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Dr. Alan Lightman has been around the block a couple of times. For the past fifty years, he has been a theoretical physicist, a professor at MIT, and a bestselling author, often simultaneously. His major novel, ‘Einstein’s Dreams’ has been adapted into dozens of plays and musicals since its publication in 1992, becoming one of the most famous examples of the fusion of art and science.

Lightman’s work follows a philosophical way of thinking about life’s bigger questions, such as the origins of consciousness. His new venture brings that way of thinking to the big screen. “Search: Our Search for Meaning in the Age of Science” consults scientists and religious leaders to address some of these theoretical dilemmas. And Lightman provides a good argument for why the journey to these answers can have a greater impact than the answers themselves.

Ira talks to Alan Lightman about the new show, now available to watch online and on your local public TV station.

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Alan Lightman is the host of “Search: Our Search for Meaning in the Age of Science. To see also : Hold science to higher standards on racism.” It is based in Concord, Massachusetts.

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The transcript is being processed. To see also : Scientists in Ukraine have long fought for scientific freedom. It will be available the week after the segment airs.

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