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“The Lion King”, “The Dark Knight” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” have some of the most recognizable films in the film. On Friday, Detroit’s Redford Theater aims to take people outside of movies to another world with “Candlelight: Best of Hans Zimmer,” where a string quartet will perform live music in an intimate setting fully lit by thousands of candles.

The performance is part of a series of candlelit Fever concerts, a platform that connects people to events in their cities, as well as the production of their own. The series with candles performs classical music in various places around Detroit, as well as in cities around the world.

“With the mission of the candlelight concert, we really just want to make cultural experiences more accessible to people,” said Becca Malech, associate producer for Fever Originals. “We want to create an opportunity for people to experience classical (and jazz), to experience these genres of music when they might not have the opportunity to have it at all.”

The concert will feature selections from Zimmer’s most famous scores, including “Sherlock Homes”, “Inception”, “Gladiator”, “Wonder Woman”, “Man of Steele”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Madagascar”, “Madagascar”, “Angels and Demons”. and much more.

“Hans Zimmer may not be a name that many would recognize, but many of the films he is known for are films that will be shown & amp; mldr;” said Malech. “He just has a way to really bring things to life and music that’s completely enjoyable, not just movie music.”

Malech said that highlighting local performers and the space is another component of the concert series, which will feature four regional instrumentalists from the LISTESO music group.

The Redford Theater, built in 1928, is one of the most popular historic theaters in Detroit and has an interior with vivid Japanese motifs as well as a working organ.

“We have really great local artists in all our cities, so we want to give them a platform to show their talent, as well as to show places and spaces in the city that are super unique or maybe play a role in informing the city’s heritage and history,” he said. Malech.

Redford will hold two consecutive appearances that will be played directly in an hour. Fever will also present two more candlelit concerts this summer in Redford, including “The Best of Joe Hisaishi” on July 7 and “Film Scores and Hollywood Epics” on August 19.

Malech said that the event is a great experience, especially for those who are new to classical music.

“This is (a classic concert) that we should go to, because there will be some songs that I can recognize that I can relate to,” she said. “Our musicians are fantastic and they will really attract you, even if you are not familiar with music.”

‘Candlelight: The Best of Hans Zimmer’

18-20: 30 Friday at Redford Theater, 17360 Lahser Rd, Detroit.

Tickets start at $ 32. Read also : Ben Sumner Shows His Advice To Promote Video Games And Music. Visit

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