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The production team behind Joe Bonamassa’s “Time Clocks” will speak at the event on August 6.

(New York City)—Mix magazine has announced that the production team behind Joe Bonamassa’s “Time Clocks” will participate in MixNYC: Immersive Music Production, an all-day, in-person event on August 6. 2022 at the world-class facilities of the world-renowned Berklee NYC Studios/Power Station, right in the heart of Midtown.

Bonamassa’s production team includes world-class mixing engineer Bob Clearmountain, returning after many years to the studios where he began his career, producer Kevin Shirley, recording engineer Jason Staniulis, and Troy Germano, owner of Germano Studios. , where the tracks were recorded. .

Previously, MixNYC announced the Keynote Conversation, which includes the production team of George Massenburg, Ann Mincieli, Eric Schilling and Michael Roimanowski, who will kick off the day by discussing the process of putting together Alicia Keys, winner of the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Album. immersive audio.

“We have an all-star lineup coming together, made up of the best talent in the recording industry,” says Tom Kenny, co-publisher of Mix. “George, Ann, Eric, Michael, Bob, Kevin, Jason and Troy? They’ve all kindly jumped on board because they want to talk about these projects. With Atmos Music, Sony Reality Audio, Apple Spatial and all the changes that are happening, This is a new and exciting time for music. We want to talk about it.”

MixNYC, the industry’s first event to focus entirely on immersive music production, will take place entirely within the newly renovated, six-studio, three-story Berklee NYC complex (Power Station Studios). and immersive music distribution will follow the Keynote Conversation, along with sponsor demos, new product showcases, one-on-one interviews, multiple networking opportunities and more.

Panels and panelists announced so far include:

A MAIN CONVERSATION: How the immersive ‘Alice’ was made

The A-list production team of engineers/producers Ann Mincieli, George Massenburg, Eric Schilling, and Michael Romanowski spent three years working on the best possible way to present Alicia Keys in an immersive manner, and the results are evident in Alicia, the winner of the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Immersive Audio Album. Join the discussion as the group talks about the processes they developed for the launch of Sony Reality Audio and what they learned along the way. Now they want to educate.

Panelists: Ann Mincieli, recording/mixing engineer; George Massenburg, mixing engineer; Eric Schilling, mixing engineer; Michael Romanowski, Mastering Engineer

Mix Studio Panel: Joe Bonamassa’s ‘Time Clocks’ – Stereo and Immersive

Blues great Joe Bonamassa recorded his much-heralded late-2021 release, Time Clocks, at Germano Studios in New York City, then sent the tracks to Bob Clearmountain at Mix This. in Los Angeles for stereo mixes and Dolby Atmos, all overseen by producer Kevin Shirley in Australia. Welcome to today’s recording industry! Join the Time Clocks production team as they detail the art, process, and approach to stereo and immersive mixing. They are the same? Should they be?

Panelists: Bob Clearmountain, Mixing Engineer; Kevin Shirley, producer; Jason Staniulis, recording engineer; Troy Germano, Owner Germano Studios

To register for the event or to find more information, visit MixNYC: Immersive Music Production.

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