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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WSMV) – Charter school students will have the opportunity to play organized sports this fall, thanks to the Tennessee High School Athletic Association.

In late May, Nashville Metro Public Schools informed charter school students in Nashville that they could no longer participate in the MNPS High School Sports League. Due to the lack of school activities, many students and parents felt disappointed.

By partnering with TMSAA, charter schools can offer the same sports programs as in previous years, but as members of another organization.

“Access to athletic and sports teams in these formative years helps students build self-confidence, resilience, work ethic and positive social connections, so it was essential for us to find a way to keep these programs accessible to students enrolled in charter public schools. this fall, ”said Laurie Brown, senior vice president of the Nashville Advocacy for Tennessee Charter School Center. “We are grateful to TMSAA for opening their hands to our students, and we look forward to the great school year ahead.”

TMSAA said each charter school organization serves the economically most disadvantaged and color students. With the new school year in the fall, the sports principals of these schools will work together to share sports facilities and training facilities so that each school can continue to offer the sports programs it has had in the past.

“Although we had to move quickly to form a new partnership with another organization, we can consequently expand the number of schools we work with, including surrounding county schools, giving our students more competition to improve their skills,” Brown said. “Because TMSAA is directly managed by TSSAA, our students will also benefit from exposure and increased coordination with the Tennessee High School Athletic Association (TSSAA), the organization they will play in when they go to high school.”

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