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Patients at risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) or alcohol-related liver disease (ALD) who were diagnosed with liver cirrhosis followed by improved liver function. health, especially those who were diagnosed with the virus, a prospective study showed.

Among more than 3,000 patients, the correct result of liver fibrosis test was associated with discontinuation of alcohol or reduced use after 6 months (OR 2.07, 95% CI 1.54-2.77 , P & lt; 0.001), which was slightly depleted and had no value for 2 years. (OR 1.49, 95% CI 0.96-2.33, P = 0.077), reports Maja Thiele, MD, PhD, Odense University Hospital Denmark.

Note, the patients who benefited the most were those with high liver disease, Thiele noted at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL).

The same association was observed for diet and exercise, with 26% of patients reporting a decrease in diet and / or an increase in healthy eating after 1 week, which increased. at 34% over 6 months.This effect was the strongest for the NAFLD risk group (OR 1.8, 95% CI 1.3-2.4).

“This study is influential because it shows how through simple, fast, unstable education, we can provide the patient with valuable information that can lead to significant life changes,” said Anthony Martinez, MD, of the University of Buffalo, New York, who did not participate in the study. “The study also shows how we can empower our patients to make the necessary changes that can change the progression of their disease.”

Among the ALD risk group, 49% reported alcohol abuse in the study, which dropped to 34% after 6 months. Medium alcohol consumption was reduced to 8 units. per week for those who have been tested positive, and 15 units per week for those who have been diagnosed.

“If we wanted to count this as the number needed to treat or the number needed to be tested, this is a reduction of 15%, which is the amount needed to treat 7, which for drug testing would be very good , “Thiele said. .

Only 0.8% of the ALD group increased their alcohol consumption after one week.

Among the NAFLD group, a good diagnostic test predicted weight loss of more than 3 kg (6.6 lb) after 6 months (OR 3.5, 95% CI 1.2- 10.5), and 25% to achieve this loss.

For this study, Thiele and colleagues examined data on 3,014 patients diagnosed with liver fibrosis due to the risk of NAFLD (n = 1,688) or ALD (n = 1,326) e based on a BMI above 30, the presence of type 2 diabetes or other. metabolic syndrome, or binge drinking for more than 5 years.

Patients completed an online questionnaire to assess lifestyle changes after having a short period of elastography (TE); result was considered excluding TE ≥8 kPa. The team and the team reported high response rates in the questionnaire – 89% after 1 week, and 85% after 6 months.

The median age of the participants was 58, and 54% were male. Only 10% were found positive during the test, and 28% had a high Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) (UD16). Those most at risk of contracting ALD were often men who were alcoholics. The risk group for NAFLD was mainly composed of young women with a BMI over 31, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Limitations in the study included bias memory and deviations, as some patients did not answer questions. Thiele and the team also realized that there could be adverse reactions to invasive tests, as well as causing fear of disease.

Zaina Hamza is a staff writer for MedPage Today, which talks about Gastroenterology and infectious diseases. He lives in Chicago.

The study was funded by Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Thiele and co-authors reported affiliations with Barcelona Hospital University Hospital, Liver Screen, FLASH, SDU, and OUH Odense University Hospital.

Can multivitamins damage liver?

When taken in a variety of recommended doses, vitamins are not involved in cases of liver damage caused by the drug. This may interest you : Contessa Partners & Memorial Hermann Health System Providing Home, Hospital-Based Care. Even in high doses, most vitamins have minimal side effects and do not harm the liver.

Can supplements damage your liver? Herbal Products and Liver Poison Medications and supplements can damage the liver as they do their job. Some substances can form a toxic metabolite that can damage liver cells, and as a result, the liver can become so damaged that it cannot function, Drs. Halegouaâ € “De Marzio says.

What vitamin is toxic to the liver?

Vitamin A in high doses is a direct toxin. Excess vitamin A is stored in stellate cells in the liver and accumulation can lead to their development and hypertrophy, excess collagen production, fibrosis and liver damage. Toxins are related to doses and can be reproduced in animal models.

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What vitamins help repair the liver?

Vitamins that play an important role in maintaining good liver health include vitamins D, E, C, B. See the article : 100 million people in America are burdened with health debts. People should take these vitamins regularly with a healthy diet.

What is the best way to fix your liver? Eating a Healthy Diet is Important to Heal Your Liver

  • Eat lots of vegetables (especially broccoli, carrots and green leafy vegetables)
  • Eat acidic fruits such as grapefruit, berries, grapes, oranges and oranges.
  • No coffee. …
  • Drink green tea.
  • Eat more garlic.
  • Keep plant-based foods as much as possible.

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Can certain medications cause liver damage?

Often caused by common overdose, liver injury caused by drugs may put you at greater risk for liver failure and liver failure. On the same subject : Lifestyle Score can benefit AMD patients at risk for severe visual loss. Drug-induced liver damage occurs when drugs, alcohol or even other herbs or dietary supplements disrupt normal liver function.

Can medication damage your liver? Drug-induced liver damage (DILI) can occur when liver test results are similar to liver damage often caused by the drug the person is taking. Drugs sometimes cause damage after they are stopped, though the dose was not high, and sometimes it can take several months for DILI to improve.

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Can the liver heal itself from damage?

The liver has a unique ability to regenerate itself after degeneration. The liver can also grow to normal size even after 90% of its removal. But courage cannot be defeated. Too many diseases and exposure can do more harm than good.

Can a completely damaged liver heal itself? Courage is a unique organ. It is the only organ in the body that can renew itself. In many organs, such as the heart, the damaged tissue is replaced by a scar, as in the skin. However, the liver is able to replace damaged cells with new ones.

How long does it take for a damaged liver to recover?

Healing can begin a few days to weeks after you stop drinking, but if the damage is severe, recovery may take several months. In some cases, â € œIf liver damage has taken a long time, it may not be reversed, ’warns Dr.

Does liver damage go away?

It is a medical emergency that requires hospitalization. Depending on the cause, severe liver failure can sometimes be reversed with treatment. However, in most cases, implantation may be the only cure.

Can you reverse liver damage?

Liver transplantation is the only way to treat chronic liver failure. Liver transplantation can be considered if: you may have persistent liver failure, even if you do not drink alcohol.

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