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June 26 — EAU CLAIRE – A lawsuit filed by local developers against the UW-Eau Claire Foundation’s real estate branch will continue after a judge ruled Friday that it should not be dismissed.

The Blugold Real Estate Foundation has sought to dismiss a lawsuit filed in January by companies owned by local investors Robb Majeski and Peter Hoeft over an exclusivity agreement they had to develop for part of the site where the District Material Complex is being built.

Eau County Judge Claire Emily Long dismissed the allegation of misrepresentation made by Southside Holdings and the Big River Education Center against Blugold. But Long allowed other allegations in the case to be made regarding breaches of contract and goodwill.

Long said the ambiguity in the agreement between the two parties, that is, the clause alluding to talks outside that written agreement, is causing the case to continue.

“I would normally fully agree with the defense that these unusual conversations that were obviously taking place over this agreement will not be the subject of consideration,” Long said during his oral verdict on Friday. “But I’m really stuck on the ambiguity of this agreement.”

Lawyer Matthew Mayer of law firm Weld Riley, who represents the developers, argues that those conversations that led to the agreement were critical.

“These discussions have been given weight,” he said.

Steven Anderson, a lawyer from the law firm Ruder Ware hired to represent Blugold, pointed to the second part of the agreement which gives the foundation the option of whether to continue with the project in the agreement or not.

“The language of the contract is clear. We did not promise to do anything. In fact, that choice is explicitly left to Blugold,” he said.

But Long did not agree that the contract and the arguments put forward so far in the case were enough to decide that.

“The fact is that this language is simply too vague at the moment for me to determine one true interpretation,” Long said of the exclusivity agreement.

Lawyers said they will now proceed towards the case discovery phase, which comes before the trial.

{div class = “subscriber-only”} The lawsuit focuses on an exclusivity agreement signed by developers in December 2017 with Blugold for the right of pre-emption to buy, lease or develop 3.9 acres of land along Menomonie Street where Student Transit is once was. At the time, there were plans to set up a mixed-use building there called the Big River Education Center. The building would have university recreation programs, a climbing wall, a small restaurant, apartments for up to 350 students and educational spaces to study the Chippewa River, according to a statement issued by the university in mid-2017. That building was later thrown out of the area’s development plans, and the land for it is now planned to be a parking lot for the Sonnentag Event Center. {/ Div}

{div class = “subscriber-only”} The developers, who said they had invested their own money in that multi-purpose building, accused Blugold of violating the contract in their lawsuit. {/ div}

In a brief filed last week, Mayer wrote that Blugold continues to breach the contract by renting parking from one of its “dolls” instead of first trying to work with developers.

Blugold has leased parking for $ 1 a year for 99 years with Eau Claire Community Complex, a business that shares an address with the foundation, for land for which Majeski and Hoeft still have exclusivity. A copy of that lease was delivered to the investors’ lawyers on April 15.

“Blugold has clearly violated this condition not only by negotiating with his puppet entity, but has fully clarified the terms of the lease before giving any notice to Southside and Big River,” Mayer wrote.

The next court deadline for the lawsuit will be a September 2 scheduling conference.

Meanwhile, construction of the county material complex is still ongoing. Work on the foundations and foundations could begin as early as this week, according to an email from Kimer Way, CEO of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation and Blugold Real Estate. Construction is planned to last from this year until the spring of 2024.

The complex is planned to have a 5,000-seat event center, a gym, a gym, a university fitness center, athletic surgeries and a Mayo Clinic health system facility specializing in sports medicine and imaging.

There is no such thing as a failed ACT result. The lowest grade you can get on a standardized test is 1, while the highest grade you can get on it is 36.

Is UWEC a party school?

Tons of furious parties almost every night of the week. See the article : The Alabama State Council on the Arts provides fellowship to four UAB trainers and staff.

What is the largest party college in PA? Penn State # 1 Top Party Schools in Pennsylvania.

What is UWEC known for?

UWEC is best known for its intensive biology department and elite nursing program. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is best known for “The Hill.” ‘The hill takes you from the upper campus to the lower campus; most student dormitories are located on the upper campus.

What is the number 1 party school in Wisconsin?

1 entertainment school in the USA. To see also : FSU College of Business receives $ 10M to establish Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing. MADISON, Wis.

See the article :
Dr. Bik is a microbiologist who has worked at Stanford University and…

What is the average ACT score at UWEC?

Is it hard to get into UW Eau Claire? UW Eau Claire acceptance rate 2021. It is moderately difficult to enter UW Eau Claire. On the same subject : New high-tech collaboration stations Students for Success. About 90% of candidates enter UW Eau Claire each year. Last year, 5,577 students applied to UW Eau Claire and 5,002 were admitted.

What GPA do you need to get into Uwec?

Admission Criteria Most admitted students have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. If you have less than 30 transferable points, you may be considered for admission based on a review of high school and college records.

Do you need ACT for UW Eau Claire?

A SAT or ACT score will not be required for candidates wishing to be considered for any semester up to and including the spring of 2023. Students who submit their application and specify an optional test path will not consider their test scores part of the admissions review process.

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How big is UWEC?

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has a total of 11,017 enrolled students. Full-time enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is 9,553 students, and part-time 1,464. This means that 86.7% of students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire are enrolled full-time.

Is UWEC a good school? Forbes ranked the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire among the best universities in the United States. UW-Eau Claire is the top-ranked comprehensive university in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, according to Forbes.

How old is UWEC?

Eau Claire State Normal School (1916-1927) The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire opened its doors in the fall of 1916 as the Eau Claire State Normal School. One building, now known as Schofield Hall, was built on a 12-acre site donated by the city of Eau Claire.

How many acres is UWEC?

CampusUrbano, 333 ara (135 ha)
ColorsNavy blue, old gold

How big is the UWEC marching band?

The Blugold Marching Band (BMB) is one of the largest marching bands in the Midwest with 475 members. BMB consists of students from almost all majors and departments on the UW Eau Claire campus.

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