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As Pride Month comes to an end, let’s reflect on how to embrace real change for the LGBTQ + community within Israel’s high-tech ecosystem.


June 29, 2022 •

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When I and I moved from Brooklyn to Israel in 2019, we spent our first few days here at my mother’s house in Ashdod. One day, as we were queuing at the supermarket, a woman approached and started asking questions. Are you two from Ashdod? Did I move here from New York? Why? Are you a couple? Do you have children? It was a good lesson to learn right away in my early days that I was an Israeli: Israelis ask you about anything and everything, even while you buy your groceries.

This cultural attitude can be difficult for LGBTQ + people who may be accustomed to thinking twice about sharing personal details that reveal their sexual orientation. Many of us have learned to be wary of “going out” in everyday conversation, greatly affected by negative interactions with people who are not accepting LGBTQ + identity and expression. The result is a voice behind our heads asking “Should I tell this person I’m not straight? How will they react to me being gay? Is it safer not to say anything? ”

At this point, it’s a cliché in the high-tech industry to say we want employees to “bring themselves all” to work. We accept as a fact that people work better in an environment of openness, respect, and mutual understanding. But, for many LGBTQ + people, as well as members of other marginalized or underrepresented groups, this message may run counter to learned habits of being less queer-presenters or of maintaining sexual orientation as a private matter. This is especially true in a hiring or recruitment context where candidates may be reluctant to “stand out” in interviews for fear that this will have a negative impact on their candidacy. How can we get all of us to work if we are not sure how people will respond?

Celebrating Pride Month in a corporate context is an important way to indicate that LGBTQ + team members can express their identities openly at work. But a pride-themed once-a-year happy hour doesn’t do enough to quiet those voices and build a broader permission structure to be proudly lier in the 2022 high-tech Israeli community.


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When did pride month change?

That is why having an open and proud LGBTQ + representation (as well as representation of women, Arab citizens of Israel, and other minority groups) at the highest levels of technological leadership is critical to achieving full inclusiveness. As a Level C executive of a 100-person company and the highest-ranking LGBTQ + member of the team at Datagen, I feel a particular responsibility to speak openly about my identity. This includes reminding people that gay people can’t get married in Israel (my husband and I got married in New York), we talk openly about the challenges of surrogacy (which has only recently become available to couples of same sex here), and be ready. to discuss LGBTQ + related issues with any team member, especially those who may have questions or limited personal exposure to queer individuals.

I hope that, by being both gay and on the executive team, I am sending a few important messages. First, open representation in leadership shows that LGBTQ + identity is not an obstacle to professional advancement. When that fear is dispelled, employees can devote less energy to navigating the voices in their heads and more to doing their best work every day. Second, my position gives me the luxury of being able to educate and have a conversation about LGBTQ + issues from a position of power and security, which is rarely given to queer people in public discourse. On the same subject : In recognition of Pride Month, Secretary of State for Health highlights #Sexualhealth and Prep Awareness Campaigns. There are still many people, both in high technology and in a wider Israeli society, who have a limited understanding of the nuances and richness of LGBTQ + life. Where more junior team members may be reluctant to engage in personal or controversial topics and refrain from drawing attention to themselves for non-professional reasons, my status as a senior executive gives me the privilege (and obligation) to be able to do. actively engage in these conversations that broaden people’s understanding of difference and diversity.

Why was pride month changed to October?

Gay people know full well what it feels like to feel different in ways that can be deeply isolated and alienating. While difficult, these formative experiences can give us greater sensitivity to inclusion and unique opinions that can enrich decision-making. Rainbow and pride celebrations are valuable tools, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. Ultimately, representing LGBTQ + individuals in leadership is essential to empowering queer members of the high-tech community to come to work every day, proud without apology.

Is Lgbtq History Month and Pride Month the same? To see also : health-department-celebrates-2022-pride.

Written by Toby Stein, COO and Head of People at Datagen

Why is Atlanta Pride in October?

First, President Bill Clinton declared June as “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month” in 1999 and 2000. Then from 2009 to 2016, every year he was in office, President Barack Obama declared June an LGBT Pride Month. . Later, President Joe Biden declared June of LGBTQ Pride Month in 2021.

What is the original Pride Month?

Why is LGBT History Month in February? LGBT History Month is held from February 1 to 28, 2022. February is a poignant month in LGBT history. This may interest you : Men’s health is a priority. LGBT History Month was chosen to coincide with the abolition of Section 28 in 2003, a policy that banned the “promotion” of homosexuality.

What is the origin of Pride?

October was chosen by Wilson as the month for the celebration because the first and second LGBT Marches in Washington, 1979 and 1987, were in October; National Exit Day is October 11, chosen to mark the March 2 date in Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1987, and October is within the. ..

When did Pride History Month start?

The holiday is celebrated in June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots. On the other hand, LGBTQ History Month is meant to teach about historical figures and their contributions to the world.

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Is February Black History Month?

The festival went back to the park in 2009, this time in October. In 2010, the change became permanent. The October date coincides with National Exit Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the National March in Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

The first Pride march in New York City took place on June 28, 1970, on the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Primary sources available in the Library of Congress provide detailed information on how this first Pride march was planned and the reasons why activists felt so strongly that it should exist.

Why was February the month chosen for Black History Month?

When, where and why did Pride begin? Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall riots of June 1969. The Stonewall Riots began on June 28, 1969 when LGBTQ customers of the Stonewall Inn of New York City resisted the raids. police on their bar.

Who decided Black History Month was in February?

LGBTQ History Month originated in the United States as Lesbian and Gay History Month, and was first celebrated in October 1994. It was founded by Missouri high school history teacher Rodney Wilson.

How many Xbox users are LGBT?

Why February was chosen as Black History Month. February was chosen primarily because the second week of the month coincided with the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Is February considered Black History Month? It started as a way to remember important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada, while in Ireland, and the United Kingdom it is observed in October.

Is Microsoft LGBT friendly?

The month of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States who issued the Proclamation of Emancipation in 1863, and Frederick Douglas, speaker, social reformer, writer and African American abolitionist.

How do I turn on Microsoft Pride?

Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of â € œNegro History Week, â € thought by renowned historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every president of the United States has officially designated February as Black History Month.

  • Why is Xbox celebrating LGBT Pride Month? Xbox is celebrating LGBT Pride Month for its users around the world. Online reports suggest that Microsoft’s Xbox gaming franchise community has about 80 percent of the players who belong to the proud LGBTQ + community.
  • What did Xbox do for Pride Month? In celebration of Pride Month, Xbox Plays will be dedicating our livestreaming content in June to LGBTQIA communities, including streamers / content creators, developers and non-profit organizations!
  • LGBTQI Inclusion in Microsoft We have been consistently in favor of the LGBTQI people since 1989, when we became one of the first companies to introduce sexual orientation into our policies of non-discrimination. Microsoft has earned a score of 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for 16 years.

What is Microsoft Pride?

In Outlook, you can find Pride themes in Settings> Appearance. In all other apps, you can find the Pride theme in Settings.

Is Xbox better than PlayStation?

Join VR. Join in the most immersive way – right in VR. …

Is Xbox better the PS4?

Join in 2D. No headset? …

Is Xbox better than PlayStation 5?

Now livestream. Want to see the show, but not in the show?

What are the pride days in Pride Month?

Pride at Microsoft is a popular movement created with and by LGBTQIA employees around the world. Our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet, and we believe it is our responsibility to work toward greater LGBTQIA visibility, equity and equality.PlayStation offers more advanced features, but Microsoft’s console has better overall gaming. Which was first released, Xbox or PlayStation? The PlayStation came first. The original Xbox (Xbox Original) came out in 2001, and the PlayStation came out in 1994.The Xbox One X has a faster GPU with more computing units than the PS4 Pro, and also has more RAM in 12GB vs. 8GB. If your main concern when choosing between Sony and Microsoft is which console is the most powerful, then the Xbox One X is the machine for you.
With more powerful hardware, better design, a more comprehensive game subscription service and a delightful controller, the Xbox Series X has the early lead in the next generation of consoles. Anyway, the PS5 has some virtues that the Xbox Series X lacks.NameData
The year has begunMonth of LGBT History
October1994LGBT Pride Month
JuneRemembrance Pulse NightJune 12


Is Pride Month only in June?

Spirit Day

Why is Pride Month in October?

Third Thursday in October

How do I change chat to Pride?


Why is Pride Month in February? The idea has been adopted since 2014, with every February since then highlighting the life of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans person.

  • Pride month is not internationally recognized as pride celebrations take place in many other places at different times, including February, August and September. Increasingly, June is being recognized as a Pride Month outside the United States.
  • October was chosen by Wilson as the month for the celebration because the first and second LGBT Marches in Washington, 1979 and 1987, were in October; National Exit Day is October 11, chosen to mark the March 2 date in Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1987, and October is within the. ..
  • Step 1: Open the conversation you want to edit and tap the chat name at the top of the screen. Step 2: Tap “Theme”. Step 3: Tap the “Pride” theme.
  • How to change the chat theme on Messenger? How to change the Chat Theme in the Messenger App
  • Open the Messenger app on your device.

How do you change the look of chat?

What does Pride stand for?

Navigate to the conversation you want to change the topic to.

Open the chat settings by tapping the contact name at the top.

What’s the difference between Pride and LGBT?

Click on Theme under Personalization.

Why is Lgbtq known as pride?

Select a topic from the list.

Is LGBT and pride the same?

PRIDE is an acronym for Personal Rights in Defense and Education. The organization was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1966 by Steve Ginsburg. PRIDE, from its inception, has been far more radical than pre-1960s gay rights groups.

Why do they call it Pride?

What is the true meaning of Pride? 1: quality or state to be proud of: such as. a: inordinate self-esteem: conceit. b: reasonable or justifiable self-respect. c: delight or eating resulting from any act, possession, or proud relationship of the parents.

Why is Lgbtq known as Pride?

Both months recognize the LBGTQ community in different ways. Pride Month is dedicated to observing community visibility and the movement for equality, while LGBT History Month is an observance of the history of gay rights and human rights movements. related civil rights.

When did pride get its name?

Gay Pride commemorates the Stonewall riots, which began in the early hours of June 28, 1969, after police raided the Stonewall Inn bar in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. City.

What does Pride stand for LGBTQ?

Gay pride or LGBT pride is the promotion of self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people as a social group. Pride, as opposed to social shame and stigma, is the predominant perspective that underpins most LGBT rights movements.

Why is LGBTQ known as Pride?

The term “Pride” to represent the LGBTQ community dates back to the Stonewall Inn riots in 1969. Brenda Howard, a bisexual woman, is known as the “Mother of Pride” for her work organizing the first LGBTQ March Pride, which took place on Sunday in June.

What is the Q in Lgbtqiapk?

Gay Pride commemorates the Stonewall riots, which began in the early hours of June 28, 1969, after police raided the Stonewall Inn bar in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. City.

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