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Casinos have agreed to pay a $ 80,000 fine to Nevada gambling regulators to settle two counts of serious misconduct in the company’s gambling system at Red Rock Resort.

The agreement reached with the Nevada Sports Authority on June 10 was approved and approved by the Nevada Sports Authority on Thursday by a 5-0 vote. Casinos is the operating arm of Red Rock Resorts.

Casinos initially planned to compete with the disciplinary action, which was filed last September and accused the company of accepting nearly 348 wagers on pre-determined results, often referred to as “hitting the previous. ” The company said customers and the state do not have financial problems and problems.

Football Association president Jennifer Togliatti said at the beginning of the session that she had to review some of the documents submitted by the company earlier in the day to oppose the lawsuit.

“I was able to understand how we came here,” Togliatti said. “I have no problem resolving this issue.”

In October, Station Casinos said the company’s gaming system, developed by the Technology Company, was being replaced by a system developed by software provider GAN Limited. GAN announced an agreement in October to build a sports betting kit for the Casino Channel for the company’s sports books, betting kiosks and STN mobile applications.

The GAN sports betting system still requires technical documents and licenses from Nevada sports regulators.

Lawyer Marc Rubinstein, representing Casinos Channel, told the board that the company will continue to monitor the system to ensure that any previously published issue does not occur before the GAN system exists.

“We understand our guilt, but there are other people who have contributed to this,” Rubinstein said.

In a settlement, Station Casinos said replacing software for mobile gaming systems “is an important financial commitment.” The company also said it had “reported” all previous publications and the state “was not barred from receiving tax revenues.”

In the original complaint, the commission said the wagers problem had occurred for three years. Officials said that when the company reported itself, it blamed a computer problem and “inadequate server memory” caused by Live Stadium.

Three times in the past, once in 2018 and twice in 2019, the governing body has issued letters of violation of wagering rules to Red Rock Resort.

In response to the complaint, Casinos said the lack of work caused the Red Rock Resort to offer 167 tickets for wagering in January 2022, which later disappeared with the return of the bet.

Gambling Commissioner Ogonna Brown said she supported the law because the Casinos Channel had reported the matter to match officials.

In a statement filed by the commission in October to challenge the complaint, Casinos said customers had not seen “any profit or any loss of money as a result of financial transactions.”

The company said it did not agree with the “characteristics” of the items listed by the executives.

The $ 80,000 fine is less than the $ 2 million fine – $ 1.75 million in fines and $ 250,000 to the Nevada Legislature on Sports Illustrated – paid by sports bookmaker CG Technology in 2018 to correct four counts filed by the board. . One count includes receiving bets on games and events that have already ended.

Two years ago, CG Technology paid a $ 1.5 million fine for such allegations, which led to the resignation of the company’s chairman.

Senior Assistant Attorney General John Michela, who represents the board of directors, told commissioners the comparison between CG Technology and Station Casinos “was apple to orange.”

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