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Judith A. Brauner, personal representative of Donald A. Havekost Estate, to Kevin D. Stara and Elizabeth E. Stara, 1249 E. Ninth St., Fremont, $ 143,000.

Barbara J. Rogers to Levy Velasco Godinez, 852 W. Sixth St., Fremont, $ 125,000.

Barbara J. Rogers, personal representative for the estate of Marlin E. Rogers, deceased, to Levy Velasco Godinez, 852 W. Sixth St., Fremont.

Dave’s Rentals LLC to Russell Curtis and Anna Curtis, 835 N. Grant St., Fremont, $ 235,000.

Kelly J. Williams to Kevin D. Jensen, 1324 N. Park Ave., Fremont, $ 210,000.

Holly Kahler to Rodger Menn and Debra Menn, 379.5 feet north mid-northeast quarter, Section 4, Township 17, Range 7, East 6 P.M., Dodge County, $ 170,000.

Marcos J. Rodriguez and Xeily Aguilar to Xeily Aguilar, 2028 Jaynes St., Fremont, $ 74,108.

Larry D. Flamme and Mary J. Flamme to Jason Indra and Jason Porto, 870 Ridgeland Ave., Lot 4, Fremont, $ 395,000.

Anthony T. Martin to Jamison Baird and Ashley Baird, 152 S. Maple St., Dodge, $ 150,000.

Jamison Baird and Ashley Baird to Christopher Youngblood and Heidy Youngblood, 740 Elm St., North Bend, $ 160,000.

Jacob Hoffman, personal estate representative of Bennie G. Hoffman, deceased, to Manuel Rubalcava, 213 S. Nye Ave., Fremont, $ 58,000.

Saturnino Uribe and Hermila Uribe to Adolfo A. Alonzo, 1440 N. Madison St., Fremont, $ 159,900.

Phyllis J. Hardesty, Lizabeth M. Hall and Geoffrey C. Hall to Phyllis J. Hardesty, Lizabeth M. Hall and Geoffrey C. Hall, 3290 Ritz Place, Fremont.

Shirley Jackson to Janet Bayliff and Judy Escobedo, undivided third party interest in and mid-south of the Southeast quarter of Section 7, Township 29 North, Range 7 East of 6 P.M., Dodge County.

Ritz Lake LLC to Connor Hotovy and Amanda Strudthoff, 2836 Bryan Shore Drive, Fremont, $ 195,000.

Kevin Thibodeau and Jennifer Thibodeau to Margarita Camarillo and Enrique Moya Calderin, 315 N. Lincoln Ave., Fremont, $ 210,000.

Russel E. Johnson to Douglas Johnson, Cynthia A. Stibor and Thomas K. Johnson, east 33 acres north of the northwest quarter of Section 36, Township 20 North, Range 6 East of -6 P.M., Dodge County.

Kathaleen K. Prosch to Tammie L. Reynolds, Scott Schaller, Richard Prosch, Tyler Harden, Nathan Harden, Ryan Harden, Lauren Harden, Brittney M. Ruiz, Andrew Schaller and Wyatt Prosch, 1068 W. Dakota St., Fremont.

Eugene V. Scholl and Lori A. Scholl to Eugene and Lori Scholl, trustees, 205 N. Cedar St., Hooper; 307 N. Myrtle St., Hooper; and 2018 County Road K, Hooper.

Aaron Beacom and Katie Beacom to Tim Pavlik and Shawni Pavlik, 410 Sunset Drive, Fremont, $ 260,000.

Rex Way and Roy D. Miller, trustees co-successors of the David C. Way Revocable Intervivos Trust, as restated on 23 August 2013, to Lindy J. Hoyer, 1812 N. D St., Fremont, $ 310,000.

Peter A. Valentik to Kayla Boatright, 730 N. Christy St., $ 220,000.

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