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On April 12, 1961, Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space, and many adventures followed. In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin set foot on the moon. However, traveling and living in space is a physically and mentally demanding process. Astronauts face negative feedback. Some of them have a decrease in the average amount of oxygen, an increase in aging mainly due to the increase in the effect of radiation, and loss of blood plasma. Although most people believe that the amount of gravity in the universe is negligible, in fact, there is very little gravity in the universe. Astronaut food since the 1980s has been an attraction, especially for sex. According to the study, the diet that the astronauts followed during their journey to space can reduce weight in a short time.

NASA food

This food is classified as “NASA food” and it is so strict, that the World Health Organization put it in the chemical food.

NASA food recipes

The main feature of this diet is the consumption of protein through eggs or meat. Also, eliminating dairy products from the daily diet, such as milk and yogurt, is the same as the well-known features of this diet. The NASA diet is suitable for everyone and has no restrictions. Whoever chooses to follow it can eat as much vegetables or meat as he wants. Only breakfast should be the same every day, except for two detox days.

Food ingredients can activate metabolism instantly. This can be achieved by replacing fatty foods with non-fatty ones such as fruits and vegetables. The “game of chemistry” that the body engages in accelerates combustion. Fast weight loss of more than 4 kg per month is the main reason why many people choose this diet. The NASA diet starts with a two-week program, in which there are two detox days (one per week).

When was astronaut food first studied?

Astronaut food research began much earlier than the 1980s, known as the NASA diet. In fact, the study began in the year 1961, when the human journey into space began. The problem is the fact that the weight is very low. The relative lack of gravity will make people want to vomit. However, the views of scientists are not correct because the first person to walk in space in 1961; that is, Yuri Gagarin managed to feed himself properly.

Food preparation process

The food can be stored in special containers so that it can be eaten without problems due to its low weight. Fruits and buns can be used in nature, because they do not require special work. Other foods such as spaghetti will need water to drink. There is also an oven on the space shuttle. Finally, the storage of salt and pepper should be done in water. This is just to avoid blocking the ventilation system, and any injury to the astronauts’ eyes.

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