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Finding the right music to match your mood is a little easier now

It’s time to debate whether YouTube Music suggests better songs and playlists for you than Spotify and Apple Music, but there’s no doubt that they’re improving on Google’s music service. The streaming platform is one of the few available that allows you to select mood-based music – Chill, Focus, Workout, and Energy – from the home screen. While that was great, you still had to choose one of these moods to get the appropriate playlist recommendations; something that has been made a little simpler now.

The “Mixed for You” carousel on YouTube Music’s home feed now includes a “More” button in the top right corner that takes you to a completely new page where you can see mixes for all the mood under a single umbrella in a neat way. a grid view that looks much easier to scroll through than before (via 9to5Google).

Previously, you could only see mixes for the tone you have chosen, so this new change works better in the way of playlists. This does not, however, mean that those small mood filter pills at the top of the app’s home are now useless or unnecessary. They still work as they used to, just because the “Mixed for you” carousel seems to have gone free of them.

The updated carousel has come across Android, iOS, and the web app for us, but you may not necessarily be as lucky as that as it looks to be part of a server-side presentation.

YTM seems to be going big on tips this month, as the app has also been seen testing a way to throw those at you straight from the lock screen. And if you haven’t had enough of what you’ve listened to already, maybe check out your Spring Recap and look back.

Can you make a mix on YouTube?

Can you mix on YouTube? New to YouTube Music? Don’t worry, we can start delivering a personal experience once you’ve selected a couple of artists you like during the setup, or even after just listening to a few songs! Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix are now available worldwide to all YouTube Music listeners.

Why does YouTube shuffle play the same songs?

Well so, why is YouTube shuffle playing the same songs? Here are some main reasons: Your most-played songs may disrupt YouTube auto play. YouTube’s annotations feature encounters problems.

Is YouTube Shuffle Broken? The broken YouTube cipher is one of those rare bugs that extends over a long period of time, and yet they are not addressed or repaired by developers. See the article : Mair Alsgaard, of Midland, remembered as a dedicated music creator. Consumers have been complaining ineffectively about this issue on different platforms for years, but are still waiting for a solution.

How do you get YouTube to stop repeating?

To disable the feature, click on the blue Autoplay slider switch that sits at the top right hand column of Up Next videos. To see also : 10 classical music games to attend this summer. It’s that easy, and when I switched it off, YouTube reminded me of that after restarting the browser and system.

Why does Shuffle always play the same songs?

Editing personalized playlists Spotify shuffle often plays the same songs based on your preference. This may interest you : Several free shows at Las Cruces as part of Make Music Day. Watch the following.. However, you can change your experience by editing your playlist.

How do I make my YouTube playlist Shuffle better?

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, then scroll back to the top, THEN hit “shuffle”. Click “play” to start from the first song, then click the shuttle icon in the music player screen. Click any song, including songs near the bottom or top or middle, anyway, then hit the shuffle icon.

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Can I save my mix on YouTube?

The simplest way for me to achieve this is to access your history, click on the bottom right of each song you heard from this playlist and add it to the viewing category later. Then you go to the Watch later and you keep the playlist like yours.

Can I save a playlist on YouTube? You can save a playlist while watching it. Go to a video that is part of a playlist. On the right, select the playlist. In the playlist box, click Save playlist.

How do you save a YouTube mix song?

From the mix page: Under the description, tap Save to add the mix to your library. Tap Saved to remove the mix from your library.

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