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This summer, four Auburn University students will live and learn in Nashville while doing internships at a record label, a booking agency, a major music touring and marketing company.

Cat Hall, who is pursuing a dual major in commercial music and kinesiology and exercise science, is on internship at the Creative Arts Agency or CAA. Read also : Women in Business: LaTricia Hill-Chandler. In the Nashville office, Hall said he is fulfilling a dream of working for a reputable booking agency and paving the way for working on a label or agency after graduating.

“I’ve always been drawn to music creatively, and as my experience grew, I realized how I could play a vital role in the business side of the industry,” Hall said. “I’m excited to learn about the role that music agents play in the industry, as well as to connect with creative people with like-minded ideas while I’m in Nashville.”

Oakley Holmes, a rising public relations senior, serves as a promotion fellow for Universal Music Group, a world-class music corporation made up of the world’s most influential music labels.

“I wanted this internship because my dream was to work at this company since I discovered that my passion for music and concerts could be a career,” Holmes said. “Through this practice, I hope to know the different roles of record companies and their functions. I also hope to gain connections to the industry and more knowledge to succeed in the music business. “

Livvie Moral, a rising public relations senior, will spend the summer touring North America with Grammy Award-winning artist James Taylor. He connected with Chip Johnson, Taylor’s tour manager, after talking to one of Moral’s music business classes and asking him to be a production assistant for Tisbury Tours.

“Every tour is different, but the bones are the same all over the industry. Being familiar with how things are done and feeling more and more comfortable working with people will help me later in my career,” he said. Moral. “Since I’ve been on the road, I’ve been able to see a little bit of how it is and how it’s different from the production, where I’ve been working. Both are interesting and exciting. I’d love to follow the path after graduation and see where bring this “.

And David Putman, a rising young man in finance, is doing an internship with 615 Leverage + Strategy. In this role, Putman helps the marketing company with strategic partnerships for events and artists.

“This job was especially appealing to me because they have clients from multiple different areas of the music industry: labels, artists, streaming / radio, festivals, and so on,” Putman said. “This gives me a great opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience, get involved in interesting projects and have a great impact on my day to day life. I am open to any path that can prepare me for success and contribute positively to development. of art and music everywhere. “

Music Department President Rick Good attributes these competitive practices to Auburn’s commercial music curriculum, which focuses on various aspects of the global multimillion-dollar music industry. The program prepares students for the music industry by facilitating hands-on work, hosting special guest speakers from music businesses, and offering courses focused on the work of record labels and tours.

The commercial music program is comprised of renowned teachers with experience in studio, recorded and live music and business. The program also offers a focus on video game composition and songwriting. This fall, it will release a state-of-the-art recording studio on campus.

“We recognized the need for a title focused on the music business several years ago,” Good said. “We heard from students that this kind of study approach that could lead to a sustainable career in an industry that they are passionate about was something that Auburn was missing and we listened. Our intention is to continue to grow this curriculum. and create a unique music business program located here at Auburn University. “

For more information on the Department of Music at Auburn University, click here.

From left to right: Cat Hall, David Putman, Livvie Moral and Oakley Holmes.

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How much revenue does Handshake make?

It has been doubling its revenue every year for the past three years, and is now on track to make $ 100 million in recurring annual revenue.

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