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When Emily’s daughter sent a message last week asking if I would like to run to Roseburg and meet her to perform a Pink Martini concert in the park, I responded quickly, why, sure !

Pink Martini, a popular 12-year-old international jazz / pop band, came south from Portland during a short break to open the 30th anniversary of Music on Half Shell, a summer music festival at Stewart Park.

The event brings live music to the Douglas area and beyond 7 p.m. People bring blankets and children – and a man brings a macaw called Princess. She was so beautiful she even asked for my camera. Dogs are not allowed.

Good planners will come early for free music in the parks, but Lane and I are not qualified. We’ve put together a series of moving vehicles to open up space to park our cars. The partnership has jumped. ‘

Cow blankets everywhere appeared, and we found a flat spot on the lawn in the middle of the crowd, but with enough breathing space to avoid air pollution.

As it happens, we are close to the Pink Martini shopping table. We may not see the Chinese Forbes singers or the band, but we can see Emily, and that fills the mother’s heart.

Emily Overstreet is the business manager of Pink Martini and tours with them all over the country, Canada and Mexico, ordering and selling a wide range of items to enthusiasts. She loves it.

Emily is also the talented assistant producer for the music series and the recording director of The Old Church, a venue in Portland. After playing / singing in her band, Bridal Veil, and to the forefront of all Pickathon commercials, the Portland music festival, did not do much. I could go on, but I was tired of his thoughts. The woman thrives on being busy in the music industry. And, yes, she has a very intelligent and supportive young man in Aaron.

I helped Emily before the show by inventing things. I got a cool Pink Martini T-shirt for my little effort, and I bought a tie from Bekah and Wendy at their shopping table.

When Pink Martini took action, and their enduring sound came out to greet us with a Latin number, I began to move involuntarily. The weather could not have been better, with the beautiful Umpqua river near us and the fresh breeze destroying the trees, life was good.

I met some of the best people who cared about them – Claire Dennerlein, Pink Martini’s marketing director, Steve Reischman, chief marketing officer for the series, and Clint Newell, president. It is clear that the hard work of a group of activists participates in a weekly meeting like this, but the strategy makes it smooth and easy, and they have achieved this.

After the show, I watched the street workers disperse loudspeakers, discs and sound equipment, collecting and storing them as safely as they had hundreds of times. Thanks to all the technicians and staff of the affected area.

Check out the summer list at and schedule grassroots distribution programs as they do all the work. Roseburg is only an hour and 40 minutes away from Medford.

I ended the big evening by pressing the conga line and made my way through the event to “Brazil”, the final match and favorite event. An elderly woman in front of me looked at me in horror as I entered her, but I told her she was doing the right thing when we made a snake in a crowd of smiling and bald people, up and back, and then we went down the hill. with we not rolling down. I always wanted to do that. It doesn’t roll down – it doesn’t reach the room. I mean the conga line.

Peggy Dover is a freelance writer / artist with a heart of art. Contact her at

What are the three main parts of a news item?

For a deeper understanding, a story or report is divided into 5 categories namely; Read also : Music performed by a Crane faculty member.

  • Headline – tells what the story is about.
  • Byline – indicates who wrote the article.
  • Guide – Highlights (5 W’s)
  • Physical – contains additional information and details.
  • Lastly – it gives something to think about.

What are the features of the feature story? Like most news stories, feature stories follow specific patterns and patches. There will always be a title, floor, presentation, body, and end. Good news organizes the story so it is relevant and immediately relevant to the reader.

What does a news story consist of?

The whole story consists of two parts â € “first and foremost. The first guide is called, which tells the story of the peak or, in some cases, shows the peak. The development section is the theme of the article, which provides more information about the information provided or suggested in the guide.

What are the three mains parts of news item?

(i) Headline; (ii) First paragraph; ADVERTISEMENT: (iii) The rest of the story. On the same subject : Several free shows at Las Cruces as part of Make Music Day. Watch the following..

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What are the five example of news magazine?

Newspaper NewsCountry of origin
National ResearchUnited States
New RepublicUnited States
NewsweekUnited States
WHILEUnited States

What is an example of a popular magazine? Examples of Popular Magazines of Research and Adventures, and Changes Affecting Life on Earth. Published by Condé Nast, includes reports, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, cartoons, and more. To see also : Four Auburn students receive competitive music internships in Nashville. It presents scientific information to the public. A weekly news magazine published worldwide.

What are the types of news in magazine?

Newspaper Magazine: These are periodic weekly or bi-weekly articles. News on climate, politics, economics, religion, industry, sports and more is published for example. Herald, Weekly Pulse, and Cases. Large Magazines: These magazines are intended for a specific audience, drawing attention to a particular class.

What is the example of magazine article?

The story of a magazine is something of a myth that stands out in itself in print. Examples include a profile of an important person, a piece of opinion, or a text.

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What is the parts of news item?

General Process: News worthy news: re-evaluate the conference in a concise manner. Background events: describe what happened, to whom, in what circumstances.

What are the 5 sections of journalism? Most newspapers are divided into sections. Current sections include: national / international news; local news; sport; entertainment; distribution sales; and local news.

What are parts of the news?

The media structure can be divided into four main parts which include the headline, line, guide, body, and tail.

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