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Trey Smith was Tyreek Hill’s only teammate for one season, but he didn’t like the football skill of his former Kansas City Chiefs team. Hill Smith-a top right-hander in the Chiefs’ roster last season-was impressed with his on-field talent and ability to makes a difference.

That’s why the Chiefs ’move from Hill this season surprised Smith, even though he understood why it had to be done on both sides.

“Yes, the coaches will do what they think is best for the organization and the team. And I can’t blame Tyreek; he’s getting paid,” Smith said above the television of J-Mart and Ramon, via the Kansas City Star. “I never blame a guy for paying, but he has to do what’s best for him. I’m really excited to see what he does in Miami, and wish him success.”

The Chiefs parted ways with the best deep ball receiver this season, as Hill led the NFL with 20-yard, 30-yard, 40-yard, 50-yard, and 60-yard touchdowns since entered the league in 2016. Hill is also one of only four players in league history with 450 receiving yards (479), 6,500 receiving yards (6,630), and 55 receiving yards’ at (56) after the first six seasons.

Since Patrick Mahomes became Chiefs starting quarterback in 2018, Hill ranks seventh in the NFL in touchdowns (343), fourth in receiving yards (4,854), second in receiving yards (43). , and sixth in the first acquisition below (231). Hill recorded a job-high of 111 yards for 1,239 yards and nine yards last season compared to a job-low 11.8 yards per hole.

“I love watching Tyreek. He’s one of the coolest guys to watch on the field,” Smith said. “I’ve never seen a person go that way, the attitude, the attitude, the young man he brings on the field, it’s fun to watch, gentlemen. .

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