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In December 2018, shortly after I was elected governor, President Trump invited several governor-elect in Washington to talk about our priorities and see where he could go. to help. Knowing the president’s bias for action, I understood that raising issues we could do right away would increase the chances of doing so. They will also be more likely to acknowledge the president’s participation.

“Mr President, I need a farm bill and trade agreements. Our farmers and ranchers need access to new markets to set up a stadium to sustain our country’s food supply. ‘ u. The president nodded.

“I also want your help moving into vacancies,” I said. Sili luelue.

“Finally, Mr. President,” I said, “I want your help in bringing the fittings back to Mount Rushmore.” He was immediately excited. “Fiamu? What do you mean?”


Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America.


I told him that South Dakota has a tradition of celebrating fires on Mount Rushmore on Thursday evenings in July. But for a decade, I explained, the show had been canceled – ever since the Obama administration stopped them, saying the fire could cause “environmental concerns.”

“Mr. President, this is one of South Dakota’s opportunities to truly be the focus of the nation for one night each year.” Bringing back the fires to Mount Rushmore is a great tribute to freedom in our country – a western sky shining in red, white, and blue that shines with some of our nation’s greatest leaders. . Beyond that, tourism is South Dakota’s second-largest business. The sale of our state on national television on American birthday was a great success for us.

It fit President Trump perfectly. And since then, he has been eager to bring our fittings back.

I worked diligently with my team and the Department of the Interior and the White House for almost two years on materials and planning. Every time I see President Trump then, without hesitation, he asks, “Kristi, how do we come up with our bundles?”

“We are working on it, Your Excellency the President,” I assured him.

In fact the legislators in his own administration tried to stop it. For a start, the National Park Service (NPS) didn’t want to ease the situation. NPS staff raised concerns about fire, water issues, cultural concerns, and, when the disease broke out, fire concerns. health. At one point, an employee also asked, “How do people get hurt on Twitter?”


My application office made frequent appointments to meet with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt to sign an agreement, obtain permits, and the planning process in progress. When Secretary Bernhardt planned to speak at the Western Governors Association in Vail, Colorado, in June 2019, I finally had the opportunity to speak directly with him.

Months after my meeting in June with Secretary Bernhardt we have not heard anything from the federal government. Stop and think about that for a minute. The president of the United States – the “leader of the free world” – was happy to return fire to Mount Rushmore. The local secretary – who was appointed by the president – supported the return of the fires to Mount Rushmore. And – it doesn’t matter – the governor of the state where Mount Rushmore is located was happy to put fire back on Mount Rushmore.

However, it is almost impossible to achieve this through an unelected, unelected federal government that does not want it.

It’s not just an easy yes to the federal government. Everything is tied with miles and miles of red tape. In order for us to have firefighters at Mount Rushmore, the federal government adhered to detailed requirements. It was silly.

David Bernhardt in his hearing of the evidence

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Environmental research is required. Federal permits are required. Most of the back burns were supposed to have occurred on all Forest Service lands. We need a lot of signaling and agreement between all the major players. Then – since President Trump has expressed interest in revealing – all of those agencies have to reach agreements with the United States Secret Service. After all, there may be objections. Then came the engineers who had to decide where exactly we were going to set up the Fiji show.

During this period of planning, three different people came to the position of chief executive of Mount Rushmore. Each new character brought new concerns and a new look to keep us engaged in the execution of the event.

Worst of all is the organized, national campaign in the spring and summer of 2020 to destroy information on the founding of our government and other parts of history. From coast to coast, it was an act that deliberately focused on the faults of our ancestors, and deliberately ignored their good qualities. I believed then and now believe that this was done deliberately to undermine American principles to transform our country into a different political one. The attempt to “nullify” the established generation is an attempt to nullify our freedoms.

One day, in the early summer of 2020, as the entire country was engulfed in wars over identity politics and political extremism, I came across a section on the wire news that remains one of the most mentally disturbing manifestations of ignorance I have ever had. was seen on television – and it says something.


Riot police rushed to protesters as they fired tear gas during riots in the country following the death in Minneapolis police officer George Floyd, in Raleigh, North Carolina, US May 31, 2020.

(REUTERS/Jonathan Drake)

Standing on the Black Mountains, with iconic photographs of four U.S. presidents behind her, CNN reporter Leyla Santiago described the recent visit of the U.S. president to a the most popular tourist destinations in America in this way:

“President Trump will be at Mount Rushmore, where he will stand in front of a monument to the two slave owners and on the ground who are struggling to separate from the real Americans. the history of our country. ‘”


It’s worth noting that if it weren’t for the four men carved into the rock behind her, Leyla’s life would have been very different in a very different country. The very rights he indiscriminately enjoys today – such as to say whatever careless thing he wants – could not have existed if it had not been for the men who laid the foundation for freedom. as we know. In addition, President Obama visited Rushmore a few years ago – without any criticism from the media. It’s just more lies and total loss of hope from the media.

In no way did the author justify the idea of ​​the need to protect our precious history from unscrupulous hackers. He stood there on national television and attacked our history by intimidating Republicans and patriotic Americans into racism, racism, and often supporting slavery and murder.

His report is more than just an attack on the Founders, it is an attack on all Americans who cherish our history. As I sat there and watched his story, I couldn’t stop myself. This is, after all, my state. And, as the governor of South Dakota, preserving this respected national symbol is part of my responsibility. If the left wants to follow Mount Rushmore, they have to pass me.

We decided to offer 7,500 tickets to the public – to be distributed through a lottery system. More than 125,000 people registered in three days.

On July 3, 2020, President Trump and his family arrived at Ellsworth Air Force Base, east of Rapid City. I greeted the president and the First Lady at the airport in Ellsworth. From there we ride the Marine One to Mount Rushmore and land at the park’s helipad.

For every time I’ve looked at the face of Mount Rush-more, I’ve never seen it as much as I saw it that day from inside Marine One. The skill of the Marine pilots was outstanding; they were close to us. I remember looking at the sights of the twenty -sixth president of our nation – the conservationist, naturalist, writer, and “Rough Rider” Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy would have liked this, I thought.


(H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

In addition to the drama, the producers played communications on the helicopter pilots ’radio over speakers so the crowd could hear their instructions and approach. As we passed, the crowd began to shout below. As I looked down, I saw people dancing.

People needed this, I knew. We all did. After months of a global epidemic, it was the first time for many they had done anything normal – human. We are Americans, together again.

My mother was in the audience that day. Finally, he told me that looking around the crowd, he saw tears streaming down the faces of the people around him. No masks. No fear. Just so much gratitude for the gift of living in this country.

Shooting that night was something different from this world. The sound was heard from the Black Hills like endless thunder cars. In the flash of their bright light, I could see thousands of people, from all over America, watching in amazement.

It is a humble reminder of life – the life of a nation, born of tragic beginnings – and it is a reminder of the lives of all people who continue that story today despite a disease of the. world – those who gathered in the valley below and all those in the country.

In addition, in the months leading up to the Fourth of July, the country saw many angry people tear down monuments from our past, believing it could be sources of pain and division. Here at Mount Rushmore, we had the opposite. The isolation and fear of disease weighed heavily on all of us. Here, for the first time in a long time, people are coming together. We want to be together as much as we want to be free, I remember thinking to myself.

At that moment, I knew in my heart: our country would survive.

This was stated by Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, during an event at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota, U.S., on Friday, July 3, 2020. The the start of Independence Day, which will feature President Donald Trump’s speech, a military airport with the first fire engine in more than a decade, is expected to include about 7,500 ticket visitors do not need to wear masks or travel long distances despite the increasing cases of U.S. coronavirus. Photo: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images ________ Firearms exploded above Mount Rushmore National Monument during Independence Day attended by the U.S. president in Keystone, South Dakota, July 3, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

(Al Drago/Bloomberg | SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty photos)

No matter what comes, no matter what trials from within or without, we can be assured that the human heart never ceases to yearn for true freedom, and never ceases to yearn for true freedom. the real land. That freedom is not a license to act on any desire, but the ability to serve, honor, and enjoy the good, the real, the beautiful. And that society is not something that can be forced upon us by authority, but something that must be freely chosen. It is a given.

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