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Most of us on Boulder City Council have been in office less than a year and have long wanted to change Boulder for the worse and gain strength at the same time. . Many of the so -called “moving forward” have not had a personal meeting with the public, but it seems that the use of basic policies that have helped make Boulder a one of the best places to live in the world – our election year is different.

Like many cities in Colorado and throughout the United States, Boulder holds its city council elections in infrequent years and has been held since 1937. Boulder elections are generally the bias, which helped build the city we know and love today, used to vote the city one of the best in America. Why? Because holding elections in unusual years has allowed a diverse group of voices to serve our city for many years, regardless of political affiliation – democratic, republican, or independent. .

Moving through years and even years can change this for the worse. During elections the same age as this year, we vote in state and federal elections, including state legislators, governors, Congress and the president. Even in an election year there is a significant increase in the recognition of candidates through landmarks, terminology and coordination. Even in an election year, local systems will be further damaged and destabilized. We have to destroy Boulder.

Even in such non -partisan races we have seen an increase in political upheaval. In the 2021 election, one list of candidates described themselves as “progressive democracies.” If the council vote is increased in the course of the year indefinitely, this trend will be even more pronounced. I’ve been a Democrat for many years, but I appreciate the neutral nature of Boulder City Council and I appreciate Boulder voting for the best ideas, not the best party.

The Boulder council election campaign allows our community to “think locally” and focus on the abilities and circumstances of each candidate, rather than their participation in the party. Even over the years, the election is full of state and national races and decisions. The annual bias in local elections will be significantly reduced. It’s a concern because this unusual request comes from a large number of councilors who have no experience in barely warming seats, but seem to be at odds with Boulder’s basic political system.

It’s true that most people tend to vote in elections even at the age of one, but that means Boulder voters are “not allowed” to vote uncommonly as some have suggested – including and Council Member Matt Benjamin? No. This is a false argument. Votes are mailed to all voters registered in Boulder in two years and separately. The only difference is that fewer votes are returned in different years.

Disqualification is defined as “a state of deprivation of a right or privilege, in particular the right to vote.” If no one gets it anymore, it means they are not allowed to vote in a ballot. This is not the case in Boulder where every voter has the opportunity to participate in every election – even certain years.

The election year proposal will also ask Boulder voters to give council members an additional year in office. Four years doesn’t seem to be enough. Increasing council votes year by year is going to be a difficult period of change, and some current council members have suggested they could work happily for a year. added as a result. Council member Mark Wallach, who offered allegiance to the discussion, said he would resign.

Boulder’s measure of long -term success depends on solid leadership, wisdom and vision. It also depends on the individual who is interested in this village. Why is our new city administration so focused on changing approved and biased elections? It looks like “progressive democracies” are trying to consolidate power.

Mayor Aaron Brockett – the senior leader of our first -year junior high school, but meet -people, mostly of the city council – needs to think hard about where we and his friends are taking us. Boulder is well served by city council elections and by avoiding politics. We must be very careful before we destroy the political structure that helped make Boulder Boulder. Tell the city council to destroy Boulder.

Peter Mayer is a co-chair of the PLAN-Boulder County Board. Peter Mayer,

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