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Musical music, in form and with purpose and nature to itself, has been an important development of the “critical” music of the last century-and-change. This most historic form of music is also among the most modern and evolutionary sound / music fields.

Among the Elitussionin inherent in it makes it a global phenomenon, as well as a series of events related to UC San Diego’s UC Bruifi, one of the brightest stars in today’s new traditional style. .

Incidentally, this highly talented, grounded and game-for-each group – founded in 1999 and strong in 2022 – is on its way to 805 for major shows, starting on Saturday, July 9th, at Hahn Hall. As a contemporary contemporary guest at the Music Academy’s 75th anniversary celebrations, the band is emerging as one of four special artists in the eminent Mosher Guest Artist.

Next week, Sō Percussion returns to town with the collaboration of vocalist-songwriter Caroline Shaw and Let the Country Play his easy-to-play section, as part of UCSB Arts & amp; A series of lectures was announced recently.

But the Hahn Hall show deserves to be a must-hear for existing believers and a good arrangement for those who do not yet know. Given that next summer’s concert is dedicated to Shaw’s music – one of the many artists and singers the band has worked with – Hahn Hall’s show features the band itself and includes the world’s first Collective Ungraspable by Robyn Cee Kay Jacob , a musician-in-residence at the Music Academy this year.

The July 9 song also includes two performances by Puerto Rico-born singer Angélica Negron, which Moriviví debuted earlier this month, in the final season of the LA Philharmonic season. Also on the multi-cultural program is Trinidadian composer-metal pan player Kendall Williams, along with a member of the group Jason Treuting’s Amid the Noise.

Even as they travel through tours and travel dates, soon to connect with the 805, Sō Percussion retains its original meaning at home in Brooklyn. Their Brooklyn Bound concert venue features guests appearing in a home / private studio, in the Navy Yard area of ​​Brooklyn. Theirs is a happy, wise, original, good and sometimes appropriate, noble voice.

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