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CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A fire broke out at the Western Hills Sports Center in Westwood on Saturday afternoon.

According to District Fire Chief Thomas Parker, fire companies found heavy smoke and fire from the roof of a large indoor sports complex.

The fire department was dispatched at 4:15 p.m. and managed to quickly bring down the fire from the roof and interior, however the damage from the fire was estimated at $ 100,000, the report said.

According to Parker, all tenants were able to evacuate before firefighters arrived.

The fire is being investigated by the Police Investigation Unit.

Fire crews are still on the ground and extinguishing the hotspots.

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Who is the largest flatbed carrier?

Rank 2021Societyincome (000)
Rank 2021 1Landstar System1,202,295
2021. 2Daseke Inc.1,199,300 th most common
2021. 3Anderson Trucking Service796,978
2021. 4PS Logistics677,000

Who is the largest freight carrier in the world? United Parcel Service (UPS) UPS is the largest transportation company in the world with revenues exceeding $ 71.86 billion last year. UPS is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company founded in 1907 initially as The American Messenger Company.

What is the largest flatbed company in the United States?

Daseke, Inc. is the largest flatbed transport company in the country. They have a huge network of transport service providers, which allows them to deal with almost all projects. Fleet size: 6,000 trucks.

Which trucking company has the largest fleet?

The largest fleet in the United States belongs to PepsiCo, Inc. It owns 11,245 tractors, 3,605 trucks and 17,100 trucks and cargo vans. On the same subject : 4 Types of business transformation. PepsiCo also owns 18,468 trailers for securing goods in transit.

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Who started Old Dominion Freight Line?

In 1934, Earl and Lillian Congdon founded the Old Dominion Freight Line with a single truck driving between Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA. Read also : 5 Losses to Avoid When Growing or Growing a Business.

Where is the headquarters for Old Dominion Trucking?

When did Old Dominion Freight Line start?

Founded in 1934, the Old Dominion Freight Line began as a single truck driving a 94-mile route in Virginia, and over the past 80 years we have led the way to becoming a national leader in LTL freight transportation and a global transportation company. On the same subject : There are several reasons why high -tech companies lay off employees. The values ​​that drove our founders decades ago still inspire us today.

How many states have Old Dominion service centers?

Headquartered in Thomasville, North Carolina, the Old Dominion Freight Line has 254 delivery service centers, 32 transfer locations and more than 20,475 employees working to provide an outstanding level of customer service in 10 major geographic regions and thousands of direct delivery points in the lower country. 48 states.

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What shipping company is sefl?

Southeast freight lines On the trail.

How many employees does Southeastern Freight Lines have? Headquartered in South Carolina, Southeastern Freight Lines is a key player in the transportation industry with 5,000 employees and annual revenue of $ 1.1 billion. Our mission is to exceed the needs of every customer – every time.

How long has Southeastern Freight Lines been in business?

Southeastern Freight Lines, a privately owned regional less-than-truck transport service provider, founded in 1950, specializes in next-day services in the Southeast and Southwest and operates 89 service centers in 13 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

What carrier is sefl?

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) is a privately owned U.S. Less than Truck (LTL) transportation company based in Lexington, South Carolina that operates in the southeastern and southwestern United States. It is the 10th largest U.S. LTL carrier with annual revenues of over $ 1 billion.

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How many trucks does Southeastern Freight Lines have?

17. 2020.) Southeastern Freight Lines, a leading provider of regional light cargo services (LTL), announced today that its Final Mile service is now available in all 89 service centers through a fleet of more than 350 trucks.

Who founded Southeastern Freight Lines? Southeastern Freight Lines was started by Cassels ’grandfather, W.T. “Toby” Cassels in 1950 with an operational authorization between South Carolina and Georgia. At the time, the company had five trucks, 20 employees and a $ 5,000 loan. In 1975, W.T.

Who is the CEO of Southeastern Freight Lines?

W. T. Cassels serves as CEO / President of Southeastern Freight Lines.

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