are some more highlights from Thomas ’2022 season: & # xD;

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