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Tulsa World Magazine has selected three up-and-coming Oklahoma country artists you’ll want to keep an eye on as their music careers progress.

Zach Bryan

“Here’s your sign” is comedian Bill Engvall’s catchphrase. This may interest you : First person: discovering the taste and texture of music.

Here’s your sign that singer-songwriter Zach Bryan was about to “explode” into the music business: He sold out two Cain’s Ballroom shows in the blink of an eye, and he was still half a year away from his major-label debut. . It also sold out Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium in under an hour based on word of mouth and the strength of its material and live performances.

Zach Bryan, shown during an April performance at Calf Fry in Stillwater, had his first Warner Records album released in May.

Bryan served in the US Navy before winning the ears and hearts of music fans. His long-awaited album “American Heartbreak” was released on May 20th via Warner Records, and he will be among the headliners when he returns to Born & Raised Music Festival September 16 in Pryor, just a short drive from his hometown of Oologah.

Bryan is proud of his small-town roots, and his music is fueled by a desire to stay true to himself, according to a biography provided by Warner Records.

Music fans react to Zach Bryan’s performance at the 2022 Calf Fry music festival in Stillwater.

“His success is found in his husky voice, a blend of classic folk melody and outlaw country with a raw edge that cuts through the bone,” said the biography, which cited a defining moment in his career.

“In the video for ‘Heading South’, filmed over the phone outside his Navy barracks in 95 degree humid heat, Bryan’s passion echoes in the strings of his trusty Guild. Drenched in sweat and the chanting words he had written minutes before, the moment is authentic, brutal and real. Millions of fans have already viewed this video without any assistance from the industry and millions more have connected to the tender, heartfelt songs found on Bryan’s 2019 debut album ‘DeAnn’ – dedicated to his late mother – and its 2020 follow-up. , ‘Elisabeth’, an ode to those he loves”.

Bryan has amassed over 1 billion global streams combined with 4 million monthly Spotify listeners.

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Kaitlin Butts

A student at Union High School, Butts released an album (“What Else Can She Do”) in April that earned her recognition from Rolling Stone and other music news sources.

Kaitlin Butts is on a positive note in 2022. See the article : Mair Alsgaard, of Midland, remembered as a dedicated music creator. Mackenzie Ryan

The same day the album was released, Rolling Stone had this to say about the title track: “Kaitlin Butts’ newly released ‘What Else Can She Do’ makes a strong case that she should be positioned somewhere between Miranda Lambert or Kacey Musgraves in the country. vanguard – an Oklahoma native with a big, supple voice and the songwriting skills to match.”

Billboard said that Butts’ new album “brings out his voice at its most powerful and chilling.”

The momentum began to build before the album’s release, when Butts was one of seven artists featured in a national US Cellular “Locally Grown, Locally Live” campaign.

“What Else Can She Do” is the second studio album by Kaitlin Butts.

“What Else Can She Do” is Butts’ second full-length studio album and first since 2015’s “Same Hell, Different Devil”.

The tracks on the new album tell the stories of women – those who are lost, struggling, angry and afraid, but who remain resilient through it all.

“I don’t think life is so beautiful sometimes, and it comes with pain and going through hard times, being stagnant, following the motions, not knowing what to do or just being angry at everything that life has put in. your plate,” Butts said in a press release about the album.

“I see myself in all these women in these stories. I see these women in my friends and family around me going through divorce, abuse, infidelity, financial instability, addiction, generational trauma, family issues, and life-altering hard times, yet somehow they are still resilient and come out the other side. OK . I hope this album makes you feel seen and comforts you in times of darkness. Know that you are never alone and it won’t always be that way.”

Butts said that each song on the album is like a different movie in his head. She shared the visuals through a series of lyric videos that were released in May.

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Corey Kent

You knew him as Corey Kent White when he was coached by Blake Shelton on “The Voice”. Read also : Several free shows at Las Cruces as part of Make Music Day. Watch the following..

Now you can call him Corey Kent, music artist with a number 1 song.

Kent’s “Wild as Her” reached number one on Apple Music’s music streaming chart earlier this year. It is from their album “’21” which was released in December 2021 and debuted at #4 on the US Spotify chart.

Corey Kent will be among the artists of Born & High Music Festival.

Kent told social media followers in April that he had his best touring year last year by self-booking, and announced he’s partnering with Nate Towne and Hayley Riddle on William Morris Endeavor to take it to the next level. They are working collaboratively with their Triple 8 Management team.

Want to see for yourself what Corey Kent is all about? He will perform on September 18 at Born & Raised Music Festival in Pryor. He posted this on social media after the lineup was announced: “The only thing cooler than playing a festival called Born & Raised Music Festival, less than an hour from where you were born and raised, is moving from the spotlight stage last year to one of the main stages this year.”

Corey Kent performs at Cain’s Ballroom in 2016.

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