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“Our overall goal for MSU Sports Medicine is to be one place for patients and athletes alike to come in when they have aches, pains, or even just seeking advice on how to stay active,” she said. said Nate Fitton, team physician at MSU Health Care Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. “Our ultimate goal for all patients is to live a full, active life. We see a wide variety of serious injuries, chronic injuries, as well as just people looking to be active and talk about nutrition, weight loss methods. , and so on. So our goal is to provide that service to the community and to be a nationally recognized venue for patients to come and access to world-renowned service providers.We are really striving to be a destination for sports medicine and preventive care. “

“We treat everyone,” said Jill Moschelli, a team doctor at the MSU Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. “All ages and backgrounds are welcome. You do not have to be a top player to come to the sports health office. That is a question we always get. Do I need to be a player to see you? The answer is “No. We will see everyone and treat everyone equally. We just want to make people active and do what they want.”

I really don’t realize that active goal either. That ‘s really nice that you’d prefer people to see you, honestly.

“We get a lot, where patients come in and they are anxious to tell us to stop walking or walking,” Fitton added. “That is not our goal at all. Our goal is to be creative but keep moving. Running may not be the best thing for you but cycling or doing elliptical can be absolutely fun. We don’t have to completely eliminate things, it’s really about creativity and keeping it going. That is really our ultimate goal. I tell patients regularly, yes, if you get hurt because you run and you are in poor shape, well, continuing that is not what we want. But at the same time, we want to stay active. We are looking for ways to help you stay active. Sure, if you just stopped running for four weeks, it would be fine, but you will encounter other issues that you did not run. We want to find ways to keep going, keep moving. “

Are there any new treatments that you are happy to treat better with?

“We are all really involved in sports health, and we are at the pinnacle of what is happening in the field of sports health,” Moschelli continues. “Many of us are presenting at national conferences who have really participated nationally in various communities and committees, so we are really trying to bring that into our office. We really offer access to all the top options or treatments. “

“This is where we differentiate ourselves to have the capacity of a research university behind us,” Fitton said. “We are constantly working with PhD candidates and researchers at the university who are looking to improve the delivery of healthcare. That is another thing that patients can expect when they come to us. We have ongoing research projects. We are looking at things. including osteopathic and manipulative drugs to recover and see if we can improve or accelerate recovery by incorporating treatment. “On the flip side of what leads to what the next level of care will look like. With that in mind, we can also offer that to our patients. I think that is really exciting.”

Increasingly, more women are taking part in sports medicine.

“Historically, the treatment of sports may not be as inclusive,” Moschelli said. But I am very honored to be part of the MSU Sports Medicine team. Dr. Sheeba Joseph and I are two women providers there, and we are both team doctors for MSU players. There are many female athletes in MSU, and they have their own challenges that you need to consider when treating. “

What would be some advice for weekend fighters, or even regular gymnasts, so they don’t come and see you guys?

“It’s about neutrality and process,” Fitton said. “When you decide to start running or working, we fully support that. Because the longer you are healthy, the less you need us. Our goal is healthy, active people.

“We constantly encourage diversity in what you do. Do not run seven days a week. Run three days a week; cycle two days a week; try to swim a bit or add some strength training. We know that movement and interaction are physical. “The best way you can avoid these is to work through diversity. Diversity promotes good physical fitness and health and strength.”

“And find something you like,” Moschelli said. “Find something you enjoy doing because it hopes to lead you to more success and become more active if you find something you enjoy. It’s good that your joints are moving in different directions. We can help you. be creative with your exercise and nutrition plan.

“The team approach to delivering your care is how we will interact,” Fitton said. “We just don’t want to evaluate and manage and make recommendations. If we need to draw on the skills of other providers in our office delivery, we will do so and so on. In addition, we will take one more step. If you need to see a physical therapist or other specialist, we will help coordinate that.We will coordinate your care with your physical therapist and make sure everyone is on the same page, and we will work together How do we get you back? We seldom knock on someone’s door and say, ‘You know what? We don’t have anything.’ That is a failure on our part. “If it’s me, my partner, or someone else in MSU health care, we will do that.”

The MSU Sports Care Therapy Center and the Orthopedic Center are located in the Dog Building on South Hagadorn Road. You can call (517) 884-6100 or go to

“We now have the opportunity to see people,” Moschelli said. “If you need to see a specific injury, illness, or question about your plan, we now have open spaces.

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What are the negatives to being a sports medicine physician?

Extraordinary Hours Many of the positions available to a sports medicine specialist offer extraordinary hours that do not fit the standard 40-hour work week. If you work for a group, you may be able to travel, work nights and on weekends. Sometimes you are called or you have to help the players you are treating with short notice.

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How much do NFL medical staff make?

According to SportBlurb, the median salary of the team doctors in 2013 was $ 187,200 a year. Other factors play a role in wages such as experience, location, and role. For example, orthopedic surgeons earn an average of $ 489,370, while Sports Psychiatrists earn an average annual salary of $ 157,797.

What do NFL team doctors do? All NFL team physicians are specialists in their field (i.e., Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, etc.) but also in Sports Medicine in general. On the same subject : ECU Sports Properties, Inner Banks Media Extend Major Radio Deal to 2027 – East Carolina University Athletics. Our # 1 priority is the overall health and well-being of the players and the organization. It is not our job to worry about success or failure – just to be doctors.

How do you become a doctor for the NFL?

This means that the doctor has completed four years of college education, four years of medical school, four to five years of residency, and one year of fellowship training. Read also : Choice time: why the game is difficult to deal with transgender line. Most NFL team physicians have previous team experience as a team physician at high school and / or college level.

Do NFL teams hire doctors?

While high school or college level sports teams may have one or two dedicated sports medicine doctors, professional soccer teams have many specialists with specialized areas of expertise. On the same subject : Magic Johnson invests in a Metaverse game mashup of sports, esports, games and Web3. They may include orthopedic surgeons and primary care physiotherapists such as Drs.

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How much does a NBA nurse make?

While ZipRecruiter sees wages as high as $ 203,507 and as low as $ 12,621, most of the NBA Nurse wages are currently between $ 41,542 (25 percent) and $ 90,973 (75 percent) with higher incomes.

How much do NFL nurses do?

What do sports medicine nurses do?

The main goal of a sports nurse is to prevent and treat injuries. They work with individuals who suffer from muscle injuries such as muscle spasms, ligaments, sprains, strains, and bone fractures.

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