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Thanks to the popularity of the fourth season of Stranger Things and social media, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush climbed to the very top of the music charts around the world 37 years after the song was originally released. Numerous Bush’s longtime (and generally older) fans have felt the way younger people discover her music on their own through a sci-fi love letter from the ’80s. But Bush – himself a longtime Stranger Things fan – sees a sudden resurgence of interest in “Running Up That Hill” as an exciting and touching testament to the power of art.

In a recent interview for Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, Bush – who doesn’t speak to the public in general – opened up about what it was like to watch the new generation turn one of its classics into today’s hit. Although Bush was already addicted to Stranger Things long before Netflix and the Duffer brothers invited her, she didn’t expect to ever get involved in the lore series, and the whole experience seemed like “the whole world went crazy”.

“What’s really wonderful, I think, is that this is a whole new audience that, in many cases, has never heard of me,” Bush said. “And I like that – the kind of all these young people hearing a song for the first time and discovering it, well, I think it’s very special.”

In the first half of Stranger Things 4, Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) and other Hawkins children discover that the only thing that can protect them from Vecna ​​- the latest murderous terror that has crept out of Upside Down – is listening to the songs they love. In most cases, Eternal psychically spies on her victims from another dimension before drawing them to her and tearing their bodies apart, but Max can free his slave thanks to the “Running Up That Hill” tape that lived in her Walkman. season.

Although Stranger Things has always highlighted the pop-culture test stones that shaped the ’80s, Max’s fixation on“ Running Up That Hill ”is also part of the series’ research on how the character still mourns the death of his brother Billy in Season 3.

While Bush wrote “Running Up That Hill” as a love song, she said she was touched by the way Stranger Things frames the song as a kind of emotional talisman for Max and a fitting choice for the series as her characters evolve and grow with their actors.

“It’s beautiful in a similar way to Harry Potter in those early movies that are just little kids,” Bush said. “And then as the film progresses, it gets harder and darker, and those little kids turn into really talented young actors. You have a different connection to something that has shifted over the years, in fact, watching them grow. ”

Like many of her hardened fans who are valuable in her music, she has her own attitude towards “Running Up That Hill”, a song about a man and a woman longing to swap places with each other “just to feel like it was from the other side.”

Although Bush still strongly thinks of the song as “A Deal with God” – a title she originally intended to give her – in her mind, she stressed the importance of people who can take what they want from art. As much as “Running Up That Hill” is shrouded in nostalgia for some people, for others it’s part of the present moment, which is why Bush is focused on life in the moment.

“I mean, there was great music in the’ 80s, but I think it’s an incredibly exciting time that we’re in now, ”Bush said. “Okay, this is a terrible time on many levels for people. Very difficult. But it’s also a time when amazing things happen. Technology is advancing at this incredible speed which is, indeed, quite irresistible. But, you know, there are so many advances in medicine, and there are some positive things. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ”

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 arrives on Netflix on July 1st.

What is a babushka hat?

1. Scarf, triangularly folded and tied under the chin, traditionally worn by women in Eastern Europe. 2. An older Russian or Polish woman, especially one who is a grandmother.

What is a Russian earring? Ushanka (Russian: ушР° Ì Ð½ÐºÐ °, IPA: [ʊˈʂankÉ ™], from ÑƒÌ ÑˆÐ¸, “ears”), is also called ушанка-шешир (Russian: шР° Ì Ð¿ÐºÐ ° -ушР° Ð Ì °, IPA: [ˈʂapkÉ Ê ЄŠËˆÊ‚ankÉ ™]), is a Russian fur hat with ear-flaps that can be tied to the top of the hat or attached to the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the cold. See the article : Departmental Press Briefing – June 21, 2022 – United States Department of State.

What is a Russian hat called?

Ushanka or shapka ushanka is a traditional Russian fur hat. It has ear flaps that can be tied to the chin to protect the ears and neck from the cold or fixed to the back of the head.

Is Babushka a scarf or grandmother?

Fun fact: when A $ AP Rocky with a scarf refers to a ‘grandma’, he means a scarf, which is really something worn by a Russian grandmother. See the article : Christian Bale Reveals Kate Bush’s Music Scene Was Cut From ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’. But in Russian, ‘babushka’ means, well, grandma.

Does babushka mean headscarf?

Babushkas take many forms in English and Russian. Although the term is most often used to denote one’s grandmother, it is also the name of a headscarf usually worn by older Russian women. See the article : Christian Bale has revealed that Kate Bush’s music video has been cut from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.. Or, if you want, it can refer to a set of wooden nests also known as Matryoshka or Russian doll.

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What genre is Bush?

What is the genre of nirvana? Nirvana, an American alternative rock band whose breakthrough album Nevermind (1991) announced a new style of music (grunge) and gave voice to young adults after the baby boom known as Generation X. The members were Kurt Cobain (r.

What was Bush’s biggest hit?

B-side“Broken TV”
ExemptOctober 15, 1996
GenreAlternative rock post-grunge

Why is the band named Bush?

1. Bush is an English alternative rock band founded in 1992. The group chose the name “Bush” because they lived in Shepherd’s Bush in London. Their first album, Sixteen Stone (1994), was a huge commercial success.

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What do you call a Russian grandma?

Russia: Babushka is a name that children in Russia call their grandmother, and yes, Russian nesting dolls are sometimes called babushkas. Spain and Latin America: Abuela and Abuelita are common expressions, often abbreviated in Lita.

What is a Russian grandmother? Russian, grandmother, diminutive of old grandmother.

What is baba in Russian?

Noun. Ð ± Ð ° Ð ± Ð ° â €) (grandmother) mother; Mom, Mom.

How do you say Nan in Russian?

nan {noun} Ð ± Ð ° Ð ± ÑƒÑ Ñ {f} [no.]

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What is Kate Bush’s best album?

Kate Bush’s best albums

  • Dogs of love. Kate Bush.
  • The Dreaming. Kate Bush.
  • Kick Inside. Kate Bush.
  • Airborne. Kate Bush.
  • Sensual world. Kate Bush.
  • Never forever. Kate Bush.
  • 50 words for snow. Kate Bush.
  • Heart of a lion. Kate Bush.

What is the most acclaimed album of all time? In 2018, The Eagles ’greatest hits album, released in 1976, surpassed Michael Jackson’s 1982 album“ Thriller ”and topped the record-breaking best-selling album of all time in America (RIAA).

What was Kate Bush’s biggest hit?

Kate Bush CBE
RelativesPaddy Bush (brother)
PrizesThe whole list
Music career

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