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Welcome to Favorite Follow, a series highlighting popular NYLON designers and stories of some of their memorable stories.

For outsiders, Jenny Welbourn lives an ambitious life. Known as @wearilive on social media, a Colorado-born journalist came to our radar by writing his own shopping and shopping news that used to be used in 2015, but in recent years this way, her teen is more focused on life, showcasing her food books, traveling vlogs, health habits, and more.

“I went through a series of stages as I grew up, but I always knew that I would end up in some kind of design. Most of my childhood I really thought I would be a chef, and I was very close to going to vocational school, “Welbourn tells NYLON.” YouTube has been very important to me. because it allows me to incorporate many different interests into one and I like to organize, so I icing on the cake so I can combine it all. I feel lucky to be in an environment that allows me to be flexible and to grow closer to ‘work,’ I think, and I’m also lucky that he grew up around me and people are watching. ”

It is easy to become overwhelmed and consumed by Web sites. As more and more designers fill our social media feeds, there is a strong pressure to emerge, but Welbourn believes that staying honest is the only sustainable way to stay online. He also repeats that what you see online is not all true. “It’s easy to enjoy a way of life – of course you have a wonderful right in many ways, but there are a lot of things that happen that I think I can’t explain until you’re in it , “he said. “Following” habits “helps growth but try not to get too caught up in them especially building a long life online.”

Yet, he is still grateful for the community he has built over the years. “Being online has brought so much into my life and certainly encourages anyone who has something that they feel called to share to get it! You will attract what you put into it and focus more on the result. ”

Since collecting 295K subscribers and reading only on You Tube, Welbourn reveals that there are a number of unique projects in the works, including practical “sustainable ways to create something tangible. for the first time. “

He adds: “It is a fraud that I am working on for entertainment to be done in the next few months. And I still play in other areas of life: writing, playing, and more.

First, Jenny Welbourn, aka @wearilive, spoke to NYLON about how her YouTube has evolved over the years, her love of having a lot of money, getting tired of the internet and more.

On How Her YouTube Platform Evolved Over The Years

“I started my career about eight years ago, and I feel angry thinking I wrote almost every week for so many years. In that sense, I find out why it flowed and flowed over the years around me.I started my career while in my hometown after high school, aspiring to be New York and FIT, which was my dream school at the time. I was saving money and working in restaurants while going to a local college and decided to start my career. and how to be close to what I wanted to do, which was really special to me at the time.It was a way for me to connect with something bigger than my hometown and I could the reason why the network has cooled in some ways.It has gone through many stages.

The last time I arrived in NYC was when I realized that I was enthusiastic about the process and that’s when my teen started going downhill, as I think that passion showed on screen. My station has really changed in the last three years since the epidemic started. On the same subject : 7 lifestyle habits that can halve your risk of dementia. It was a time when I really needed to focus on my mental health and it seemed that the audience also wanted to feel closer to others, which is when I the vlogging that became very popular with me and naturally my stories start to reflect where I was focused: self-confidence. growing up and knowing my way forward. ”

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On Living And Leading A Sustainable Lifestyle

“I had a real change while I was in FIT. I grew up in a small village and lived close to nature. Moving to New York City, I had never spent hours more than four before that, it was very shocking to me.In fact, the fashion industry gave me ick during the first year of existence – the use of staff within production chains, shocking environmental trends, and the fact that, at the time, in particular, it was common to work for free under internships to get anywhere. That’s where I started. using my channel to talk about things I didn’t like, while appreciating the role fashion has given me in my life. – I think people are communicating more now and have more access to information. For me, sustainable fashion has played a role. which is clear in my recent life, though it is still one of my favorite topics to talk about and learn about, and I am sure I will continue to part with my life forever.

I try to keep a positive attitude and to focus on what I can do best when it comes to personal circumstances. I really don’t like it when people come for others on the Internet to try to live in a world prepared for us all to make a mess and, unfortunately, often contribute to bullying others just by being present. I’m glad people know more that we need different rules to make businesses more accountable. That doesn’t mean there are no things we can do but I like the idea of ​​’do your best’ and you are the only one who knows what is best. Read also : The diversity business case is being pushed back. We all have unique lives and challenges, and to think that we are all in the same place is absurd. Kindness goes a long way when it comes to sharing information. Habits, lifestyle, mental health, and self-care are all related to being able to present themselves and present themselves to others. I think that, in these days and times, we all have a little pressure on one thing or another. ”

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On Her Personal Style

“I’m almost everywhere in some ways, I like a lot of different things but I also go with the flow of a lot of time and I think my style often shows that. Read also : There are several reasons why high -tech companies lay off employees. I don’t like to make too much effort. mixing well.

I can tell you that I have always liked flowing clothes, which are as big as tights and denim. That has been and will always be the foundation of my wardrobe. I am completely immersed in the silky-down button and other denim. I have always loved the style of adults, dads, grandparents and grandparents and I think I copy their looks a lot. I also think my style works more individually but I like to include other parts of the game that have a more feminine feel. Every year I think my approach is more defined, more logical; every year I know myself a little better.

I had a big change in style now that made me sad to move to Los Angeles. I have a problem understanding how I want to express myself here. It’s only been five months, so I take a moment to recreate my fun image and why I love style and fashion! I think in LA, people in general are wearing tackier clothes – no offense. I love it and I think it comes from Hollywood and sometimes life feels like an imitation or maybe things aren’t really that serious? If that makes sense! ”

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On Thrifting And A Successful Shopping Trip

“I like to buy used items and get special pieces. I really like the shops in my hometown; when I return to Colorado, it is my second corpse – after my favorite place That’s where my love for wealth started and continues. they catch my eye, so I often end up with a large collection, and, fortunately, I have better friends to “change” my choice. Sometimes I get into the idea of ​​that what I need in my room – new pants, maybe a white button – or I get the impression that I would like a few nice pieces to comfort my room.

Recently, I was back in Colorado for the winter and got an amazingly paired, blue poncho for $ 6 that I was planning to wear when I finally got a house warming party because I thought it offered with the strange impression of the visitor. I also found an amazing leather race jacket, which was actually something I had always wanted, and I was concerned about. Moving to Los Angeles has been a lot of fun because of the flea markets! When I first moved out it was all I did on the weekends but then luckily I slowed down a bit on it. And in order to be successful in saving money, you need to have an open mind! That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

On Navigating Burnout Online

“When I started online, it was not clear if I could turn this into a job or make money from it. In the first four years I made YouTube videos, maybe made a total of $ 10. I became and the moment I realized I really wanted to dedicate myself to it and see where it could go. quit my sales job in order to stay up to date with the sudden emails I was receiving and to have more time to do it.It’s wrong to think about that time and that years three years later, I am still doing it full time.

It was such a struggle, of course, to finally be where I wanted to be, and it took time to get used to it. It takes a lot of discipline to create a schedule while managing these expectations that you and others have for yourself. When I get into slumps, I try very hard to rely on the parts I like and enjoy the design process. The hardest thing for me is that YouTube is about my life, but my life is about YouTube. Not a day has passed since eight years ago I have not thought about my youth, but my youth is just my extension? Lines become foggy when every aspect of your life can become a “mess,” so it’s weird that it works. I always say I will take some time but it is also difficult when you are fighting algorithms or just want to take advantage of something strange in front of you.

That’s where fatigue comes from – suddenly making money into a person. It’s very strange. However, I love it, and it has been an amazing development in my life. I really am in a place where I could only imagine my wild dreams. I start to get frustrated when I think hard about what I’m really doing – taking a movie and brushing my teeth sometimes and putting it online? [Laughter] I’m learning to balance everything and enjoy performance. It really inspired me to look inside at a speed that I believe. As I learn to love myself and feel more confident about who I am, some little things are greatly reduced, such as stupid feelings or judgment from others, which is a good thing to realize. To that end it is necessary to continue to be online. All in all, though, I have a wonderful audience with whom I can learn a lot! ”

Follow Jenny Welbourn on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and her podcast “Too Sensitive” on all broadcast planets.

If the use of social media is not monitored, it can lead to disastrous results. It is dangerous because it infects your privacy more than ever. Extreme levels of social media make children vulnerable to predators and criminals. It also leads to cyber bullying that affects anyone very much.

Which camera is best for vlogging?

For exampleVideo res.Photo Res.
Panasonic Lumix GH54K 60fps20.3MP
DJI Osmo Pocket4K 60fps12MP
Canon EOS-1D4K 60fps20.1MP
Lumix DMC-G85MK4K 30fps16MP

Which camera do most vloggers use? For now, we think the best vlogging camera you can buy is the Sony ZV-1. It marks many boxes for new content creators, including the most important one for vlogger: portability. It is portable, but also has a 1-inch sensor capable of capturing sharp 4K images.

How do I choose a vlog camera?

What Can You Want in a Vlogging Camera?

  • Fully customizable screen.
  • Extended screen connection.
  • Focus on Continuing Video Recording.
  • Focus on the Importance by Recognizing the Face.
  • Click Focus.
  • Outdoor Microphone Jack and Hot / Cold Shoe.
  • Optical Image Stabilization.
  • Weight loss.

What are the disadvantages YouTube?

YouTube Issues for Students

  • Individual. Unlike the Google Duo and Zoom Apps where students will be able to face face-to-face with teachers, YouTube does not have this kind of communication. …
  • Vulgarity. …
  • Honest. …
  • Internet Access. …
  • Advertising.

How to dispose of plants in an aquarium? Placer les plantes à croissance rapide (par exemple les cabomba) à arrière de l’quarium. Enfoncer les racines dans le sol et lester avec des cailloux. In the vast expanses of the quarium, the plants are a normal croissance (to exemplify the feathers of the larvae).

Comment mettre des plantes dans un aquarium déjà en route ?

Install a sol nutritif et agencez-le convenablement pour créer un effet naturel au bac. For the first time, you may have met with an important quantity of grains to be found and to move in the right direction. Cela laisse un air de profondeur. Posez les les 3 à 5 cm ha hauteur permettant aux végétaux de s’enraciner.

Pourquoi plante aquarium meurt ?

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Why are vloggers so popular?

It Unites People in Different Parts of the World. One of the main reasons why video blogs are so popular is that they are an easy way to connect with people from different countries and cultures. Vlogger marketers share a portion of their lives with the entire Web.

Is vlogging a trend? As one of the most flexible mediums, video content has many fun opportunities to give anyone who is interested in creative, unique work. Since its emergence as a popular trend in the early 2000s, vlogging has become a full-fledged industry with a wide range of professional talent.

Why vlogs are more popular than blogs?

Due to the fact that vlogs are video content, they are naturally more attractive, shared, and easier than blogs. However, you can argue that blogs are easy to produce – although some may not agree as writing requires writing and editing skills.

What makes vlogging so popular?

It’s a great way to capture the audience and connect with them. Through vlogs, people know more about you and enjoy your life. Watching the video also gives you the freedom to express yourself. This creative approach enables designers or influencers to share their travels with audiences.

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