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Savannah Votion will be premiering her new music video for ‘Exclusiva’ on Aug. 19

SAN ANTONIO – Editor’s note: This story was published in partnership between KSAT and Live From the Southside, a new local- and Latina-owned magazine working to promote & expanding social relations through the development of events, stories and businesses. On the same subject : Bay Harbor to celebrate the arts with a two-day Arts Festival.

South Side born and raised and Southside ISD Graduate Savannah Votion will premiere her new music video for her single “Exclusiva” this month at Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse.

The new single also features “Queen of the South” actor Ricky Versetti, who is a Latin American artist from Texas whose musical style ranges from hip hop and R&B to Spanish hip hop and reggaetón. He is also a songwriter and composer for various artists in various genres. He just released the single “California Dreams” featuring Latin Grammy nominee Baby Bash.

“Exclusiva, for me, represents Latinos coming together regardless of genre and boundaries to create beautiful art for people and culture,” said Votion. “The song represents the chemistry of music and the power of music. The song came together in a few hours from the natural creation of the music producer Ace1 to the simple flow of the lyrics that came to me afterwards. The song is infused with Latin sounds. a variety of Latin styles with up-times suitable for any dance style. Recording the video (directed by me) was a lot of fun; we filmed it at the Wonder Chamber in San Antonio about 6 hours.”

Voting is a dynamic singer with an amazing stage presence paired with a strong voice that shines in any genre, whether it’s Tejano, mariachi, blues, rock or pop.

She is also a former “American Idol” contestant (Season 12) and started her singing career at the age of 10. She released her first album at the age of 13.

What many people may not know is that the Vote has the influence of Ana Gabriel because her voice can demand the audience and keep their attention during the performance. Another inspiration is Celine Dion not only for her voice and her power, but also for her amazing personal qualities such as learning ballet to improve technique through beautiful lines and amazing looks.

Shortly after “American Idol,” Votion released an album titled “Savannah” in July 2013.

This gave rise to other projects such as the collaboration of Gabriel Zavala, Angel Cano and Acmed Tuesta to release the single “Loca Peligrosa.” That led to her winning her first Tejano Music Award for best music video.

She also took home the Tejano All-Star Award for entertainer of the year. You can also find Votion on her weekly radio show called “Savannah V” on KLMO 98.9 FM.

The music video will take place at 7:30 pm on August 19, at Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse, located at 815 Pleasanton Road.

This article originally appeared on South Side Live.

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