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Ten drops of holy rage fell on Meretz, nine of whom today became the biggest problem in the remnants of the Israeli left, leading to oral violence against Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi MK.

If the liberal-democratic agenda that the party wants to replace were to be applied from time to time in the major issues that threaten it — for example, to create more meaningful and equal cooperation between Jews and Arabs — and not just in civil society issues.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, who is President Meretz, feels the stings on his back too well. He has labeled his party’s “anyone except Bibi” as Rinawie Zoabi’s camp for dismantling the “government of change” (as if Amichai Chikli, Idit Silman, Nir Orbach and the Arab List did not exist) – and it was. Horowitz ultimately recruited and secured a slot before the last election. So he does what many politicians do: He drives the fire away from him, towards him, with all his might.

In an interview with Army Radio on Thursday, after voting against the United Arab Emirates list against the cannabis law, he appeared more angry than any other issue, including the ratification of apartheid in the West Bank.

“This is disgusting and dishonest,” he said. “It’s an action that transcends all red lines, a despicable action.” Rinawie Zoabi suggested that he is crazy: “There is a deeper problem here. I’m not going to start with psychological analysis. … He lost his way ”. And for the grand finale: “We have no connection with this woman. … This woman has no part of us and we have no part of her ”.

The frustration of many Meretz voters is understandable; for them, keeping former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and current opposition president away from the government is more important than left-wing principles, rather than moving away from Rinawie Zoabi’s party and coalition discipline and his zig-zag. Cowardly attitude on LGBTQ issues.

But just because Horowitz (“this woman”) now voted for her conscience with extreme aggression against her, and thus also represented a large part of the Arab community, highlights an unpleasant truth: Meretz, no doubt under Horowitz’s leadership, was and will be yes. basically a Jewish party, unable to lead a real cooperation between Jews and Arabs.

That’s because this collaboration requires mutual acquaintance, as well as respectful dialogue and negotiation, as well as painful commitments between Knesset party members – and not just decorating the party list with Arab candidates, as long as they don’t color off the line. .

A lot of people are now blaming Meretz’s identity policy, which is specifically for reserving a slot for an Arab woman. And so Horowitz’s conclusion from the affair is to abandon efforts for diversity (“let them take what they choose and not come and complain that there are no more Arabs,” he threatened behind closed doors after parachuting into a reserved slot in the past.

This is a completely wrong conclusion. The problem with merit is not identity politics, it is tokenism.

Meretz’s chair being “gathered” without knowing Rinawie Zoabi well, and now aggressively refusing, says more about him and Meretzi than about him.

Horowitz does not have to go home to reserve a place for an Arab woman. He has to accept the leadership of the party, among other things, because from the beginning he did not bother to show interest in him, and now he refuses as quickly as he enlisted. It does not have what it takes to build real cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the party.

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